One in a Million

Hullo, my million readers.

Today I am featuring Salt & Pepper @ The Gacha Guardians, Le Poppycock @ U L T R A, 7 Emporium, Runaway and unKindness. Plus the announcement of the October group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife.

Salt & Pepper have created an amazingly spooky set for the new round of The Gacha Guardians. You could win rare rideable spiders or the full outfit in black. Plus the choker, pasties, corset, panties and boots in a number of colors or even spider companions. For the gift of the guardians you’ll receive animated spider legs that are worn on the back. Please see the gacha key for all the items.

Also pictured; hair from Runaway. The pose is from Le Poppycock @ U L T R A. There are lots of fashion forward poses, plus wall and floor props to go with each. There are two pose sets available with 6 poses in each. Plus soda vending machine @ 7 Emporium and the rare always open sign from the SRS gacha @ unKindness.

It’s time to announce the group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife. For October I have chosen […..focus is easy when you’re looking in the right direction] by Stella Mahogany. Stella creates dark, moody, sexy, beautiful and creative images. Make sure to follow and fave her work. Please take the time to view all the images in today’s countdown on Deelight’d, the artists are sublime.

I hope you enjoy today’s Sounds of Secondlife look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Maggie Hair – Blondes L$275

Salt & Pepper – Arachnophilia Gacha @ The Gacha Guardians L$75 per play
Choker: S&P Arachnophilia Choker black
Pasties: S&P Arachnophilia Pasties Lara silver
Corset: S&P Arachnophilia Corset Lara black
Panties: S&P Arachnophilia Panties Lara black
Boots: S&P Arachnophilia Boot Lara black

Emma is posed by…
Pose + Prop: Le Poppycock-Feel it @ U L T R A L$199

Emma is pictured with…
Soda machine: 7 – Pop Machine L$250
Sign: uK -SRS Always Open RARE  L$75 per play

Song: Aaliyah – One in a Million

One in a Million


Hullo, my saved readers.

Today I am featuring unKindness for Gacha Guardians, Salt & Pepper and Dictatorshop @ ROMP and Asset. Plus the announcement of the group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife.

From ROMP I am featuring a stunning lil dress by Salt & Pepper. It’s made for Maitreya and Slink bodies and comes in a number of fun colors. The secret garden arbor with adult swing is from Dictatorshop. There are solo sits, couples cuddles and adult animations.

The house in the background is the rare prize by unKindness for Gacha Guardians. Lots of amazing house and garden items in this outstanding gacha.

The red tree and rock are from Asset. There are four tree color sets available.

I am pleased to announce the image I wanna kiss you but I want it too much by Vixy Miggins will be the group cover for April. Vixy has quickly become one of my favorite photographers and this image is nothing short of incredible. She creates dark, moody, sexy and powerful images. Check out her stream and all the artists in today’s countdown and show them a lil love. To be eligible for the group cover, add your music related Secondlife images to Sounds of Secondlife.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Top 10 Songs
10. Gemini – Time To Share
9. M – Onde Sensuelle
8. Birdy – All You Never Say
7. Dido – No Freedom
6. The Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula
4. Warpaint – Son
3. Quantic & Nickodemus Ft. Tempo & The Candela Allstars – Mi Swing Es Tropical
2. Fresh Music Live – When Doves Cry (Prince Cover)
1. Deftones – Minerva

Top 10 Artist & Images
10.Britny Rae –  Time To Share
9.  Ϯ Lou ShAdoW Ϯ  –  Onde Sensuelle
8. Stella MahoganyIf only I could look into your mind..
7.  Ann. ♥︎No Love Without Freedom… 💞
6.  Asier Mars –  Tarantula
5.  Lokhe ~Angel~ Verlack~Ego – Dark Kitsune on the run down the Hills~
4.  Elisabeth PontesMy body is my journal and my tattoos are my story
3.  Maxie DaviauHappy Spring! ♥
2.  Vin Cinquetti –  When doves cry…
1.  Vixy MigginsI wanna kiss you but I want it too much

Emma is wearing…
Dress: S&P Dress Kelly @ ROMP L$319

Emma is picture with…
Rock: > Asset < Viking Rock – Raven L$200
Red Tree: > Asset < Autumn Elm Grande tree L$200
House: uK – Spring Shabby Cottage for The Gacha Guardian L$100 per play
Arbor Swing: Secret Garden: Arbor With Adult Swing v1.0 @ ROMP L$2,400

Song: Deftones – Minerva



Hullo, my waiting readers.

Today I am featuring items from Cae, Salt & Pepper and !bang @ ROMP. Plus free hair from Alice Project. Also, I’m announcing the first group cover for 2016 for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife.

From ROMP I’m featuring a number of amazing designers. Cae have created a stunning collar. You get a scripted and unscripted version plus a color change HUD. The gorgeous harness from Salt & Pepper comes in standard sizes (XXS – L) as well as fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass. You get a color HUD to change the leather, lace and metals. The pose I’m using is from the ‘Tease’ set made by !bang.

The hair by Alice Project is free on the marketplace. It comes with a HUD with a selection of colors from their range.

Lastly, it is time to announce the group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife. This group is about sharing music and amazing images. Anyone is welcome to join and submit Secondlife music related pictures. All you need to do is name your image after a song or link a song in the description. The first cover for 2016 goes to one of my favorite artists, Elizabeth and her image Present. Elizabeth has an amazing eye for the creative and colors. Her work is gorgeous, provocative, stylish and she shares some super fantastic songs. Do yourself a favor and check out all the artists and the music that inspired them in today’s countdown.

I captured the image at Elysion. I hope you enjoy today’s look and tunes. ^^


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Alice Project – Summertime Sadness – Mini Medley L$0/Free
Collar: Cae :: Devotion :: Collar @ ROMP L$395
Harness: S&P Harness Grace @ ROMP  L$599

Emma is posed by…
Pose: !bang – tease @ ROMP L$400

Top 10 Tunes
10. Cigarettes After Sex – Dreaming Of You
9. INXS – Need You Tonight
8. Maître Gims – Est-ce que tu m’aimes ?
7. Redlight King – Bullet In My Hand
6. New Order – Crystal
5. Yoko Ono : “Looking Over from My Hotel Window”
4. Sister Act- I Will Follow Him
3. Coldplay – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2. Eagles – Funky New Year
1. Alice Boman – Waiting

Top 10 Artist & Image
10. Luane MeoDreaming of you
9. Lake Tower –  {come over here…}
8. Jαґłα ℭ@℘@łїηї $℘εя♭℮я –  Est-ce que tu m’aimes ?
7. Zedekiah WentzBullet in my hand
6. Maxine Caulfield. – Keep it coming
5. Davey Spinotti –  Looking Over from My Hotel Window
4. Vick ResidentI will follow him
3. Fabs BurtCan you feel the light?
2. Charlie Namiboo –  [cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right … ♪♫]
1. ElizabethPresent

Song: Alice Boman – Waiting



Life Like This

Hullo, my living readers.

Today I’m featuring items from [LJ] @ ROMP, GA.EG, FLG Store and Cremosas.

Today is our last look at ROMP because it ends tomorrow! Noooooooooooooooooooo. *pouts* Before you go into ROMP shock, I have a great idea to get you through until the next round in January 2016. Get down to this round and buy one of everything. By the time you finish enjoying all your products ROMP will be back to fill our lives with adult goodies again. Today I’m wearing earrings and necklace from [LJ]. This beautiful set has lots of color change options.

I’m wearing the new mesh head from GA.EG and showcasing a couple of the addons, the eyeliner and solar lipstick. You can pick up the head and eyeliner in their main store. Join the group for a discount on products sold in store. The solar lipstick is currently available at The Chapter Four.

From FLG Store I’m wearing their awesome aviator mesh glasses. This is a unisex item so the boys don’t need to miss out. There are lots of different color options and texture options for the glass.

Finally, I’m wearing a sassy top from Cremosas. This mesh shirt comes with a HUD with 14 models.

Before I leave you today, I am also adding my Top 10 New Rock Tunes. These songs are on albums that have been released in late September and early October. I’ll be caught up soon, I promise. It’s been too long since I’ve shared music with you, so ennnnnnjoy! ^^


Emma is wearing…
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head L$2,500
Eyeliner add on: [GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon – EL01 iLiner Eyeliners L$380
Lipstick add on:[GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon – LP01 Solar Lipsticks L$140 @ The Chapter Four
Sunglasses: ::FLG Aviator Glasses Mesh Unisex – HUD 18 colors:: L$149
Earrings & Necklace: [LJ] Caught by the Spider Collar & Earrings L$200 @ ROMP
Top: .:: Cremosas Store ::.  Shirt  Mesh Alexia + HUD 14 Models :: L$99

Top 10 New Rock Tunes
10. Shinedown – State Of My Head
9. Bryan Adams – Don’t Even Try
8. Clutch – X-Ray Visions
7. Cold Chisel – Lost
6. Collective Soul – This
5. SEVENDUST – Not Today
4. Trivium – Silence In The Snow
3. City and Colour – Lover Come Back
2. EODM (Eagles of Death Metal) – Complexity
1. Kurt Vile – Life Like This

Life Like This

Rock in Black

Hullo, my rock-ready readers.

Sooooo much good stuff in today’s post it’s almost criminal! I’m featuring designs from Indecent Exposure and Della Personi. Plus, my Top 10 Mash-up Songs.

From Indecent Exposure I’m wearing a super cute mesh dress. It’s available in 8 different colors, all pictured above. From Della Personi these suuuuuper cheeky pants. They are crotchless so make sure you’re wearing panties when you go out. *winks* It comes in system layers, Maitreya and Belleza appliers and you get four stylish colors.

Not sure what I can say about the tunes in today’s countdown. On their own, these songs have made an impact on the music scene, together they are a force to be reckoned with. Check out the amazing, creative and tuneful mash-ups, all featuring rock!!

I captured the image at Ironwood Hills. It’s a creepy place with lots of hidden gems, just like this set up in one of the hotel rooms. I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of a mashed-up Saturday.


Emma is wearing…
Dress: Indecent Exposure – Affinity Dress – Black  L$150
Pants: Della Personi – Elise Pants L$150

Top 10 Mash-ups
10. Marina & The Diamonds vs Panic! at the Disco – Radioactive Sins
9. Beastie Boys vs Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Check
8. Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive in the Wall
7. Blondie vs The Doors – Rapture Riders
6. Led Zeppelin vs Black Sabbath – Whole Lotta Sabbath
5. Daft Punk vs Eminem – Robot Rock Without Me
4. Queen vs RATM vs Prodigy vs Skrillex – We Will Kill the Breath of Bangarang
3. White Stripes vs Nirvana – 7 Nation Teen Spirit
2. Beatles & Nine Inch Nails – Come Closer Together
1. Queen vs AC/DC featuring. Robert Plant & Friends – Rock in Black

Rock in Black

Freak Like Me

Hullo, my freaky readers.

Today’s post comes with inspiration from this cute tattooed tongue from YumZ. You can find the SayAhh! Tongue gacha in the YumZ store at the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Event. Play for lots of sassy, sexy and naughty words or if you’re lucky you might win the rare fat pack which includes the complete set.

The only song I could think about for this image is ‘Freak Like Me’ by Halestorm. So, I’ve decided to put together my Top 10 Women Who Rock countdown. Lots of big voices from some incredibly sexy women.

I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of a sexy song-filled Sunday.


Emma is wearing…
Tongue: [YumZ] SayAhh! Tongue – Freak L$50 per play @ Indulgence

Top 10 Women Who Rock
10. tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta
9. Skunk Anansie – Infidelity
8. Veruca Salt – Empty Bottle
7. Dallas Frasca – Anything Left to Wonder
6. The Damn Truth – Too Late
5. Devil Doll – The Curse
4. In This Moment – Blood
3. Amanda Palmer – Guitar Hero
2. The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows
1. Halestorm – Freak Like Me 

Freak Like Me