Cold Ain’t For Me

Hullo, my perfect readers.

Today I am featuring Fabia, Ilaya, Codex, Blow-Up, Come Soon Poses and Poisoned Diamond @ Tropical Summer Fair. Plus Ionic @ The Chapter Four.

If you haven’t made your way to the Tropical Summer Fair yet, the time has come. I am wearing hair and hat from Fabia. There is a color HUD for the hair and hat. The hair can be worn without the hat. The swimwear is from Ilaya. It’s made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya and comes in 10 colors and 3 prints.

The rings are from CODEX. They’re made for Maitreya bento hands and come with a color HUD. I am holding a popsicle, made for Bento hands, from Blow-Up. There is a hand and mouth version included and you can change the texture.

I am posed by Come Soon Poses. The float prop comes with a scene. The scene is not pictured. Instead, I am pictured with the island from Poisoned Diamond. It has solo sun bathing poses.

I’ve also pictured a couple of items from the Fiesta gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four.

I hope you enjoy today’s ocean look.


Emma is wearing…
Hat /w hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Summer time> Natural Tones HAT @ TSF
Swimwear: [ILAYA] Palm Frond Swimsuit Maitreya @ TSF
Ice lolly: Blow-Up – Bento Popsicle – Hand @ TSF

Emma is posed by…
Float: *CS* Summer Sunshine – Pose+Floaty @ TSF

Emma is pictured with…
Island: (Poisoned Diamond) lil’ Tropical Island @ TSF

Ionic – Fiesta @ The Chapter Four
Fridge: ionic : Eco Juice Fridge
Food: ionic : Aperitivo

Song: Oceans – Cold Ain’t For Me

Cold Ain’t For Me


Hullo, my alive readers.

Today I am featuring Yse Salon, Avanti, Kendrasy Creations, Focus Poses, Chez Moi, Mesh India  and Raindale @ Cosmopolitan.

I am wearing hair from Yse Salon. It includes two sizes. There are nine color packs available. The choker is from Avanti. The swimwear is from Kendrasy Creations. It’s made for eBody, Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. I am posed on the flamingo float from Focus Poses. There are 10 poses.

I am pictured with the vintage lounger and table with lemonade items from Chez Moi. The adult lounger includes single female, male, love and sex animations. A PG version is also available.

In the background I have pictured a number of items from the Starr Home gacha by Mesh India, including the rare building. For all items used, please see below.

I finished the scene with the lanterns from a gacha by Raindale.

I hope you enjoy today’s floating Cosmopolitan look. To see all items available from the current round, click here.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Yse Salon.Anastasia Hair.Small @ Cosmopolitan
Choker: .:Avanti:. Bibi Choker + Chains – White @ Cosmopolitan
Swimsuit: :::KC::: Baby Swimsuit // Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is posed by…
Flamingo: [ Focus Poses ] Flamingo float @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is pictured with…
Lanterns: Raindale ~ Somerfield glass lantern set @ Cosmopolitan

Chez Moi – Vintage Lounger @ Cosmopolitan
Vintage sun lounger: Vintage Lounger (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Table: Vintage Table CHEZ MOI
Glass: Lemonade Cup CHEZ MOI
Lemonade jug: Lemonade Jar CHEZ MOI
Lemons: Lemon Bowl CHEZ MOI

Mesh India – Starr Home Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Building: 11 MI Starr Home Box (26 LI) RARE
Rolled blind: 10 MI Starr Blinds Rolled Anchor
Lights: 01 MI Starr Rope Light (2 LI)
Hanging cage: 03 MI Starr Rope Cage with Rug (10  LI)
Art: 04 MI Starr Rope Craft Decor (6  LI)
Full blind: 08 MI Starr Blinds Plain Anchor
Ladder: 12 MI Starr Laddle  (1 LI)

Song: Jape – Floating


Waste a Moment

Hullo, my always readers.

Today I am featuring Tameless, #187#, Scandalize, WetCat and Krescendo @ Tropical Summer Fair, TLC @ U L T R A and Serenity Style.

From the Tropical Summer Fair, I am wearing hair from Tameless. There are two sizes included. The sunglasses are from #187#. They include a color HUD for the lens and rims. The hot swimsuit is from Scandalize. It’s made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. It comes in 13 colors.

I am posed by WetCat. The set includes six poses with mirrored and curvy versions. It also includes a hat prop (not pictured). In the background you’ll see items from the Paradise Beach gacha by Krescendo.

I finished the scene with items from Serenity Style. Including a handful of items from the Sunny Beach gacha and the beach locker and floats. Plus the cormorant from TLC @ U L T R A.

I hope you enjoy today’s beach look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Tameless – Avalon @ TSF
Glasses: #187# Summer Glasses @ TSF
Swimsuit: Scandalize. Yulia. Maitreya @ TSF

Emma is posed by…
Pose: WetCat – Summer Sun – 2 @ TSF

Emma is pictured with…
Cormorant: TLC Cormorant standing @ U L T R A

Serenity Style – Sunny Beach gacha
Board: Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Board
Bucket: Serenity Style- Sunny Fisherman Bucket
Boat: Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Boat RARE

Serenity Style – Summer Sun Set
Beach Locker: Serenity Style- Summer Beach Locker Blue
Floats: Serenity Style- Summer Beach Floats

Krescendo – Paradise Beach Gacha @ TSF
Shack: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Hut (2) RARE
Bar: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Beach Bar (15)
Radio: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Radio (4)
5pm neon: [Kres] Paradise Beach – 5PM Neon (12)
Coconut cocktail: [Kres] Paradise Beach – 5PM Neon (12)Truck: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Party Truck (3) RARE
Palm tree neon: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Palm Tree Neon (11)

Song: Kings of Leon – Waste a Moment

Waste a Moment



Hullo, my escaping readers.

Today I am featuring Fabia, Since1974, CODEX, Posie and WetCat @ Tropical Summer from June 2. Plus unKindness, Ionic and 7 Emporium

The Tropical Summer Fair is almost here. This amazing event, run by WeDo SL Events, is set to make your summer sizzle.

I am wearing hair from Fabia. This super stunning style comes with a hat. The sunglasses are from Since1975. They include a color HUD. The swimwear is from Posie. They’re made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya. There are lots of bright summer colors available, plus three exclusive. The rings are from CODEX. They’re made for Maitreya bento hands and come with a color HUD.

The swimming pool is from WetCat. There are couples and solo animations in this PG version. You can get your hands on all these goodies at Tropical Summer Fair from June 2.

From unKindness, I have pictured the curtains new to the CutieLoot box. This subscription box can be picked up @ Cutieloot. For more information about the items included, click here. The old buildings are from a gacha in their main store.

Also pictured is the Minimal Needs house from a gacha by Ionic. Plus the sign and camera from 7 Emporium.

I hope you enjoy today’s pool look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Summer time> Natural Tones @ TSF
Glasses: [Since1975]Summer Sunglasses Pastel @ TSF
Swimsuit: POSIE – Maxwell Swimwear .M @ TSF

Emma is posed by…
Pool: ::WetCat:: “Backyard Pool” [PG] – Small avi @ TSF

Emma is pictured with…
Old building: uK – Row House Red
Beach house: ionic – Minimal Needs House – RARE
Curtains: uK – Kawaii Curtains White /w Blue @ Cutieloot
Camera: 7 – CCTV Camera
Sign: 7 – We Are Watching

Song: Castlecomer – Escapism




Hullo, my young readers.

Today I am featuring Fame Femme and Eternal Dream @ Cosmopolitan, unKindness @ The Gacha Guardians, Mignonne @ U L T R A and Runaway. Plus Serenity Style @ The Crossroads from April 3.

From Cosmopolitan I am wearing a sassy swimsuit from Fame Femme. There are lots of plain and print colors available. It’s made for Slink and Maitreya. I am posed by Eternal Dream. There are five solo poses in the pack.

I am also wearing skin from Mignonne @ U L T R A. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads. There are six tones available and it includes a shape inspired by Cara Delevingne. The shape is for use with the CatWa Catya bento head.The hair is from Runaway and you can get it on the marketplace. It has sparkles which can be turned on and off via the color HUD.

I am pictured with a number of items from the Serenity Style – Sunny Beach Gacha available @ The Crossroads from April 3. For a full list of items used, please see below. I have also used the rare deep sea ruins from a gacha by unKindness @ The Gacha Guardians. For information on how to play and the ‘Gift of the Guardians’, click here.

I hope you enjoy today’s beach look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Cinderella Hair – Blondes L$275
Skin: [Mignonne] Cara ice skin HUD Catwa @ U L T R A
Swimsuit: fame femme : Lili Swimsuit – Black @ Cosmopolitan L$270

Emma is posed by…
Solo: Eternal Dream – Edy 02 @ Cosmopolitan L$130 (in set)

Emma is pictured with…
Ruins: uK – Deep Sea Ruins RARE @ The Gacha Guardians

Serenity Style – Sunny Beach Gacha @ The Crossroads
Pier: Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Pier RARE
Clothes line: Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Clotheline
Life rings: Serenity Style- Sunny Lifeguards
Lamp:  Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Lamp

Song: Dean Lewis – Waves



Hullo, my free readers.

Today I am featuring Wasabi Pills, Le Poppycock, Bad Unicorn, Sayo, HX @ U L T R A, Tashi @ AIM, Lakshmi and Rekt @ Cosmopolitan, unKindness @ The Epiphany, Serenity Style @ Shiny Shabby, DRD @ ROMP, Mistique and Persnickity.

From the U L T R A event I am pictured with hair from Wasabi Pills. There are lots of fun color packs available. The pose is from a gacha by Le Poppycock. It comes with pose and prop. The two story house with pool is from Bad Unicorn. The sofa is from Sayo. It comes with a cabana. (Not Pictured) There is a PG and Adult version available. You can also get a PG or Adult beach towel that compliments the set perfectly. The bag pictured in front of the sofa is from HX.

I am wearing a swimsuit from Tashi available @ AIM – Going to the beach. It’s made in standard sizes and comes with a color change HUD.

At Cosmopolitan you’ll find the skin and lipstick I’m wearing from Lakshmi. Plus the deer art from Rekt. It comes in a number of colors which can be purchased separately or in a pack.

Other items of interest include shabby houses from the city filler gacha by unKindness @ The Epiphany. You’ll find everything you need to create a city background. The set is perfect for urban role-play sims. The boat chair is from Mistique and comes with a ships wheel decoration. The white outdoor lanterns are from Persnickity. A black version is also available. The bar and stools are from DRD @ ROMP The pot plant is from the Serenity Style gacha @ Shiny Shabby.

I hope you enjoy today’s poolside look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Melody Mesh Hair @ U L T R A L$250
Face Skin: [LAKSHMI]Peggy-CATWA Applier/3Honey @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Skin: [LAKSHMI]Body Skin Applier – MAITREYA @ Cosmopolitan L$300
Lipstick: [LAKSHMI]Peggy Lipstick-CATWA Applier/Basics @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Swimsuit: TASHI Britney @ AIM L$120

Emma is posed by…
Solo + Prop: Le Poppycock-What the Flock @ U L T R A L$50 per play

Emma is pictured with…
House: [Bad Unicorn] Verano House 1 @ U L T R A L$599
Pot plant: Serenity Style- Cosette Plant @ Shiny Shabby  L$70 per play
Lantern: Persnickity – White Outdoor Lantern L$50
Bag: HX: White “Premier” Duffle Bag @ U L T R A L$350
Sofa: SAYO – Driftwood Beach Seater – PG @ U L T R A L$450
Bar: DRD vintage tikibar @ ROMP L$1,200 (in set)
Stool: DRD vintage tikibar stool @ ROMP L$1,200 (in set)
Chair: Mistique– Boat chair Brown L$195
Deer art: Rekt – Tribal Deer Blue @ Cosmopolitan L$50
House 1: uK – Shabby Victorian 2 @ The Epiphany L$100 per play
House 2: uK – Shabby Victorian 1 @ The Epiphany L$100 per play
House 3: uK – Shabby Victorian 3 @ The Epiphany L$100 per play

Song: WILD – Vagabond