Hullo, my playing readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hair Fair, Nerido @ Cosmopolitan, Llorisen and Kuro @ Summerfest, Two Cats and FIN @ The Home Show, Ionic @ The Chapter Four, KraftWork and Luanes World.

I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Hair Fair. The dress is from Nerido @ Cosmopolitan. It’s made for Maitreya and comes in seven colors.

From Summerfest I have pictured the summer bungalow from llorisen. It’s open plan living with a balcony. There is a version with and without the blinds. Also from the event I have pictured the dresser and whale decoration from Kuro.

The Home Show is set to open on the 8th of July and it will satisfy all your decorating needs. I have pictured the pallet bed from Two Cats, plus the bedside table and lamp. The vintage record player is from FIN.

I have finished the scene with the Fontainebleau set from KraftWork and a handful of items from the new La Haciendita gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four. For all the items used, please see below.

I am posed by Luanes World. The pose includes a pose ball and the puppy prop.

I hope you enjoy today’s summer bungalow look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Ellie Hair @ Hair Fair
Dress: ~Nerido~ Diana Dress (Maitreya)-Nude @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is posed by…
Prop: :LW: Poses – Hearts like dogs – single female pose 1

Emma is pictured with…
House: llorisen // breezy bungalow with blinds @ Summerfest
Record player: Fifties TEPPAZ Player BLUE @ The Home Show

Two Cats @ The Home Show
Bed: c( TC ) Pallet Bed (PG)
Bedside table: c( TC ) Luggage Sidetable
Lamp: c( TC ) Tchotchke Lamp

KraftWork – Fontainebleau Set
Lip art: KraftWork Fontainebleau Lips Wall Hanging
Chair:KraftWork Fontainebleau Chair
Table: KraftWork Fontainebleau Side Table
Frame: KraftWork Fontainebleau Table Frame

Kuro @ Summerfest
Dresser: Kuro – Block dresser
Whale decoration: Kuro – Three whales

Ionic –  La Haciendita @ The Chapter Four
Aloe plant: ionic : La plantita de AloeVera
Cactus plants: ionic : Los Cactus chiquitos
Dream catcher: ionic : Living by the dream (Blanco)

Song: Andrew Belle – Down


Summertime Is In Our Hands

Hullo, my shy readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hair Fair, Rust Republic @ Cosmopolitan, KraftWork @ Knot & Co, MudHoney and Aria @ Summerfest, unKindness @ Gacha Guardians and 7 Emporium.

I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Hair Fair. The top and jeans are from Rust Republic @ Cosmopolitan. They’re made for Belleza and Maitreya. The top comes in six colors. The jeans come in five colors.

I am pictured with the Burger Shack from KraftWork @ Knot & Co. It includes the surfboards, chair and inside furnishings. The building seats up to four people, The tap with puddle is a group gift available in the KraftWork main store. The group has a L$25 join fee. There are a number of stylish gifts available.

From Summerfest I have pictured the chair, towel and side table from MudHoney. They include texture changers. The outdoor shower, plus hanging towels are from Aria. The shower has singles and couples animations.

The rock landscaping is from unKindness @ Gacha Guardians. For a full list of the items used, please see below. To see the full gacha key, click here. I finished the scene with the boombox from 7 Emporium.

I hope you enjoy today’s Burger Shack look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Ellie Hair @ Hair Fair
Top: RUST REPUBLIC [KITTEN] top Maitreya White @ Cosmopolitan
Jeans: RUST REPUBLIC [KITTEN] JEANS Maitreya Light Blue @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is pictured with…
Burger Shack: KraftWork Beach Burger Shack @ Knot & Co
Tap: KraftWork – Water on Tap – Middle Aged [Group Gift]
Boombox: 7 – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard

Aria – Dominique Outdoor Shower @ Summerfest
Rack /w towels: ARIA – Dominique Towel Hanger
Shower: ARIA – Dominique Outdoor Shower (PG)

MudHoney – Mel Beach Set @ Summerfest
Yellow chair: MudHoney Mel Beach Chair – Texture Change
Yellow table: MudHoney Mel Table – Texture Change
Towel: MudHoney Mel Towel – Texture Change

unKindness – Little Oasis Gacha @ Gacha Guardians
Rock stack: uK – Little Oasis Tower Rock Gray
Rock /w waterfall: uK – Little Oasis Curved Falls Gray RARE
Rock pile: uK – Little Oasis Rock Shelf Gray

Song: Michael Franti & Spearhead – Summertime Is In Our Hands

Summertime Is In Our Hands

Cake By The Ocean

Hullo, my only readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hair Fair 2017, Kalopsia, Tarte @ Summerfest, Serenity Style @ MadPea Hunt, Mowie, Scandalize, Ionic and SPELL.

I am wearing new hair from Runaway @ Hair Fair 2017. This style includes the hat and is one size only. The sunglasses are from Mowie and include a color HUD with 5 colors, 5 prints and 2 metals. The swimsuit is from Scandalize. It’s made for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and includes  a 20 color/print HUD.

Summerfest is officially open and it’s one hot event not to be missed. I have pictured a number of items from Kalopsia. For all the items used, please see below. The floating lanterns and lotus tea light candle are from Tarte.

I finished the scene with the beach screens from Serenity Style for the MadPea Hunt. Also cake from Ionic and SPELL.

I hope you enjoy today’s cake by the ocean look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Cherry Hair @ Hair Fair
Glasses: Mowie. – “Vanessa” Glasses
Swimsuit: Scandalize. Asha swimwear FATPACK

Emma is pictured with…
Beach Screen: Serenity Style- Beach Screen Divider
Cake with bunting: ionic : Party Cake [Glaced]
Layer cake: SPELL : Four layer cream cake

Kalopsia – Polly’s Summer Picnic Set @ Summerfest
Umbrella:  Kalopsia – Polly’s Umbrella
Pillow pile: Kalopsia – Polly’s Pile of Pillows – PG
Rug: Kalopsia – Polly’s Dots Rug
Flip flops: Kalopsia – Polly’s Flip Flop
Crate: Kalopsia – Polly’s Crate Table
Watermelon drink: Kalopsia – Polly’s Watermelon Punch
Picnic basket: Kalopsia – Polly’s Picnic Basket
Flamingo: Kalopsia – Polly’s Metal Flamingo

Tarte – Lanterns & Lotus tealights @ Summerfest
Yellow tealight: tarte. lotus tealight (yellow)
Yellow lantern: tarte. rectangular floating lantern (yellow)
Orange lantern: tarte. rectangular floating lantern (orange floral)
Flower lantern: tarte. round floating lantern (abstract flowers)

Song: DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Cake By The Ocean



Hullo, my good readers.

Today I am featuring JF Design, Utopia@Design @ Cosmopolitan, Wet Dreams, Consignment, The Artist Shed @ Second Pride, Runaway, Luanes World, Ionic and Serenity Style. Plus Fancy Decor @ Summerfest from June 30.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. It includes boobs, fitted and regular versions with and without materials enabled. From Cosmopolitan I am wearing a dress from JF Design. It’s made for Belleza and Maitreya. They include a color HUD with plain print and sequence versions, plus matching panties. The shoes are from Utopia@Design. They’re made for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.

I am pictured with items from the Fancy Decor Modular Outdoor Living Kit, coming soon to Summerfest from June 30. For all the items used, please see below.

From the Second Pride festival I have pictured the bed from Wet Dreams. It has single, romantic, romance scene, oral, sex and threesome animations. I have also used items from Consignment and The Artist Shed.

I have used a handful of items from gachas @ Ionic, including the rare Anima house. Plus the Casablanca picture from a gacha @ Serenity Style.

I am posed by Luanes World.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Anja Hair – Blondes
Dress; JF Design “Aysha” Mini Dress (Maitreya) – Mink @ Cosmopolitan
Shoes: **UTOPIA@Design** – “LORY” – Multi-Texture @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is posed by…
Solo: :LW: Poses – Urban Chic 4

Emma is pictured with…
House: Ionic : Anima RARE
Sideboard: Daarla Sideboard – The Artist Shed @ Second Pride
Records: [Con.] Vinyl Wall Display FLF @ Second Pride
Casablanca: Serenity Style– Cinema Days  Casablanca picture
Bed: Wet Dreams – [D] Starlit Nights Bed MF (Grey) – MC @ Second Pride

Fancy Decor: Modular Outdoor Living Kit II @ Summerfest
Sofa middle: Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Middle II
Sofa R: Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Right Arm II
Pillow: Fancy Decor: Leather Pillow
Sofa L: Fancy Decor: Modular Seat Corner II
Plant bowl: Fancy Decor: Succulent Bowl II
Rug: Fancy Decor: Outdoor Rug II
Lantern: Fancy Decor: Mod Lantern II

Ionic – Dreamers gacha
Ticket art: ionic . My Ticket Concerts collection
Lace table: ionic . Lace Table
Milk shakes: ionic . Milkshakes

Song: Halsey – Sorry


Place Your Hands

Hullo, my soulful readers.

Today I am featuring Salt & Pepper @ Crossroads, Can’t Even and Second Spaces @ Summerfest, Serenity Style @ Shiny Shabby, Fiasco, 7 Emporium, House of Ruby and Persnickity.

I am wearing lingerie new from Salt & Pepper @ Crossroads. There are three colors available and each come with a color HUD for the lace and to make a cupless and crotchless version.

Jake is wearing the current unisex group gift from House of Ruby. There are two colors in the gift and it’s made for Slink and Omega.

I was recently picked as a blogger for Fiasco so there will be lots of aaaaamazing furniture to be seen from them in the next few weeks. They make PG and Adult items. I am pictured with their Tiffany adult sofa and coffee table. There are single, cuddle and adult animations. Also the castaway wine bar.

Fiasco Logo - Updated 1_11 200 x 200


Just when I thought it couldn’t get more exciting, I was accepted on the 7 Emporium blog team. More furniture!! ^^ *squeals* Today I am pictured with turntable boombox, signs and broken clock. For full item details, see below.
7LOGO_1 200 x 200


Summerfest 2016 will only be open a couple more days so if you haven’t stopped by this shopping extravaganza, now is the time. I have used the rustic beach houses from Can’t Even and nautical highboy from Second Spaces.


To finish the room I added the sweet flowers in a bucket from Persnickity. Plus the pouffe from the Serenity Style Ibiza Gacha @ Shiny Shabby.

I hope you enjoy today’s cozy look.


Emma is wearing…
Lingerie: S&P lingerie Scarlett @ Crossroads L$399

Jake is wearing…
Tights: [HoR] Group Gift unisex Outfit (boxed)L$0/Free

Pictured with…
Sofa: Fiasco – Tiffany Light Couch Adult L$650 in set of 2
Table: Fiasco -Tiffany Light Coffee Table L$650 in set of 2
Bucket Flowers: Persnickity – Floral Rusty Bucket L$35
Stereo: 7 – Turntable Boombox  TT-X9-1000 L$200
Tunnel Sign: 7 – Brooklyn Battery L$75
Hospital Sign: 7 – State Hospital Sign L$75
Little Houses: Can’t Even – Rustic Beach House @ Summerfest L$150 in set of 4
Wine Rack: Fiasco – Castaway Wine Bar L$150
Clock: 7 – Broken Clock L$100
Pouffe: Serenity Style- Ibiza Puf @ Shiny Shabby L$70 per play
Dresser: Second Spaces – nautical highboy – white @ Summerfest L$125

Song: Reef – Place Your Hands

Alternate Version for US listeners: Reef – Place Your Hands

Place Your Hands

Caravan Girl

Hullo, my knowing readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ We ❤ Roleplay, 7 Emporium and Serenity Style @ Crossroads, Half-Deer, Commoner and Can’t Even @ Summerfest, BellePoses and Little Branch Store @ Cosmopolitan, Fiasco @ TLC, unKindness @ Project Se7en, Persnickity, Istoria and House of Ruby.

I am wearing stunning new hair for Runaway @ We ❤ Roleplay. All the normal colors packs are available or grab the fatpack. The hair comes in three sizes, with and without materials enabled. The dress is currently 50% off @ Istoria. The dress is made for Slink and Maitreya. The stockings are from House of Ruby. These unisex tights are for Slink and Omega.

There is so much amazing furniture pictured, I don’t even know where to start. xD I think today I’ll break it down into events and then stores. Put your feet up, get comfy and let’s get into it.

From the Crossroads event; the telephone sign, phone box without phone and the very cool tape recorder by 7 Emporium. Also a number of items, listed below, from the Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha. The rare is the extra cute caravan with four textures.

From the Summerfest event; the ice cream garland lights from Half-Deer. There are three color sets available and you get horizontal and vertical hanging lights. The resizable pineapple corkboard is new from Commoner. The Sea Heart wall art is from Can’t Even and it’s available in three colors.

From the Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday events; pose with prop pack from BellePoses and the free group gift flower by Little Branch Store. Plus season changing sugar maple tree from Little Branch Store @ Hello Tuesday.

From the TLC event; new for Fiasco the cactus lamp in three colors and southwest table.

From the Project Se7en event; wrought iron fence sets from unKindness. The fence is available in a number of classic and bright colors. There are five different parts to create your fence. Plus, a scripted part to set access and auto close time. Each color can be purchased separately or as a full pack for only L$777.

Lastly I am pictured with mail box and umbrella wall lamp from Persnickity.

I hope you enjoy today’s look!


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Anja Hair – Blondes @ We ❤ RP L$200
Dress: ISTORIA – DixiDress – black L$99
Stockings: [House of Ruby] Playful Unisex Tights 4 in 1 – Lace L$146

Emma is posed by:
Pose + Prop: BellePoses – Morissette @ Cosmopolitan L$149

Emma is pictured with:
Telephone sign: 7 – Payphone Sign @ Crossroads L$150
Phone box: 7 – Missing Payphone @ Crossroads L$200
Tree: LB_SugarMaple.v2{Seasons} @ Hello Tuesday $186
Flowers: LB_BirdFlower_v1{With Flowers Menu} @ Cosmopolitan L$0/Free
Ice-cream lights: +Half-Deer+ Ice Cream Garland Lights – Rainbow – Horz @ Summerfest L$175
Heart art: Can’t Even – Sea Hearts (Sunset) @ Summerfest L$125
Umbrella wall light: Persnickity – Pastel Umbrella Wall Lamp L$75
Mailbox: Persnickity – Shabby Mailbox L$50
Pineapple cork board: [Commoner] Pineapple Corkboard  @ Summerfest L$100
Table: Fiasco – Southwest Table @ TLC L$150
Cactus Lamp: Fiasco – Cactus Lamp Pink @ TLC L$150 in set of 3
Tape recorder: 7 – Tape Recorder TR9-305 – stickered @ Crossroads L$150
Iron fence: uk – Wrought Iron Fence Sets @ the Se7en L$250

Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha @ Crossroads L$70 per play
Caravan: Serenity Style- Caravan RARE
Mug: Serenity Style- Camping Mug
Chair: Serenity Style- Camping Chair
Balloon lanterns: Serenity Style- Camping Balloons Light Line
Crate: Serenity Style- Camping Crates
Cooler: Serenity Style- Camping Fridge

Song: Goldfrapp – Caravan Girl

Caravan Girl

The Power

Hullo, my powerful readers.

Today I am featuring Salt & Pepper and unKindness @ Pulse Fundraiser, Culprit, 7 Emporium and Boogers @ Summerfest, Indulge Temptation @ YouGatcha and Marvelous Monthly, Serenity Style @ Shiny Shabby and Persnickity. Coming soon Runaway @ We Love Role-Play.

The Pulse Fundraiser is raising money for Equality Florida, the state’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization. All donations will go directly to Pulse Victims Fund. 100% of profits will be donated. From Salt & Pepper I’m wearing their sassy Aly top and skirt in a special color released for this event. It’s made for Slink, Maitreya and in sizes XS – L.  The three banners hanging off the building are from unKindness. You can buy them separately or the set for only L$300.

From Summerfest I’m featuring hanging chair from Culprit, ice cream sign from 7 Emporium and lemonade stand from Boogers.

Other items of interest include jewelry from Indulge Temptation. The earrings are the rare from the Stellar Gacha @ YouGatcha. The necklace can be purchased @ Marvelous Monthly. From the Ibiza gacha by Serenity Style @ Shiny Shabby I am pictured with the patio and rare house. New @ Persnickity, the baby chick from the roosters on bikes set. You get three roosters. The adult roosters also have a sitting pose. A cute addition to any garden.

Coming soon to We Love Roleplay this stunning new hair from Runaway! It’s definitely one of my new fave styles. It comes in three sizes and in all the normal colors packs. A demo will be available. You can get it from July 4.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Anja Hair – Blondes @ We ❤ RP COMING JULY 4
Earrings: !IT! – Stellar Earrings RARE @ YouGatcha COMING SOON
Necklace: !IT! – Eye Catcher Necklace 1 @ Marvelous Monthly L$150
Top: S&P Top Aly flowers @ Pulse Fundraiser L$399
Skirt: S&P Skirt Aly flowers @ Pulse Fundraiser L$259

Emma is pictured with…
Hanging Chair: Culprit Pod Chair Shabby White @ Summerfest L$300
House: Serenity Style- Ibiza House (Rare) @ Shiny Shabby L$70 per play
Patio: Serenity Style- Ibiza Solarium @ Shiny Shabby L$70 per play
Banner 1: uK – Wall Tapestry Koi @ Pulse Fundraiser L$125
Banner 2: uK – Wall Tapestry Worth It @ Pulse Fundraiser L$125
Banner 3: uK – Wall Tapestry Pride @ Pulse Fundraiser L$125
Ice Cream Sign: 7 – Ice Cream Neon @ Summerfest L$150
Lemonade Stand: @ Summerfest L$50
Baby Chicken: Persnickity – Baby Chick (in set) L$175

Song: H Blockx – The Power (Cover)

The Power