Hullo, my swallowing readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, Salt & Pepper @ Bound, Milk Tea @ Salem and Serenity Style @ The Secret Hideout.

I am wearing the third new release this month, from Runaway @ Hairology.  It includes a hair styling HUD, with four style options and 3 sizes. I am wearing a shade from the Blondes pack.

The dress, from Salt & Pepper can be found in the Bound mystery box. It’s made for Slink and Hourglass. There are three versions, solid, opaque and sheer, each with its own color HUD including colors and bloody colors. For more information on the Bound box, click here.

I finished my look with stockings from Milk Tea @ Salem. There are 3 Halloween patterns and an extra pair with no pattern, made for Omega appliers. They come in torn and normal.

I am pictured with the Yram Strange Travel set from Serenity Style @ The Secret Hideout.

I hope you enjoy today’s quickie madness.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Britney Hair – Blondes @ Hairology
Dress: S&P Jill  Lara @ Bound
Stockings: Milk Tea: Trick & Treat – Normal Version (OMEGA)  @ Salem

Emma is pictured with…
Serenity Style – Yram Strange Travel @ The Secret Hideout
Backdrop: Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Stage
Clock: Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Clock
Round case: Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Rounded Suitcase
Square case: Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Suitcase

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Muse – Madness


Growing Up

Hullo, my growing readers.

Today I am featuring Mignonne and SEUL @ U L T R A, Milk Tea @ Sanarae, Serenity Style @ The Project Se7en, Runaway and Aphrodite Shop.

From the U L T R A event I am wearing skin from Mignonne. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads. There are six tones available and it includes a shape inspired by Cara Delevingne. The shape is for use with the CatWa Catya bento head. The t-shirt dress is from SEUL. It’s made for Slink and Maitreya and comes in a number of stylish colors.

I am also wearing stockings from Milk Tea @ Sanarae. There are five colors available and they’re made for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Omega. Save 20% during the event. The hair is from Runaway.

We are pictured in the farm bed from Aphrodite Shop. It has animations for kids, plus parents and comes with decorative items. Also from Aphrodite Shop is the Hot Air Balloon Mobile. I finished the scene with the rare picture from Serenity Style @ The Project Se7en. Plus a couple of items from a gacha @ Ionic .

I hope you enjoy today’s snuggly look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Dorothy Hair – Blondes L$275
Skin: [Mignonne] Cara ice skin HUD Catwa @ U L T R A
Dress: SEUL – Knotted Tee – Mait – Nude @ U L T R A
Stockings: Milk Tea: ~Daisy~ White @ Sanarae

Posed by…
Bed: Aphrodite “Little Farm” Bed  1.0 L$650

Pictured with…
Art: Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-RARE @ The Project Se7en
Balloon Mobile: Aphrodite Kids rainbow balloons mobile (w. Resizer) L$375
Photo rabbit: *Ionic * – The Photographer Bunny –
Drawing deer: *Ionic * – The illustrator Deer –
Doll:  Serenity Style –  Himawari Doll Pink  (sit)

Song: Run River North – Growing Up

Growing Up

Australia Street

Hullo, my perfect readers.

Before I jump into today’s post I’d like to apologize for my absence. I’ve had a world of graphics issues, internet trouble and a lil heartache. Instead of dwelling on those things, I’m going to catch up with all the blogging goodness and share lots of amazing products. There will be one small change to my posts, I’ll no longer be posting the price of items, unless I have been given the information from the designer. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Today I am featuring Serenity Style, Fiasco and Chez Moi @ MadPea International Food Fair, Lucas Lameth, Clockhaus, Italiano, Mesh India and Di’s Opera @ Cosmopolitan, Runaway @ Hairology, Salt & Pepper @ Rewind and Nomad @ Draftsman.

From the MadPea International Food Fair event I am featuring three amazing designers. The event is to raise money for the Feed A Smile charity. From Serenity Style I have pictured the rare Tapas y Mas building, plus a handful of common items. All items are listed below. The table and dining chairs are from Fiasco. Chez Moi have created a fun food cart with poses. There are three colors available.

The current round of Cosmopolitan is almost over (we’ve missed tooooo much, I know!!). Before it changes its treats, head on down to check out the pretty necklace from Lucas Lameth. The stockings are from Clockhaus. They’re made for Belleza, L.Inc, Sking, Banned, Maitreya and Omega. I finished my look with boots from Italiano. They’re made for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and TMP. Also at the event you’ll find the car from Mesh India and the pose from Di’s Opera.

Other items of interest include gorgeous hair from Runaway @ Hairology. The dress is from Salt & Pepper @ REWIND. This metallic leather dress comes in eight single colors and is made for Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. In the background you’ll see the factory available from Nomad @ Draftsman.

I hope you enjoy today’s street look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Joanne Hair – Boobs Unfitted  @ Hairology L$275
Necklace: (luc) Marguerite Statement Necklace, Black/Silver @ Cosmopolitan L$229
Dress: S&P dress Heather Lara @ REWIND L$249
Stockings: CLOCKHAUS – Sonia Stockings WHITE @ Cosmopolitan L$169
Shoes: Italiano Boots Rise Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$490

Emma is posed by…
Solo: Di’s Opera – Luxious 1 – 1 @ Cosmopolitan L$50

Emma is pictured with…
Table: Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Island @ MadPea International Food Fair
Chair: Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Chair @ MadPea International Food Fair

Market cart: CHEZ MOI – Farmers Market Cart White @ MadPea International Food Fair

Serenity Style – Tapas y Mas Gacha @ MadPea International Food Fair
Shop: Serenity Style- Chiringuito RARE
Menu board: Serenity Style- Menu Board
Glass: Serenity Style- Empty glasses
Plate: Serenity Style- Pile of dishes
Food 1: Serenity Style- Pulpo a la gallega
Food 2: Serenity Style- Pincho de tortilla

Car: MI Classic Retro Car Dining PG  [15 LI] @ Cosmopolitan L$300
Factory: Nomad // Old Factory B @ Draftsman

Song: Sticky Fingers – Australia Street

Australia Street

Tear In My Heart


Hullo, my alive readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, House of Ruby @ Swank, Modish @ Cosmopolitan, Come Soon Poses @ Winter Trend, BIGBULLY @ Draftsman, Serenity Style @ The Crossroads, Apt B, Ionic and 7 Emporium. Plus Salt & Pepper for Midnight Madness.

I am wearing gorgeous new hair from Runaway @ Hairology. There are seven color packs available and each include one unfitted and three boob versions. The skin is from Modish @ Cosmopolitan. The glitter dress will be the noon gift @ Salt & Pepper for the next round of Midnight Madness. For all information on the event, see their website. The midnight gift is a limited edition knit print. You can purchase an additional limited edition HUD for only L$75. The stockings are from House of Ruby @ Swank. There are six colors included for Maitreya, Slink and Omega.

We are posed by Come Soon Poses @ Winter Trend. The event is now open and will run until the 23rd of December.

We’re pictured with a handful of items from the Creative Outdoors gacha @ Apt B. The rare pine boy is from a gacha by Serenity Style @ The Crossroads. Collect the whole cozy cute troop. The sleepy bear is from Ionic. The drink machine and drink sign are from 7 Emporium. The gazebo is from BIGBULLY @ Draftsman.

I hope you enjoy today’s sleigh ride.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Nymph Hair – Blondes @ Hairology COMING SOON
Skin: ::Modish::[Catwa] Kayo (F02)Face Applier HUD @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Dress: S&P dress Gwen Lara glitter L$0/Free (10 December 2016 ONLY)
Stockings: [HoR] Snow Fall Stockings for Her – Maitreya Multi HUD @ Swank L$146

Posed by…
Scene + Pose: *CS* This is Xmas – FullScene @ WTF L$89

Pictured with…
Apt B  – Creative Outdoors Gacha L$59 per play in set
Table: Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Table Green
Bench: Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Bench Green
Roses: Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Books

Toy: Serenity Style – Cozy Cute Troop PINE BOY – RARE @ The Crossroads L$70 per play
Bear: *Ionic* – Lazy Bear – L$75 per play

In the background…
Gazebo: BIGBULLY Grid Pavilion @ Draftsman L$300
Cold Drink sign: 7 Emporium – Cold Drinks Neon L$150
Soda machine: 7 – Pop Machine L$250

Chez Moi – Iron Patio Holiday Edition @ Sanarae L$490
Sofa: Iron Patio Sofa Holiday (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Arm chair: Iron Patio Armchair (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Ottoman: Iron Patio Ottoman Holiday  CHEZ MOI

Song: Twenty One Pilot – Tear In My Heart

Tear In My Heart


Hullo, my  loving readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway, Persnickity, 7 Emporium, Fiasco, unKindness, GATO and Clockhaus @ Cosmopolitan, 7mad;Ravens and Serenity Style @ The Project 7, plus Serenity Style main store.

I’m wearing hair from Runaway. From the Cosmopolitan event I’m wearing top and skirt from GATO. There are three color options available. The stockings are from Clockhaus, come in a variety of colors with appliers and have two version included.

From Serenity Style I have used a number of items from the My Little Town gacha set available until July 30 @ The Project Se7en. Also himawari doll, fashion doll  and teddy bear pillow currently available in the Serenity Style main store.

The Gypsy Set is from unKindness. You get rug piles, frame, empty and full cabinets. Items can be purchased separately or as a set for L$450.

At Fiasco you’ll find the baby crib. It has sleep and awake poses. It’s available in two colors.

Other items of interest include the fairy lights and basket of wands from 7mad;Ravens @ The Project Se7en. The keyboard tape player is form 7 Emporium. The unicycle plant stand is from Persnickity.

I hope you enjoy today’s sweet look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Daline Hair L$275
Shirt: GATO – Relaxed Tee Sun @ Cosmopolitan L$160
Skirt: GATO – Uneven Skirt Dark @ Cosmopolitan L$130
Stockings: CLOCKHAUS – Amelia Tights PINK @ Cosmopolitan L$199

Pictured with…
Blanket: uK – Gypsy Quilt Clump 1 L$175
Lights: 7mad;Ravens Star Fairy Hanging 1 @ the Se7en L$150
Cabinet: uK– Gypsy Cabinet White Empty L$225
House + Trees: Serenity Style – My Little Town Houses and Trees @ the Se7en L$70 per play
Candle: Serenity Style– Bring it to me – candle Not Available at time of printing
Plant: Serenity Style– Bring it to me  -plant Not Available at time of printing
Himawari Doll: Serenity Style- Himawari Doll Teal (sit) L$140
Blue House: Serenity Style – My Little Town Blue House @ the Se7en L$70 per play
Yellow House: Serenity Style – My Little Town Yellow House @ the Se7en L$70 per play
Windmill: Serenity Style – My Little Town WindMill @ the Se7en L$70 per play
Town: Serenity Style – My Little Town RARE @ the Se7en L$70 per play
Boat: Serenity Style – My Little Town Boat @ the Se7en L$70 per play
Fashion Doll: Serenity Style – Fashion Doll L$120
Piano Tape Player: 7 Emporium – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard L$200
Wands: 7mad;Ravens Basket of Wands NoSparkle @ the Se7en L$199
Floor Plant: Persnickity – Unicycle Planter L$40
Bear Pillow: Serenity Style– Warm Teddy Cushions L$75
Crib: Fiasco – Valina Crib Pink L$350
Wall Panels: uK – Gypsy Frames White L$125
Wall Art: Serenity Style- Bring it to me  -Truly Frame Not Available at time of printing

Song: Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody


Old Pine


Hullo, my blessed readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway, Indulge Temptation, Apple Heart Inc, Cara Creations, Milk Tea, Bee Designs, 7 Emporium, Fiasco, Serenity Style, unKindness and a freebie from Soy.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. The necklace is from Indulge Temptation @ Swank. There are a number of colors packs available so you should find something to suit you. The top is from Apple Heart Inc and comes with a color HUD with lots of summery fabrics. The skirt is from Cara Creations. The cute knee socks are new for Milk Tea @ Anybody.

The furniture pictured includes rare surfboard table from the Bee Designs gacha @ Cosmopolitan. The mini jukebox and framed target art are from 7 Emporium. The candles, floor pillow and guitar are from Serenity Style. A couple of those items will only be available a few more hours @ Tres Chic. If you miss out on event items they will be available in the main store. The guitar bench seat is from unKindness @ Indie Teepee. There are four color sets available. The rug can be picked up in the uK main store.

The GBMC Rally to Rescue event runs between July 8 – 12 and 100% of sales goes to Rally for Pit bulls. unKindness have made this wonderfully cozy skybox for the event. Please support this fantastic cause. You can pick up the event HUD at any participating store.

The wall art pictured on the right side of the picture is a freebie from Soy.

I hope you enjoy today’s look with pit bull puppies! ^^


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Daline Hair – Blondes L$275
Necklace: !IT! – Precious Bond Set 1@ Swank L$120
Top: Apple Heart Inc. Cross Wrap Crop Top w. Hud L$67
Skirt: Cara Creations CC – SummerFresh Skirt L$199
Knee Socks: Milk Tea: Kitty Stockings (Black & White pack) @ Anybody L$150

Emma is pictured with…
Jukebox: 7 Emporium – Mini Music II Jukebox L$150
Table: .:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha table RARE @ Cosmopolitan L$50 per play
Candles: Serenity Style.- Midnight Summer Candles @ Tres Chic L$130 in set
Rug: uK – Battered Old Rug v2 L$75
Loft Bed: Fiasco – Dark Boho Loft Bed Currently Unavailable
Floor Pillow: Serenity Style- Midnight Summer Single Cushion @ Tres Chic L$130 in set
Guitar: Serenity Style- Camping Guitar @ Crossroads L$70 per play
Target Art: 7 Emporium –  Paper Target – Framed L$75
Guitar Bench: uK – In Tuned Bench Blanket Navajo @ Indie Teepee L$325
Wall Art: Soy. Wall art [Sea Echo] L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Skybox: uK – Industrial Loft L$199 [Fundraiser]

Song: Ben Howard – Old Pine

Old Pine

Caravan Girl

Hullo, my knowing readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ We ❤ Roleplay, 7 Emporium and Serenity Style @ Crossroads, Half-Deer, Commoner and Can’t Even @ Summerfest, BellePoses and Little Branch Store @ Cosmopolitan, Fiasco @ TLC, unKindness @ Project Se7en, Persnickity, Istoria and House of Ruby.

I am wearing stunning new hair for Runaway @ We ❤ Roleplay. All the normal colors packs are available or grab the fatpack. The hair comes in three sizes, with and without materials enabled. The dress is currently 50% off @ Istoria. The dress is made for Slink and Maitreya. The stockings are from House of Ruby. These unisex tights are for Slink and Omega.

There is so much amazing furniture pictured, I don’t even know where to start. xD I think today I’ll break it down into events and then stores. Put your feet up, get comfy and let’s get into it.

From the Crossroads event; the telephone sign, phone box without phone and the very cool tape recorder by 7 Emporium. Also a number of items, listed below, from the Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha. The rare is the extra cute caravan with four textures.

From the Summerfest event; the ice cream garland lights from Half-Deer. There are three color sets available and you get horizontal and vertical hanging lights. The resizable pineapple corkboard is new from Commoner. The Sea Heart wall art is from Can’t Even and it’s available in three colors.

From the Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday events; pose with prop pack from BellePoses and the free group gift flower by Little Branch Store. Plus season changing sugar maple tree from Little Branch Store @ Hello Tuesday.

From the TLC event; new for Fiasco the cactus lamp in three colors and southwest table.

From the Project Se7en event; wrought iron fence sets from unKindness. The fence is available in a number of classic and bright colors. There are five different parts to create your fence. Plus, a scripted part to set access and auto close time. Each color can be purchased separately or as a full pack for only L$777.

Lastly I am pictured with mail box and umbrella wall lamp from Persnickity.

I hope you enjoy today’s look!


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Anja Hair – Blondes @ We ❤ RP L$200
Dress: ISTORIA – DixiDress – black L$99
Stockings: [House of Ruby] Playful Unisex Tights 4 in 1 – Lace L$146

Emma is posed by:
Pose + Prop: BellePoses – Morissette @ Cosmopolitan L$149

Emma is pictured with:
Telephone sign: 7 – Payphone Sign @ Crossroads L$150
Phone box: 7 – Missing Payphone @ Crossroads L$200
Tree: LB_SugarMaple.v2{Seasons} @ Hello Tuesday $186
Flowers: LB_BirdFlower_v1{With Flowers Menu} @ Cosmopolitan L$0/Free
Ice-cream lights: +Half-Deer+ Ice Cream Garland Lights – Rainbow – Horz @ Summerfest L$175
Heart art: Can’t Even – Sea Hearts (Sunset) @ Summerfest L$125
Umbrella wall light: Persnickity – Pastel Umbrella Wall Lamp L$75
Mailbox: Persnickity – Shabby Mailbox L$50
Pineapple cork board: [Commoner] Pineapple Corkboard  @ Summerfest L$100
Table: Fiasco – Southwest Table @ TLC L$150
Cactus Lamp: Fiasco – Cactus Lamp Pink @ TLC L$150 in set of 3
Tape recorder: 7 – Tape Recorder TR9-305 – stickered @ Crossroads L$150
Iron fence: uk – Wrought Iron Fence Sets @ the Se7en L$250

Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha @ Crossroads L$70 per play
Caravan: Serenity Style- Caravan RARE
Mug: Serenity Style- Camping Mug
Chair: Serenity Style- Camping Chair
Balloon lanterns: Serenity Style- Camping Balloons Light Line
Crate: Serenity Style- Camping Crates
Cooler: Serenity Style- Camping Fridge

Song: Goldfrapp – Caravan Girl

Caravan Girl