Summer Cum

Hullo, my kind readers.

Today I am featuring XanSA, NOX, atooly, Astralia, P.o.H @ ROMP. Plus Chez Moi.

The anniversary round of ROMP will wrap up in just a few short days, so go go go and get your adult goodies. I am wearing a cheeky harness from XanSA. They may be a lil hard to see but I’m wearing spank marks on my boobs from NOX and nipple piercings from atooly. The feet harness are from Astralia.

We’re pictured with the inflatable pastel pool and accessories from Chez Moi. There are solo, couples, floats and adult animations in the pool…as you can see. *giggles* You can purchase the full set or each piece individually.

I hope you enjoy today’s wet look. For the full adult image head on over to Deelight’d.


Emma is wearing…
Harness: +XAnSA+ CRUX Harnish @ ROMP L$280
Breast spank mark: NOX. Spanked @ ROMP L$100
Nipple piercings: [atooly] amelia piercings @ ROMP L$129
Foot wrap: Astralia – Divina feet harnesses (Fitted/Maitreya) @ ROMP L$350

Pictured with…
Paddle: +P.o.H+ Rubber Love Paddle (Bubblegum) @ ROMP L$99
Pool: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Inflatable Pastel PoolFun L$350
Chair: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Chair Stripes PoolFun L$120 (Set of 6)
Table: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. MixedBox PoolFun L$30
BBQ: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. GrillBarbecue SummerFun L$99

Song: Avi Buffalo – Summer Cum

Summer Cum

Not The Doctor

Hullo, my sneaky readers.

Today I’m featuring Violetility and NeverWish @ ROMP.

There are only a couple of goodies in this post but they are most definitely things you need to get your hands on @ ROMP. Just under a week left of this anniversary round of ROMP. Make sure to check out some of the yummiest adult products soon!

From Violetility I’m wearing their Nurse Feelgood costume. You can purchase each item from the set separately or grab the fat pack for only L$699. While you’re getting your nurses outfit, pick up the hospital bed too. It has solo, cuddles and adult animations.

The box of adult toys is from NeverWish.

I hope you enjoy today’s ROMP quickie. To see the full adult image, go to Deelight’d.


Emma is wearing…
Hat: Violetility – Nurse Feelgood Hat @ ROMP L$50
Stethoscope: Violetility – Stethoscope Collar [Unscripted] @ ROMP L$160
Dildo: Violetility – Nurse Feelgood Dildo Syringe @ ROMP L$125

Emma is pictured with..
Hospital Bed: Violetility – Naughty Medical Bed  @ ROMP L$699
Toy Case: *NW* Treasure Trunk @ ROMP L$150

Emma is wearing (white background shot)…
Mask: Violetility – Nurse Feelgood Mask @ ROMP L$50
Pasties: Violetility – Nurse Feelgood Pastie @ ROMP L$125
Skirt: Violetility – Nurse Feelgood Skirt [Slink Hourglass] @ ROMP L$99
Shoes: Violetility – Nurse Feelgood Boots [Maitreya] @ ROMP L$219

Song: Alanis Morissette – Not The Doctor

Not The Doctor

But It’s Better If You Do

Hullo, my cabaret readers.

Today I am featuring Spellbound and Fiasco @ ROMP and furniture from unKindness.

This will be our last look at the ROMP event. I hope you have enjoyed all the goodies on offer. Stay tuned for the next round coming July 15, 2016. ^^ One of my favorite items from this round was the stunning hair from Spellbound. It can be worn without the gag and drool. The arm chair is from Fiasco and has solo and couples animations. There are PG and Adult versions available in three colors.

You will find all the unKindness furniture in their main store. The wall art, guitar art and roadie bench can all be purchased separately. You get three different colored wall art pieces in the pack.

For the full sexy image, head on over to Deelight’d. I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair:+Spellbound+ Longing // Chapter II : Sky L$350
Shoes: G&D Sandals Eloise Black @ BFF L$255

Pictured with…
Chair: Fiasco – Mistress Chair Brown Adult @ ROMP L$350
Wall Art: uK – Studded Wall Art M L$100
Wall Guitar: uk – BadAxe Black L$150
Trunk: uK- Roadie Bench Texture Change L$500

Song: Panic! at the Disco – But It’s Better If You Do

But It’s Better If You Do

The Way You Do

Hullo, my hot and heavy readers.

Today, I am showcasing aaaaaamazing items from Kuro @ ROMP: A Celebration of Elegant Kink. The event runs from July 3 – 17, 2015.

You can purchase an adult or PG version of the desk. There are two colors available. The animations are hidden and can only be used once the desk items are rezed. It’s very low prim and the animations are sexy. Price starts at L$105.

The chair is also available in an adult or PG version. There are three colors to choose from. As for animations, this would have to be one of my new favorite items. Not only does it have sweet cuddles and raunchy sex animations but you can also indulge in lap dancing and foot fetish poses. Price starts at L$263.

This set was too amazing to just test, so I moved my old desk out to the curb and quickly added these goodies to the Deelights cottage.

To see the adult furniture in use, featuring my gorgeous wife, Darian and I, head on over to Deelight’d.

I hope you enjoy a very close up look at items from Kuro @ ROMP.


Pictured with…
Lamp: Kuro – Boy Lamp L$63 @ ROMP
Desk: Kuro – Wavie desk (wood) Adult L$315 @ ROMP
Chair: Kuro – Wavie belted chair (worn) Adult L$462 @ ROMP

The Way You Do