Stalking To A Stranger

Hullo, my talking readers.

Today I am featuring Limerence, Pulse, AsteroidBox, Bliensen + MaiTai and 22769 @ ROMP, Bamboo @ Cosmopolitan, SPELL @ The Chapter Four and a gift from unKindness.

A new round of ROMP is here and it is sexier than ever. I am wearing hair from Limerence. It includes two sizes, plus two add ons. I am wearing a shade from the naturals set. The sexy lil dress is from Pulse. It’s made for Maitreya and comes in 10 colors.

The mouth silencer is from AsteroidBox. It includes an open collar and non-open collar, plus bloody face appliers.  The collar is from Bliensen + MaiTai. It comes in gold and silver, with open collar and non-scripted versions.

The bed is from 22769, It comes in PG and Adult, with single and couples animations.

I am wearing a skin from Bamboo @ Cosmopolitan. It comes in three tones.

From unKindness, I have pictured the Bamboo Table and Decor Set, a complimentary gift for L’Homme group members.

I have also used a number of items from The Seer gacha from SPELL @ The Chapter Four. For all items used, please see below.

I hope you enjoy today’s spiritual look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: {Limerence} Diana hair @ ROMP
Skin: .:BAMBOO:. – NANA skin – Light tone (Catwa) @ Cosmopolitan
Collar: Bliensen + MaiTai – Dreki – Collar – non-scripted – F – silver @ ROMP
Dress: .:PULSE:. Luxe Dress – Maitreya Lara – Nude @ ROMP

AsteroidBox – Mouth Silencer @ ROMP
Mouth plate: AsteroidBox. Mouth Silencer – No OC – Silver
Blood tattoo: AsteroidBox. Bloody Face Applier – Omega

Emma is posed by…
Bed: 22769 – Tufted Bed White – PG @ ROMP

Emma is pictured with…
unKindness – Bamboo Table and Decor Set
Room divider: uK – Bamboo Room Divider
TableBench: uK – Bamboo Entry Table
Deco 1: uK – Tassled Table Lamp
Deco 2: uK – Table Gong

SPELL – The Seer  @ The Chapter Four
Spiritual sign: SPELL : Spiritual Advisor Neon Sign – RARE
Cards: SPELL : Past/Present/Future
Tarot Cards: SPELL : Tarot Cards Neon Sign – RARE
Alien: SPELL : Ouroboros Frame (Alien)
Girl: SPELL : Ouroboros Frame (Witch)

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: The Avalanches – Stalking To A Stranger

Stalking To A Stranger

Mourning Sound

Hullo, my distant readers.

Today I am featuring RAMA, Modish, Bamboo and L&B Mesh Clothing @ U L T R A, Pulse @ ROMP, Chez Moi @ The Gacha Garden, Serenity Style @ Whimsical, Mesh India @ Cosmopolitan, Ionic @ The Chapter Four and SPELL.

From the U L T R A event I am wearing hair from Rama. It includes six sizes. The eyelashes are from Modish. The septum piercing and lipstick are from Bamboo. The lipstick is made for CatWa and Omega. The jeans are from L&B Mesh Clothing. They’re made for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Classic fit.

I am also wearing a cute lil top from Pulse @ ROMP. It’s made for Maitreya and comes in nine colors.

I am pictured with the pink day bed from Chez Moi @ The Gacha Garden. There are lots of wonderful outdoor sofas to be won. Some are suitable for indoor use.

I have set up the scene in the rare pavilion from the Country Living gacha by Serenity Style @ Whimsical. For a list of all items used, please see below.

I finished the scene with items from gachas by Mesh India @ Cosmopolitan and Ionic @ The Chapter Four. Also the crystals from SPELL.

I hope you enjoy today’s relaxed look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: RAMA.SALON – Molly Hair ‘M’ @ U L T R A
Lashes: ::Modish:: Flutter lashes [Catwa] @ U L T R A
Septum piercing: [BAMBOO] – MIMI SEPTUM @ U L T R A
Lipstick: **[BAMBOO] – BIBI LIPS – HUD CATWA @ U L T R A
Top: .:Pulse:. Prey Corset – Maitreya Lara // Nude @ ROMP
Jeans: L&B *   LARAFit* Swear Moto Denim Jeans @ U L T R A

Emma is posed by…
Day bed:  Daybed with Footrest Pink CHEZ MOI @ The Gacha Garden

Emma is pictured with…
Crystals: SPELL : Healing Crystals {cyan}

Serenity Style – Country Living @ Whimsical
Pavilion: Serenity Style- Country Living – Pavilion RARE
Crate: Serenity Style- Country Living – Crate
Light: Serenity Style- Country Living – Lamps
Table: Serenity Style- Country Living – Table
Bench seat: Serenity Style- Country Living – Bench
Book holder: Serenity Style- Country Living – Bookrest
Jar: Serenity Style- Country Living – Jar
Topiary: Serenity Style- Country Living – Topiary

Mesh India – Glass Bottle Decor Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Bottle Open: 02 MI Glass Bottle Open [1LI]
Bottle /w flower: 05 MI Sunflower Glass Bottle [1LI]

Ionic – Promise Land Gacha @ The Chapter Four
Art: ionic : I wonder where you are (Frames)
Tea cabinet: ionic : Tea Dispenser  Shelf

Song: Grizzly Bear – Mourning Sound

Mourning Sound

One Shot

Hullo, my good readers.

Today I am featuring Pulse and Essenz @ Fetish Fair, unKindness @ The Epiphany, Pillows @ Draftsman and an lar poses @ U L T R A.

I am wearing a cheeky lil dress from Pulse @ Fetish Fair. The dress is made for Maitreya and comes in a number of pretty colors. The heels are from Essenz and can also be found at the event. They come in 12 colors for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

I am pictured in the rare church from the Pueblo Viejo Gacha by unKindness @ The Epiphany. The event runs for another week.In the background you’ll see the Victorian Doll  House from Pillows @ Draftsman.

I am posed by an lar poses @ U L T R A.

I hope you enjoy today’s quickie.


Emma is wearing…
Dress: .:Pulse:. Booty Show Dress / Grey Maitreya Lara @ Fetish Fair *
Heels: Essenz – Beverly Hills (Maitreya) @ Fetish Fair *

Emma is posed by…
Solo: an lar [poses] The Alisha Series – Five @ U L T R A L$150

Emma is pictured with…
Church building: uK – Pueblo Viejo Church RARE @ The Epiphany L$75 per play
House: [P] Pillows, TLHC: Victorian Doll House-Light 1 @ Draftsman L$500

*Price unavailable at time of printing

Song: Lansdowne – One Shot

One Shot

Give Me a Try

Hullo, my hoping readers.

Today I am featuring Violetility, AsteroidBox, NOX and Pulse @ ROMP, Pillows @ Draftsman, no13 and Mignonne @ U L T R A and Runaway.

The  ROMP event will be wrapping up in a few days. Before it does, you need to check out some of these amazingly fun items. I am pictured in the ‘free to a good master’ box from Violetility. It includes five cute poses. Pictured behind me is the pet bed also from Violetility. Both items are included in a set with a pet cage (not pictured). The sets are available in three colors.

Also from  ROMP, I am wearing the three strap collar from AsteroidBox. The rope marks are from NOX. Included are system layers, TMP and Omega appliers. I am also wearing the corset from Pulse, for Maitreya bodies. They come in a number of sexy colors and also includes a matching bra.

I am also pictured with the Victorian Doll House from Pillows @ Draftsman. Plus the rare coffee shop from the Ordinary Small Coffee Shop gacha by no13. @ U L T R A. Also at the event you’ll find the skin I’m wearing from Mignonne. There are three tones available.

I am wearing hair from Runaway.

I hope you enjoy today’s kitty look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Nymph Hair – Blondes L$275
Face Skin: [Mignonne] Cintia ICE HUD Catwa @ U L T R A L$850
Body Skin: [Mignonne] OMEGA body appliers for ICE tone  @ U L T R A L$150
Collar: AsteroidBox. Three Strap Collar // Black @ ROMP L$175
Rope marks: NOX. Bound @ ROMP L$80
Corset: .:Pulse:. Vanity Corset & Bra – Maitreya Lara – Black  @ ROMP L$199

Emma is posed by…
Box: Violetility – Pet Box @ ROMP L$315 (in set) or L$99 separately

Emma is pictured with…
Pet bed: Violetility – Pet Bed [Pink] @ ROMP L$315 (in set)
House: [P] Pillows, TLHC: Victorian Doll House-Light 1 @ Draftsman L$500
Coffee Shop: ::no13:: ordinary small coffee shop RARE @ U L T R A L$70 per play

Song: The Wombats – Give Me a Try

Give Me a Try

Should’ve Known Better

Hullo, my beautiful readers.

Today I am featuring NOX, Salt & Pepper, Cae, Pulse and 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ ROMP. Coming October 15, 2016.

We are taking our first look at the upcoming ROMP – Elegant Kink event. This amazing adult event will have everything your naughty hearts can desire, from some of the most creative designers on the grid. You’ll find fashion, make up, furniture, poses and AO from October 15, 2016.

I am wearing smudged mascara from NOX. The collar is from Cae and there are lots of color options. The harness is from Salt & Pepper. It comes with a skirt that attaches to the garter belts It’s made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. You get three solid colors and three blood stained colors, plus 5 metals options. The feet chains, made for Slink, are from Pulse.

I am pictured with items from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. The bed has single, couples, MF Adult, FF Adult and MM Adult animations. I am using one of the single animations. The side table, lighting, roses and box of chocolates are all decorative items only.

I hope you enjoy our first look @ ROMP.


Emma is wearing…
Eye make up: NOX. Smudged Mascara @ ROMP COMING OCTOBER 15, 2016
Collar: Cae :: Abide :: Collar @ ROMP COMING OCTOBER 15, 2016
Harness: S&P Ivy harness Lara  @ ROMP COMING OCTOBER 15, 2016
Feet chains: .:Pulse:. Fetish Lock – Chains Feet SLINK HIGH  Silver @ ROMP COMING OCTOBER 15, 2016

Emma is pictured with…
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neo Baroque @ ROMP COMING OCTOBER 15, 2016
Side table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neo Baroque Dresser
Roses: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wrapped Roses
Candles: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neo Baroque Candle Holder
Bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neo Baroque Bed ADULT
Chocolates: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Box of Praline
Chandelier: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Minimal Chandelier

Song: Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better

Should’ve Known Better



Hullo, my little readers.

Today I am featuring Amacci, Birth, luc:boutique, Pulse, Egoisme, Monkey Banana and Q Poses @ Cosmopolitan.

The current round of Cosmopolitan is due to wrap up in a day, so get down there for lots of incredible products before they’re gone.

I am wearing hair from Amacci. This style comes with appliers for the main hair and an add-on for the ponytail. The skin, for CatWa, is from Birth. There are seven skin tones available. The earrings are from luc:boutique. The necklace, available in a number of colors, is from Pulse. The fun outfit is available from Egoisme. The bra and skirt are sold together in a number of color sets and the jacket is sold separately.

I am pictured with a number of items from the Halloween 2016 gacha set including the rare candy booth from Monkey Banana. See below for a full list of items used.

I am posed by Q Poses. Rez the pose stand, hop on and the cup will rez.

I hope you enjoy today’s Halloween inspired Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Amacci Hair – Kait – Blondes @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Skin: *Birth* 3rd Gen ‘Alura’ Catwa @ Cosmopolitan L$400
Earrings: (luc:boutique) September Earrings. Slvr/Crystal @ Cosmopolitan L$189
Necklace: .:Pulse:. Kryptonite Necklace / Blue @ Cosmopolitan L$189
Jacket: EGOISME BOSS – FATPACK – Single Sleeve Blazer @ Cosmopolitan L$180
Bra: EGOISME BOSS – FATPACK – Bra Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$350 in set
Skirt: Egoisme BOSS – FATPACK – Skirt Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$350 in set

Emma is posed by…
Solo: {QP} -Thirst For More @ Cosmopolitan L$85

Emma is pictured with…

Monkey Banana – Halloween 2016 @ Cosmopolitan L$40 per play
Hair accessory: 14 [MB] Halloween 2016- hair accessory? (wear)
Halloween stand: 1 [MB] Halloween 2016 Candy booth [RARE]
Lollipops: 6 [MB] Halloween 2016- Ghost Candy Server (touch )
Bat cupcakes: 8 [MB] Halloweem 2016 Muffin Server (bat) Touch
Cupcakes: 7 [MB] Halloween 2016- Muffin server (Mix) (touch)
Candle: 5 [MB] Halloween 2016- Candle (touch)
Drink tray: 13 [MB] Halloween 2016 Drink display (cup)
Drink dispenser: 13 [MB] Halloween 2016- Drink display  (cooler)
Flags: 10 [MB] Halloween 2016- Flag
Sign: 9 [MB] Halloween 2016- sign

Song: The Misfits – Halloween


Different Kind of Love

Hullo, my beginning readers.

Today I am featuring no. match, Lakshmi, Vision, G&D, Pulse, Q Poses and Bee Designs @ Cosmopolitan.

Today I am wearing hair from no.match. The skin and lipstick are from Lakshmi. The sweet lil bikini is from Vision. You can purchase each color separately or grab the fat pack and save a huge 60% off. The shoes are from G&D. The bracelet set is from Pulse. There are three colors available.

We are posed by Q Poses. You get a prop wall with cat and birds and an easily adjustable pose.

The pool scene is from Bee Designs. There is a PG and Adult version available. It comes with pool, palm trees, towel, chairs and pool floats.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.BACKUP.  @ Cosmopolitan L$150
Face Skin: [LAKSHMI]Peggy-CATWA Applier/3Honey @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Skin: [LAKSHMI]Body Skin Applier – MAITREYA @ Cosmopolitan L$300
Lipstick: [LAKSHMI]Peggy Lipstick-CATWA Applier/Basics @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Bikini: (ViSion} -S&F *Bikini Set Claire @ Cosmopolitan L$249
Bracelet: .:Pulse:. Boho Bracelets Set / Yellow @ Cosmopolitan L$189
Shoes: G&D Sandals Zara @ Cosmopolitan L$175

Posed by:
Couples: {QP}- The Way You Make Me Feel @ Cosmopolitan L$102

Pictured with…
Pool Setting: .:Bee designs:. Paradise Swimming Pool P1l @ Cosmopolitan L$399

Song: Kid Runner – Different Kind of Love

Different Kind of Love