Everybody’s Coming To My House

Hullo, my coming readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Shiny Shabby, Arise @ ULTRA, Heart Homes @ On9, Mowie, BrunStyle, HERA and RJD.

I hope you enjoy today’s pool-side look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Lana Hair – Blondes @ Shiny Shabby
Glasses: Mowie. – “Vanessa” Glasses
Lipstick: .ARISE. Shenna Makeup Set CATWA HUD @ ULTRA
Swimsuit: [BrunStyle] 50’s Swimsuit (Fitted Mesh) – Maitreya Lara

Emma is posed by…
Solo: HERA – Sitting Collection 2 M

Emma is pictured with…
House: RJD – Pool house [Available February 1, 2018]
Hanging chair: <Heart Homes> Hanging Cuddlenest  (PG) @ On9

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: David Byrne – Everybody’s Coming To My House

Everybody’s Coming To My House

Three Wishes

Hullo, my tender readers.

Today I am featuring Fabia, Occult, Codex @ Winter Trend, Salt & Pepper @ The Arcade, Bamboo @ Cosmopolitan, Ionic, SPELL @ The Chapter Four, Heart Homes @ On9, Aphrodite Shop @ The Frozen Fair, Granola @ TLC, unKindness @ The Imaginarium.

The  Winter Trend Fair is officially open. You’ll find stunning items like the hair from Fabia. It includes the hair, styling HUD, and color Hud. I am wearing a tone from the blondes pack. The collar is from Occult. There is a scripted and non-scripted version included. The gloves are from Codex. They’re made for Maitreya bento hands and include a color HUD.

The dress can be won in the Winter Bride Gacha by Salt & Pepper @ The Arcade. To see the gacha key, click here.

I am wearing a skin from  Bamboo @ Cosmopolitan. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads and is available in 3 tones. I am wearing the light tone.

From The Chapter Four, I have used the rare Snowy City Apartment from the Flowers in December Gacha by Ionic. Plus, the mirror from the Witchcraft and Wizardry Gacha by SPELL. To see the promotional pictures, click here.

From Heart Homes, I have pictured the couple’s fireplace, available @ On9. While this has been designed for couples, a number of poses could be used by singles. There are three versions available; PG, Adults and Family Orientated.

The present table and goodies are from the Christmas Table Gacha by  Aphrodite Shop @ The Frozen Fair.  For a list of all the items used, please see below.

The vase and artwork are from  Granola @ TLC.

Lastly, I have used the table, chairs and a couple of food items from the Holiday Feast Gacha by unKindness @ The Imaginarium. To see the promotional picture, click here.

I hope you enjoy today’s festive bride look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Jill> Blondes @ Winter Trend
Skin: .:BAMBOO:. – GABBY skin – Light tone (Catwa) @ Cosmopolitan
Collar: + Occult +Mimi Heart Necklace {Resizer} @ Winter Trend
Dress: S&P bride dress Maitreya RARE @ The Arcade

Emma is posed by…
Fireplace: <Heart Homes> Christmas Fireplace – PG 1.0a @ On9

Emma is pictured with…
Building: ionic : City Apartment -Snowy- RARE @ The Chapter Four
Mirror: SPELL : The Mirror of Erised RARE @ The Chapter Four

Granola – Ruby’s Mini Holiday Set @ TLC
Vase: Granola. Ruby’s Holiday Vase. Winter Pack.
Art: Granola. Ruby’s Holiday Print.

Aphrodite – Christmas Table Gacha @ The Frozen Fair
Table: Aphrodite laced round side table
Floor presents: Aphrodite Christmas table small decorative
Table presents: Aphrodite gifts for table
Cake: Aphrodite Christmas Cake
Candle: Aphrodite Christmas tree green candle
Drinks: Aphrodite Christmas hot choco cup

unKindness – Holiday Feast @ The Imaginarium
Table: uK – Holiday Feast Dining Table
Blue chair: uK – Holiday Feast Dining Chair Blue
White chair: uK – Holiday Feast Dining Chair White
Roast: uK – Holiday Feast Prime Rib Platter
Devilled eggs: uK – Holiday Feast Deviled Eggs Plate

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: The Pierces – Three Wishes

Three Wishes

Something Here

Hullo, my listening readers.

Today I am featuring Zombie Suicide, ChicModa, RedFish, Renegade @ Black Fair, Runaway @ We Love Roleplay, unKindness, 7mad;Ravens @ Salem, Chez Moi @ on9, unKindness @ Collarbor88, KraftWork, Heart Homes and Chez Moi.

From the Black Fair I am wearing eyes from Zombie Suicide. They include a mesh version with HUD, plus HUDs for CatWa and Omega. The bodysuit is from ChicModa. It’s made for Slink and Maitreya. The leg tattoo is from RedFish. The tattoo also includes a back piece. The heels are from Renegade. They’re made for Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Tonic.

I am also wearing hair from Runaway @ We Love Roleplay. The hair includes additional bangs, plus a style HUD with four options and boob sizes.

From the Salem event I have pictured Poe’s Writing Desk by unKindness. The set includes desk, chair and writing accessories. Also at the event you’ll find new seasonal decorations from 7mad;Ravens.

The bed is new for Chez Moi @ On9. It has 56 animations in the PG version and 116 animations in the Adult version. For more product details, visit the Chez Moi website. The red toboggan shelf is from unKindness @ Collabor88. There are three color sets with two, three and four shelves, plus decorative items.

The scene has been set up in the Fire House from KraftWork. This is a big build, that can’t be resized. Both up stairs and down stairs are open living. There is stair access and a firemans pole.

Pictured in the background is the Modern Fall Living Room set from Heart Homes and the Industrial Kitchen from Chez Moi. For a list of all items used, please see below. To see a white shot for the sofa set, click here. To see a white shot for the kitchen set, click here.

I hope you enjoy today’s loft living look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Cindy Hair – Blondes @ We Love Roleplay
Eyes: :Z.S: Evil Within Eyes @ Black Fair
Bodysuit: ChicModa // Raven // Lara @ Black Fair
Leg tattoo: RedFish – Naory Tattoo @ Black Fair
Heels: [Renegade] Yasmin (Maitreya) @ Black Fair

Emma is posed by…
Bed: Chez Moi – Spooky Bed @ On9

Emma is pictured with…
Building: KraftWork – Firehouse
Toboggan shelf: uK – Toboggan Shelf Set 2 (4) @ Collabor88
Crate /w pillow: 7mad;Ravens Pillow/Crate Spell @ Salem
Pumpkin art: 7mad;Ravens Seasonal Art 2 @ Salem

unKindness – Poe’s Writing Desk @ Salem
Desk: uK – Poe’s Writing Desk
Chair: uK – Poe’s Writing Chair
Papers:  uK – Poe’s Sketches Parchment

Heart Homes – Modern Fall – living room set
Arm chair: “Modern Fall”
Lamp: “Modern Fall” Standing Lamp A
Sofa: “Modern Fall” Double Sofa PG
Table: “Modern Fall” living room set –  PG
Vase: modern vases set

CHEZ MOI FURNITURES♥ Industrial Kitchen Full Set (Adult)
Kitchen counter: CHEZ MOI – Industrial Kitchen (Adult)
Shelf: CHEZ MOI –  Industrial Shelf
Fridge:  Industrial Fridge CHEZ MOI
Table: Multiscene Industrial Table CHEZ MOI
Chair: Industrial Metal Chair CHEZ MOI
Food tray (pictured on bed):  Industrial Decorated Tray CHEZ MOI

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Day Wave – Something Here

Something Here

Live With Me

Hullo, my sincere readers.

Today I am featuring Entwined, Avenge and RedFish @ Black Fair, Serenity Style @ TLC, Heart Homes @ On9 and Ionic.

From the Black Fair I am wearing hair from Entwined. The dress is from Avenge. It’s made for Maitreya and Slink. There are three colors in plain lace and blood lace. The leg tattoo is from RedFish. The tattoo also includes a back piece. There are two shades. I am wearing the faded version.

The scene has been set up in the Rick Forest Cabin by Serenity Style @ TLC. It is two story, open plan living with a deck. The kitchen is from Heart Homes @ On9. It’s available in Adult, PG and Family. There are many realistic cooking scenes. Also pictured are items from the Dreamers Gacha by  Ionic. For all items pictured, please see below.

I hope you enjoy today’s pancake look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: .Entwined. Jana – Blondes @ Black Fair
Dress: [Avenge] Lace dress for Maitreya – white @ Black Fair
Leg tattoo: RedFish – Naory Tattoo @ Black Fair

Emma is pictured with…
House:  Serenity Style- Rick Forest Cabin @ TLC
Kitchen: <Heart Homes> Kitchenette – PG -1.0 @ On9

Ionic –  Dreamers Gacha
Table: ionic . Rounded Table
Stool: ionic . Stool (Cyan)
Milk shakes: ionic . Milkshakes
Tortilla: ionic . Spanish Tortilla

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Massive Attack – Live With Me

Live With Me


Hullo, my constant readers.

Today I am featuring no.match and Mignonne @ U L T R A, Avale @ Cosmopolitan, Heart Homes @ On9, Ariskea + unKindness @ Collabor88 and SPELL.

From the upcoming round of U L T R A, starting on March 15, I am wearing hair from no.match. This is a unisex style with six sizes included. The skin is from Mignonne. There are six tones available and it includes a shape inspired by Cara Delevingne. The shape is for use with the CatWa Catya bento head. The necklace is from a gacha @ SPELL. The dress is new from Avale @ Cosmopolitan. It’s made for Slink, Maitreya, TMP and Belleza.

I am pictured with the two person beach table, spring version, from Heart Homes @ On9. The set includes the table /w cushions with solo and couples poses, plus decorative items.

Ariskea and unKindness have collaborated for the current round of Collabor88. The items available include seat, candles, plant, iron table, lamp and door nook.

I hope you enjoy today’s sneak peak at the new Deelights location.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.SENSE. – Blondes @ U L T R A
Skin: [Mignonne] Cara ice skin HUD Catwa @ U L T R A
Necklace:  SPELL : Hunter Necklace L$80 per play
Dress: . a v a l e – Viva (Maitreya) @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is posed by…
Seat: Ariskea & Unkindness[Solace] Seat 17 Anim [Singles] @ Collabor88

Emma is pictured with…
Totem: SPELL :  Totem Stones L$80 per play

Heart Homes – 2 Person Beach Table “Spring” PG @ On9
Table /w cushions: <Heart Homes> 2 Person Beach Table “Spring” PG 1.1
Vase: Vintage Dining Vase of Flowers Deco B
Plate setting: place setting flowered plate spring

Wine bottle: Aphrodite Spring fine sweet white wine

unkindness + Ariskea – Solace Set @ Collabor88
Door nook: uK – Solace Door Nook White
Seat: Ariskea & Unkindness[Solace] Seat 17 Anim [Singles]
Plant: Ariskea & Unkindness [Solace] Romarin Plant

Song: Milky Chance – Blossom


Great Night


Hullo, my night readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ We Love Role-Play, Salt & Pepper and unKindness @ Salem, Aphrodite Shop @ On9 and Labyrinth, Serenity Style @ The Project Se7en, MudHoney & Maddict @ U L T R A, Irrie’s Dollhouse @ The Chapter Four, %Percent Furniture & Lighting @ Swank, Luanes World and Indulge Temptation.

I am wearing new hair from Runaway @ We Love Role-Play. Save 25% off during this event. The amazing dress is from Salt & Pepper @ Salem. It’s available in six single colors. The immortal fox wrap includes a male and female fit. It’s not rigged and it is resizable. It includes a color HUD with 5 metal colors and a bone color. I am also wearing eye shadow and lipstick from  Indulge Temptation with their 50 Shades of CatWa Hunt. Each hunt item is only L$5.

From unKindness I am pictured with the rare Halloween wall art from the Wall Creepers gacha @ Salem. There is lots of spooky wall decor to be won. I was taking a walk around the new unKindness main store and found the super cool stick art with lights. There are two colors included.

Aphrodite Shop have created some wonderfully scary items for Halloween. The old mirror, which is available @ On9, has a scary surprise that appears in the center. There are two sizes with and without sound. At the Labyrinth event you’ll find the animated zombie head in a jar.

From Serenity Style I have pictured two items from the Cinema Days gacha, including the rare movie seat bench. I wasn’t able to track it down but keep your eye on the main store, I’m sure this wonderful gacha set will be there soon! Also pictured the grey Mycuf available @ The Project Se7en.

The U L T R A event is a few days away from wrapping up, so make sure you check out this wonderful collection of talented designers. I am wearing stockings from Maddict. They’re made for Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Slink and TMP. The fat pack includes 21 colors. They can also be purchased in different sets of three designs and colors. The table, lamp and ottomans are from MudHoney.

Also pictured; two items from the Trick or Treats gacha by Irrie’s Dollhouse @ The Chapter Four. Plus the shelf and condolence flower gift from %Percent Furniture & Lighting @ Swank. There are four shelves included, with 12 wood, 3 bracket and 3 candle textures.

I am posed by Luanes World. It’s a unisex pose and you get a mirrored version too.

I hope you enjoy today’s dark look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Izanami Hair – Fitted w/ materials  – Blondes @ We < 3 RP L$200
Eye shadow: !IT! – Satine Eyeshadow 4 L$5
Lipstick: !IT! – Satine Lipstick 13 L$5
Fox: S&P immortal fox (female fit) @ Salem L$599
Dress: S&P Dress Blair Lara @ Salem L$299
Stockings: MADDICT Fitmesh Stockings – Fatpack @ U L T R A L$1,299

Emma is posed by…
Solo: :LW: Poses – Being positive – Unisex L$69

Emma is pictured with…
Movie seats: Serenity Style– Cinema Days Chairs RARE
Casablanca picture: Serenity Style– Cinema Days  Casablanca picture
Stick art + lights: uK – Tribal Sticks Set Primary L$150
Robot: Serenity Style- MYCUF Grey @ The Project Se7en L$150
Shelf + candles: %Percent – Lily Wall Shelf w/Candle (long/multi) *MESH* @ Swank L$125
Halloween art: uK – Wall Creepers TrickorTreat RARE @ Salem L$50 per play
Mirror: Aphrodite “Bloody Mary 3D Mirror (longer Range, silent) @ On9
Table: MudHoney Judy Console Table – Black @ U L T R A L$195
Lamp: MudHoney Judy Lamp @ U L T R A L$150
Trick or treat bag: i { DH } Gacha! Trick Or Treat Bag *Cat* RARE @ TCF L$50 per play
Chocolate: i { DH } Gacha! Rawrs Chocolate Bar RARE @ TCF L$50 per play
Zombie head: Aphrodite “The walking dead” Zombie Head @ Labyrinth L$375
Ottoman: MudHoney Judy Ottoman – Geo @ U L T R A L$225
Flower: %Percent – Condolences Lily SWANK HUNT OCT 2016 @ Swank L$10

Song: NEEDTOBREATHE – Great Night

Great Night

Soak Up The Sun

Hullo, my wanting readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, Lakshmi @ Cosmopolitan, Verov and Le Poppycock @ U  L T R A, Serenity Style and unKindness @ TLC, Aphrodite Store @ On9, unKindness @ Collab88, i’piteme and Lo’s. Plus freebies and sales from Irrie’s Dollhouse, Truth, Cynful, Pure Poison and Mignon.

I am wearing new hair from Runaway @ Hairology. The glasses, from Irrie’s Dollhouse, can be found in the sales room @ The Chapter Four. The skin from Lakshmi will only be available a few more days @ Cosmopolitan. The top is from Lo’s and comes with matching bikini bottom. (Not Pictured.) The hot lil shorts are from i’piteme and come with a color HUD. The knee socks are a free gift from Mignon @ The Epiphany. Lastly the sneakers from Versov can be found @ U L T R A.

Erykah is wearing hair from TRUTH. The variety color pack is on sale on the Marketplace. The free jumpsuit is from Cynful and the shoes are from a group gacha at Pure Poison. Both groups are free to join.

We are posed by poses from the Le Poppycock – Endless Summer gacha available @ U L T R A. The event only has a couple more days, so get down there quick.

We are pictured with items from the Under the Stars Cinema gacha by Serenity Style @ TLC. See below for a full list of items used including the rare projector. The long table in the background is new from unKindness @ Collab88. I wasn’t able to get in to get the price but this set is perfect for any backyard party, so just get one…..when you can. Pictured on the table is the new Ferris wheel lamp also from unKindness. You can pick up the set of three at the current round of TLC. The vintage beach towel, umbrella and bag are all new from Aphrodite Store @ On9. A PG and Adult version is available.

I hope you enjoy today’s outdoor cinema look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Tiwa Hair – Blondes @ Hairology L$275
Glasses: i { DH } Dollbaby Retro Glasses *Rose* @ TCF L$30
Face skin: [LAKSHMI] Emily – CatWa Applier @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Skin: [LAKSHMI]Body Skin Applier – MAITREYA @ Cosmopolitan L$300
Top: Lo’s : Cara Beachwear lace White** L$99
Shorts: ~i’piteme~ Chelsea High Waist Hot Pants L$150
Socks: “mignon.” -little doll cafe. knee high socks @ The Epiphany L$0/Free
Shoes: [ VERSOV ] VELCROV Sneakers_Silver @ U L T R A L$250

Erykah is wearing…
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Karlie L$100
Jumpsuit: [Cynful] Hipster Jumpsuit – Maitreya Lara L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Shoes: Pure Poison – Leila Spumps – Lime Ombre –  Maitreya L$0/Free [Group Gift]

Posed by…
Emma: Le Poppycock *Endless Summer* Delicious @ U L T R A L$50 per play
Erykah: Le Poppycock *Endless Summer* Forbidden Fruit @ U L T R A L$50 per play

Pictured with…
Movie screen: Serenity Style- Under the Stars Cinema Screen @ TLC L$70 per play
Projector: Serenity Style- Under the Stars Projector RARE @ TLC L$70 per play
Table: Serenity Style- Under the Stars Table @ TLC L$70 per play
Crate: Serenity Style- Under the Stars Movies Box @ TLC L$70 per play
Big Table: uK – Garden Soiree Table @ Collab88
Chair: uK – Garden Soiree Bench Grape @ Collab88
Table setting: uK – Garden Soiree Place Setting Cream @ Collab88
Ferris wheel lamp: uK –  Ferris Wheel Lamp Silver @ TLC L$150
Towel: Aphrodite “Vintage  Beach” Towel PG  1.1d @ On9 L$650 in set
Umbrella: Aphrodite “Vintage  Beach” Parasol @ On9 L$650 in set
Bag: Aphrodite “Vintage Beach” Deco bag @ On9 L$650 in set

Song: Sheryl Crow – Soak Up The Sun

Soak Up The Sun