These Memories


Hullo, my same readers.

Today I am featuring EMO-tions, Supernatural, Glitzz, Arte, Clockhaus, theSkinnery, Duvet Day, Myrrine, NewChurch and Eternal Dream @ Cosmopolitan.

The current round of Cosmopolitan will wrap up in a few short days. Don’t miss out on gorgeous items like the hair from EMO-tions. It includes a version with a hat. The necklace set is from Supernatural. The wrap is from Glitzz. It’s made for Maitreya and Slink and includes a color HUD.

The eye shadow I’m wearing is from Arte. It’s made for CatWa mesh and bento heads. The lashes are from Clockhaus. The face and skin freckles are from theSkinnery. The face freckles are made for Omega, the body freckles are made for Omega, Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.

I set up the scene in the Sandy Cove Beach Cottage from Duvet Day. Also pictured are items from a gacha by Myrrine. The bed is from NewChurch and includes sleep and embrace animations.

I am posed by Eternal Dream. There are six solo poses in the pack.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MALINA * – Blondes @ Cosmopolitan
Eye shadow: A R T E – Shimmer Liner [Catwa, Bento] @ Cosmopolitan
Lashes: CLOCKHAUS – Isabel Lashes @ Cosmopolitan
Necklace set: .::Supernatural::. Splash Set Silver @ Cosmopolitan
Freckles: [theSkinnery] Sunkissed Freckles (Tattoo Hud) @ Cosmopolitan
Wrap skirt: [Glitzz] Lavinia Sarong – Fatpack – Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is posed by…
Solo: *Eternal Dream* Connie 09 @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is pictured with…
Bed: :: N :: Ellis Bed, Oak (PG) @ Cosmopolitan

Duvet Day – Sandy Cove Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
House: [DD] Sandy Cove Beach Cottage RARERug: [DD Sandy Cove rug

Myrrine – Angelique Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Art: ANGELIQUE wheel n photos
Wardrobe: ANGELIQUE wardrobe RARE
Mannequin: ANGELIQUE mannequi
Frames: ANGELIQUE cluster of art
Vase: ANGELIQUE paper hearts
Chair 1: ANGELIQUE chair 1 RARE
Table: ANGELIQUE nightstand
Books: ANGELIQUE books/roses
Chair 2: ANGELIQUE chair 2 RARE
Book pile: ANGELIQUE pile of books RARE
Lamp: ANGELIQUE lamp

Song: Hollow Coves – These Memories

These Memories

She’s So Untouchable

Hullo, my favorite readers.

Today I am featuring Mina, Le Poppycock, Modish and Bamboo @ U L T R A, Milk Tea @ Sanarae, Ionic @ The Chapter Four, Chez Moi @ Tres Chic and 7 Emporium.

From the U L T R A event I am wearing hair from Mina. There are six color packs available. The pose is from Le Poppycock. The poses are made for balconies or leaning against walls and include a prop. They’re also great for leaning against indoor items. The eyelashes are from Modish and the lipstick is from Bamboo.

I am also wearing stunning new lingerie from Milk Tea @ Sanarae. There are two version included, lingerie only and one with the gloves. It’s made for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and Omega.

I have set up the scene in the rare house from the Promise Land gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four. The vanity unit and chair are from Chez Moi @ Tres Chic. The boombox is from 7 Emporium.

I hope you enjoy today’s vanity look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: MINA Hair – Shelley @ U L T R A
Lashes: ::Modish:: Flutter lashes [Catwa] @ U L T R A
Lipstick: **[BAMBOO] – BIBI LIPS – HUD CATWA @ U L T R A
Lingerie: Milk Tea: Mia White – Maitreya HUD @ Sanarae

Emma is posed by…
Pose: Le Poppycock – Kick back (Wall version) @ U L T R A

Emma is pictured with…
House: ionic : Pomise Land RARE @ The Chapter Four
Boombox: 7 – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard

Chez Moi – Closet & Vanity @ Tres Chic
Vanity: Closet&Vanity Watercolor CHEZ MOI
Chair: Chair Watercolor CHEZ MOI

Song: Garden City Movement – She’s So Untouchable

She’s So Untouchable

Little Uneasy

Hullo, my feeling readers.

Today I am featuring Mr.Ronnie, Amacci, KraftWork, Sources and Culco @ Cosmopolitan. Plus Scandalize @ Hello Tuesday.

The new round of Cosmopolitan is underway. I am wearing lipstick from Mr.Ronnie. It’s made for Omega and includes nine colors. The necklace is from Amacci. It includes a color HUD to change the chain, pearls and stone.

I have set up the scene in the Bach house from KraftWork. This unique house allows you to put the build together yourself. It includes shell, curtains, deck, door, front glass, house lights, wall art and the interior. The picture was taken in the loft that is created when the interior has been added.

I am pictured with bath and tiles from Sources. The life ring and trunk are from a gacha by Culco. The rare trunk can be used closed or open.

The dress is from Scandalize @ Hello Tuesday. Save 50% or pay only L$50 on select items. The dress is made for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Lipstick: /Mr.Ronnie/ lipstick Venus @ Cosmopolitan
Necklace: Amacci – Bonnie Necklace @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: Scandalize. Yalma . Militar @ Hello Tuesday

Emma is pictured with…
House: KraftWork – Bach @ Cosmopolitan
Bath: OZiER (RESIZE) by “sources” @ Cosmopolitan
Floor:  HIH white wood by “sources” @ Cosmopolitan

Culco – Sparkling Summer Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Trunk: 01 -Culco- Sparkling Summer -Trunk [Click to Open] RARE 9Li
Life ring: 05 -Culco- Sparkling Summer -Lifebuoy with Rope 9Li

Song: Fazerdaze – Little Uneasy

Little Uneasy


Hullo, my tame readers.

Today I am featuring Tukinowaguma, A R T E, Milk Tea, Italiano, CLOCKHAUS, Duvet Day, Irrie’s Dollhouse and NewChurch @ Cosmopolitan.

From the current round of Cosmopolitan I am wearing hair from Tukinowaguma. There is a rigged and unrigged version included. The eyeliner is from A R T E. It’s made for Catwa and includes 14 colors. There are two versions available. The necklace is from CLOCKHAUS. A number of stunning colors are available.

The lingerie, for Omega, is from Milk Tea. There are four pretty colors available. The shoes are from Italiano. They are made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya and include a 12 color HUD.

I am pictured with a number of items from the Duvet Day gacha. For a full list of items, please see below. I finished the scene with the pretty lamp from a gacha by Irrie’s Dollhouse. The art, mirror, bench and accessories are from NewChurch.

I hope you enjoy today’s bedroom look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: *TKW* Hoya @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Eye liner: A R T E – Lush Liner [Catwa, Bento] @ Cosmopolitan L$199
Necklace: CLOCKHAUS – Necklace Lariss // SILVER // @ Cosmopolitan L$199
Lingerie: Milk Tea: ~PollyAnna~ Blue – (Omega Applier) @ Cosmopolitan L$200
Shoes: Italiano Starry Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$390

Emma is pictured with…
Lamp: i { DH } Lady Blossom Lamp *Blush* RARE @ Cosmopolitan L$50 per play

Duvet Days – Lace and Letters @ Cosmopolitan L$69 per play
Bed: [DD] Lace bed (PG)
Letters: [DD] Letters tied with string
Table: [DD] Table
Candle: [DD] Lace candle
Chair: [DD] Chair

NewChurch – Flatiron Console Set @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Art 1: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Art 2: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Mirror: :: N :: Flatiron Console Mirror, Zinc
Art 3: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Art 4: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Bench: :: N :: Flatiron Console, Antique Pine (full set)
Building deco: Flatiron Building Model
Plant: Aloe Plant
Skull: Goat Skull

Song: Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader


You Don’t Know

Hullo, my patient readers.

Today I am featuring Fabia, Altamura, Koffin Nails, United Colors and N-core @ Black Fair. Plus Blue Sky and Refuge @ Draftsman.

From the Black Fair I am wearing hair from Fabia. The eye shadow is from Altamura. Koffin Nails have created stunning nail polish, for Maitreya, Slink and Omega. There are three different sets available. The body suit is from United Colors. It includes bodysuit, panties and stockings. Each piece is added separately. The scorpio heels are from N-core. They’re made for Slink, TMP, Maitreya and Belleza.

I am pictured with art work from Blue Sky @ Draftsman. Also from the event is the furry chair from Refuge.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Bella> Natural Tones @ BF
Eye shadow: Altamura” Ester” Eyeshadow Make up 1 @ BF
Nail polish: DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Elegant Twist   @ BF
Bodysuit: UC_Lola_leotard_black_Maitreya @ BF
Stockings: UC_Lola_r/l_stocking_black_Maitreya @ BF
Shoes: N-core SCORPIO “Fatpack” for Maitreya High Feet @ BF

Emma is posed by…
Chair: Refuge – Mia Chair Pink (B) @ Draftsman

Emma is pictured with…
Orion art: [-BLUE SKY-] Constellation Picture Frame – ORION @ Draftsman
Ursa art: [-BLUE SKY-] Constellation Picture Frame – URSA MINOR @ Draftsman
Hercules art: [-BLUE SKY-] Constellation Picture Frame – HERCULES @ Draftsman
Pegasus art: [-BLUE SKY-] Constellation Picture Frame – PEGASUS @ Draftsman

Song: Katelyn Tarver – You Don’t Know

You Don’t Know

Don’t Forget About Me


Hullo, my lonely readers.

Today I am featuring Tukinowaguma, Insufferable Dastard, Lakshmi, G&D and Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan.

A new round of Cosmopolitan is under way! I am wearing hair from Tukinowaguma. The lipstick and necklace are from  Insufferable Dastard. The lipstick is made for CatWa mesh heads and includes 12 colors.

Lakshmi have created the cute lil dress for Slink, Eve, Maitreya and Belleza bodies. There are four colors packs available and each pack contains four colors. The shoes are from G&D. They’re made for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. The fatpack includes 20 colors.

I am pictured on the Passadena Couch from Chez Moi. There is a PG and Adult version available. The PG sofa has five different colors and has animations for solo male, female and couples.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: *TKW* Casas @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Lipstick: .ID. Lipstick Set #1 / Catwa Applier HUD @ Cosmopolitan L$99
Necklace: .ID. Beaded Necklace – Stone @ Cosmopolitan L$79
Dress: [LAKSHMI]Lula Dress/CP 1 @ Cosmopolitan L$380
Shoes: G&D Wedge Penny Fatpack Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$390

Emma is posed by…
Sofa: CHEZ MOI – Passadena Couch Pillows Two-Seats (PG) @ Cosmopolitan L$598

Song: Cloves – Don’t Forget About Me

Don’t Forget About Me


Hullo, my thinking readers.

Today I am featuring DeLa, Codex, Altamura, Isuka, Anoircre and Essenz @ Black Fair, Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative and Mignonne @ U L T R A. Plus Chez Moi and Serenity Style on The Mad Egg Easter Hunt.

The Black Fair is set to open tomorrow. I am wearing hair from DeLa. There are three sizes included, with and without materials enabled. The collar is from Codex. It comes with a HUD to change the strap and metal colors, plus resize the collar. The eye shadow is from Altamura. There are eight colors included.

The arm tattoo is from Isuka. It’s made for TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature, Vista and in System layers. The dress is from Anoircre. The shoes are from Essenz and are made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

I am also wearing skin from Mignonne @ U L T R A.

The Mad Egg Easter hunt is under way and there are looooots of fantastic items up for grabs. I have pictured the pink chair and mint chair from Chez Moi. Please note; I resized both chairs. The Easter egg box and bunny are from Serenity Style. For more information about the hunt, see the MadPea Games website.

I finished the scene with a wonderful new furniture set from Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative. It includes the wall, chair, book pile and letters. To create the room look, I used two walls.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Leria” – Blondes @ BF
Skin: [Mignonne] Cara ice skin HUD Catwa @ U L T R A
Eye shadow:  Altamura ” Ester” Eyeshadow Make up @ BF
Tattoo: ISUKA Edward  @ BF
Dress: ANOIRCRE Nuit Dress Black MAITREYA Lara @ BF
Shoes: Essenz – Italy (All colors) Maitreya @ BF

Emma is pictured with…
Pink bunny seat: Bunny Wood Chair CHEZ MOI L$0/Free [Hunt item]
Mint bunny seat: Easter Playful Seat CHEZ MOI L$0/Free [Hunt item]
Easter egg box: Serenity Style- Cute Eggs Box L$0/Free [Hunt item]
Searching bunny: Serenity Style- Where is my carrot? L$0/Free [Hunt item]

Serenity Style – Rainy Day Set @ TLC
Chair: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Armchair
Wall: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Wall
Book pile: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Books
Letters: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Letters

Song: Broken Back – Excuses