But It’s Better If You Do

Hullo, my cabaret readers.

Today I am featuring Spellbound and Fiasco @ ROMP and furniture from unKindness.

This will be our last look at the ROMP event. I hope you have enjoyed all the goodies on offer. Stay tuned for the next round coming July 15, 2016. ^^ One of my favorite items from this round was the stunning hair from Spellbound. It can be worn without the gag and drool. The arm chair is from Fiasco and has solo and couples animations. There are PG and Adult versions available in three colors.

You will find all the unKindness furniture in their main store. The wall art, guitar art and roadie bench can all be purchased separately. You get three different colored wall art pieces in the pack.

For the full sexy image, head on over to Deelight’d. I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair:+Spellbound+ Longing // Chapter II : Sky L$350
Shoes: G&D Sandals Eloise Black @ BFF L$255

Pictured with…
Chair: Fiasco – Mistress Chair Brown Adult @ ROMP L$350
Wall Art: uK – Studded Wall Art M L$100
Wall Guitar: uk – BadAxe Black L$150
Trunk: uK- Roadie Bench Texture Change L$500

Song: Panic! at the Disco – But It’s Better If You Do

But It’s Better If You Do

All Mine

Hullo, my hiding readers.

Today I am featuring Ama, titzuki, Luxuria, an lar [poses] and 22769 @ ROMP.

ROMP is by far my favorite adult event on the grid and this is another round sure to please. All the fun kicks off on the 15th of April.

I am wearing the light cane marks for the back made by Ama. They come with tattoo layers and Omega appliers. The lingerie set is from Luxuria and comes with system layers and Omega appliers. The adjustable collar and cuffs are from Titzuki. I am posed by an lar [poses] and pictured with furniture from 22769. Jake is using one of the solo sits in the stool.

I hope you enjoy our first look at ROMP.


Emma is wearing…
Light Cane Mark: Ama. : Caned Chest and Back @ ROMP L$99
Collar & Cuffs: titzuki : chain me pretty / obsidian @ ROMP L$360
Lingerie: {Luxuria} Bound Lace Lingerie – Indulgence Set (6 Colors) @ ROMP L$640

Emma is posed by…
Solo: an lar [poses] The Lola Series (5 Poses) @ ROMP L$150

Emma is pictured with…
Bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Baroque Round Bed Sand ADULT @ ROMP L$635
Stool: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Baroque Ottoman Brown ADULT @ ROMP L$300
Sofa: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Baroque Bench Brown ADULT @ ROMP L$270

Song: Portishead – All Mine

All Mine

Black Sheep

Hullo, my naughty readers.

Today I’m featuring OA[CON] and Dictatorshop @ ROMP.

The ROMP event runs until the 22nd of January. This is an adult event filled with some of the best designers on the grid. It’s the perfect place to pick up something stylish, sexy and sensual for your adult fun and games.

Today I am wearing the sluts harness and belt from OA[CON] It comes with a color HUD with 8 leather and 3 metal colors. It’s RLV, has full owner control system with owner, trusted and blacklist options. It also has toy control options. I am posed on the naughty chair from Dictatorshop. There are solo sits, naughty, oral, tied-up sex and sex animations.

I hope you enjoy today’s ROMP quickie.


Emma is wearing…
Harness & Belt: OA[CON] Sluts Harness & Belt @ ROMP L$760

Emma is posed with…
Chair: The Naughty Chair 1.0 by Dictatorshop [C/M/NT] @ ROMP L$699

Song: Gin Wigmore – Black Sheep

Black Sheep


Hullo, my waiting readers.

Today I am featuring items from Cae, Salt & Pepper and !bang @ ROMP. Plus free hair from Alice Project. Also, I’m announcing the first group cover for 2016 for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife.

From ROMP I’m featuring a number of amazing designers. Cae have created a stunning collar. You get a scripted and unscripted version plus a color change HUD. The gorgeous harness from Salt & Pepper comes in standard sizes (XXS – L) as well as fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass. You get a color HUD to change the leather, lace and metals. The pose I’m using is from the ‘Tease’ set made by !bang.

The hair by Alice Project is free on the marketplace. It comes with a HUD with a selection of colors from their range.

Lastly, it is time to announce the group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife. This group is about sharing music and amazing images. Anyone is welcome to join and submit Secondlife music related pictures. All you need to do is name your image after a song or link a song in the description. The first cover for 2016 goes to one of my favorite artists, Elizabeth and her image Present. Elizabeth has an amazing eye for the creative and colors. Her work is gorgeous, provocative, stylish and she shares some super fantastic songs. Do yourself a favor and check out all the artists and the music that inspired them in today’s countdown.

I captured the image at Elysion. I hope you enjoy today’s look and tunes. ^^


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Alice Project – Summertime Sadness – Mini Medley L$0/Free
Collar: Cae :: Devotion :: Collar @ ROMP L$395
Harness: S&P Harness Grace @ ROMP  L$599

Emma is posed by…
Pose: !bang – tease @ ROMP L$400

Top 10 Tunes
10. Cigarettes After Sex – Dreaming Of You
9. INXS – Need You Tonight
8. Maître Gims – Est-ce que tu m’aimes ?
7. Redlight King – Bullet In My Hand
6. New Order – Crystal
5. Yoko Ono : “Looking Over from My Hotel Window”
4. Sister Act- I Will Follow Him
3. Coldplay – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2. Eagles – Funky New Year
1. Alice Boman – Waiting

Top 10 Artist & Image
10. Luane MeoDreaming of you
9. Lake Tower –  {come over here…}
8. Jαґłα ℭ@℘@łїηї $℘εя♭℮я –  Est-ce que tu m’aimes ?
7. Zedekiah WentzBullet in my hand
6. Maxine Caulfield. – Keep it coming
5. Davey Spinotti –  Looking Over from My Hotel Window
4. Vick ResidentI will follow him
3. Fabs BurtCan you feel the light?
2. Charlie Namiboo –  [cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right … ♪♫]
1. ElizabethPresent

Song: Alice Boman – Waiting



Bad Habit

Snapshot_007 for WordPress

Hullo, my wanting readers.

Today I’m featuring Anachron, Dead Dollz, Jian and oOo Studio @ ROMP. Plus Clustered @ TLC and a freebie from Little Bones.

The ROMP event is running from 8 – 22 January 2016. From Jian I am pictured with their Hearthside Living Set. You can purchase the rug and fireplace separately or buy the full set for L$400. The rug comes in a PG and adult version. I am posed by oOo Studio. The Waiting pose stand comes with multiple poses and it’s easy adjustable. I am wearing the male version of the masquerade mask from Anachron. I think it makes a sexy blindfold. It’s available in three colors and you get a closed and open eye version. Lastly, I’m wearing gorgeous lingerie, made specifically for the Maitreya body, from Dead Dollz. It’s available in 6 colors.

Clustered have created an adorable bohemian set for TLC. You can purchase each piece separately or buy the full set for only L$400.

Lastly, I’m wearing free hair from Little Bones. It comes with 19 color HUDs. You can pick up yours off the marketplace.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: little bones. Scope | GIFT! L$0/Free
Blindfold: Anachron – Dark Masquerade Mask – Closed – Bandit @ ROMP L$95
Lingerie: .::Dead Dollz::. Satin Harness Lingerie – Black @ ROMP L$200

Emma is posed by…
Pose:oOo Studio: Waiting Poses @ ROMP L$250

Emma is posed with…
Ladder: Clustered. Bohemian Corner. ladder @ TLC L$100
Re-purposed window: Clustered. Bohemian Corner. re-purposed  Window @ TLC L$100
Small Rug: Clustered. Bohemian Corner. rug @ TLC L$100
Lamp: Clustered. Bohemian Corner. Lamp @ TLC L$100
Chair: Clustered. Bohemian Corner.  Book on a chair @ TLC L$100

Fireplace: Jian :: Hearthside Living – Fireplace @ ROMP L$140
Rug with pillows: Jian :: Hearthside Living – Rug (Adult) @ ROMP L$320

Song: The Kooks – Bad Habit

Bad Habit

Don’t Speak

Deelightd Banner 2016 without words
Hullo, my silent readers.

Today I am featuring Cureless @ ROMP and another fantastic pose from Luanes World.

We are taking our first look at ROMP: Elegant Kink for 2016! Woo. ^^ This is my favorite event on the grid. You will find fashion, accessories, furniture, poses and who knows what other sort of goodies. They will be well crafted and the perfect addition to your adult fun and games. The first goody I have found is this amazing flower bouquet gag by Cureless. What says love more than flowers with your gag? *giggles* The ROMP event runs from January 8 – 22, 2016.

From Luanes World, I am using the solo pose ‘I miss you most of all…’. This picture shows that you can get more out of a pose than just a full body shot. Sometimes you can create the most majestic and beautiful close ups too. Check out all the poses in store. They are perfect for bloggers and photographers.

I hope you enjoy today’s naughty look! ^^


Emma is wearing…
Gag: CURELESS [+] Silent Bouquet @ ROMP Coming January 8 – 22, 2016

Female Solo: :LW: Poses – I miss you most of all.. L$69

Song: No Doubt – Don’t Speak

Don’t Speak

Use Me

Hullo, my used readers.

Today I’m featuring Milk Tea @ anyBODY and Cubic Cherry Kre-ations + [CX] + HopScotch @ ROMP.

From Milk Tea I’m featuring a gorgeous lingerie set and stockings, available at anyBODY. The lingerie set is so feminine and soft and so cheeky at the same time. It’s available in two colors, pink or blue. You receive system layers, Maitreya, Slink Omega and Tango appliers. The stockings are available separately or as a fatpack and you receive tattoo layers, Maitreya, Slink and Omega appliers. For more info on the anyBODY event check our their website.

The tongue trap from [CX] is available in two versions, pierced and un pierced. You receive three different metal types. When using the tongue with a standard SL head, the mouth will be wide open. I have used the tongue with a mesh head that doesn’t have an open mouth feature.

From Cubic Cherry Kre-ations I’m wearing a beautiful blindfold in rose. The blindfold is available in six colors. They also have a stunning necklace available. (Necklace not pictured)

I am posed in the cage from HopScotch. The cage is available in gold or silver and has 10 kneeling animations. The cage is RLV scripted to lock and capture.

I hope you enjoy today’s slightly naughty look. =)


Emma is wearing…
Blindfold: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Serenity} blindfold rose S L$220 @ ROMP
Tongue Trap: [CX] Tongue Trap (Silver) L$300 @ ROMP
Lingerie: Milk Tea: My Fair Lady (Pink) L$120 @ anyBODY
Stockings: Milk Tea: My Fair Lady (P) Beige (Stocking Add-On) L$50 @ anyBODY

Emma is pictured with…
Pose cage: *~*HopScotch*~* Lovely Birdy (silver)  L$300 @ ROMP

Song: Fiona Apple – Use Me (Bill Withers Cover)

Use Me