Just Imagine


Hullo, my free readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Whore Couture Fair, Identity Body Shop @ Cosmopolitan, KraftWork @ Deco(c)rate, Serenity Style, The Domineaux Effect, It’s Just Nice @ ULTRA, Milk Tea, Ionic.

For more information on the Deco(c)rate box delivered March 8, click here.

I hope you enjoy today’s homely look.


Emma is wearing…
Bunny ears: [RA] Bunny Ears –  Silver @ Whore Couture Fair
Hair: [RA] Katia Hair – Blondes @ Whore Couture Fair
Eyebrows: IDTTY Faces – CATWA Appliers  [Fierce Eyebrows] @ Cosmopolitan

Milk Tea – Sugar Sugar – Pink
Bra: Milk Tea: SugarSugar -Pink Bra – LARA
Panties/skirt: Milk Tea: SugarSugar -Pink Btm – LARA

Emma is posed by…
Bookcase: KraftWork James Joyce Library (complete) @ Deco(c)rate

Emma is pictured with…
House: Serenity Style –  Clarrington Loft @ ULTRA
Coat rack / Bench: The Domineaux Effect ~ Entry Bench and Shelf

It’s Just Nice – Clementine @ ULTRA
Silver table: /\/. Clementine Coffee Table – White (Silver Hooves)
Pink vase: /\/. Clementine Vase – Pink
Rug: /\/. Clementine Rug – White
Wine glass: /\/. Clementine Wine Glass

Ionic – Dreamer Gacha
Postcard board: ionic . My Ticket Concerts collection
Table w/ plant: ionic . Plant + Table

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Land of Trees – Just Imagine

Just Imagine