Shadow People

Hullo, my right readers.

Today I am featuring 7mad;Ravens @ Project 7, Runaway, SPELL, Ionic and Istoria. Plus Kaithleen’s @ Cosmopolitan from January 2, 2017.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. The necklace and choker are from  SPELL. The shoes are new for Istoria. The red shoes come in a pack of four colors. There are other color packs to choose from. You can find them on the marketplace and a demo is available. The fur body wrap will be available at the new round of Cosmopolitan starting on January 2. It’s made for Slink, Belleza, TMP and Maitreya.

I am pictured with the carry seat from 7mad;Ravens @ Project 7. There are  four color sets available, with two colors in each set. The warehouse is the rare from the Ghost Town gacha @ Ionic.

I hope you enjoy today’s warehouse look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jenna Hair – Blondes L$275
Choker:  SPELL : Vintage Pearls Choker L$380 in set
Necklace:  SPELL : Vintage Pearls and Diamonds Necklace L$380 in set
Fur wrap: Kaithleen’s Furry Nothing Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan COMING January 2, 2017
Shoes: ISTORIA – ” Lisa heels” Red Glam (Maitreya Lara) L$345

Emma is pictured with…
Warehouse: *Ionic* Abandoned Warehouse L$90 per play
Seat: 7mad;Ravens Carry Stool A_Black @ Project 7 L$175

Song: Dr Dog – Shadow People

Shadow People

Mad About You

Hullo, my wild readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Whore Couture Fair, Birth, PetroFF and G&D @ Cosmopolitan, Diamandis @ U L T R A, %Percent Furniture and Lighting @ Swank, Istoria, 7 Emporium, Aphrodite Shop and unKindness.

I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Whore Couture Fair. The event wraps up at the end of the month so don’t waste time getting your hands on the two sexy school girl inspired styles. All the usual color packs are available and the hair comes in three sizes. The bodysuit is new from Istoria. It’s made for Slink and Maitreya and comes in eight colors. From the Cosmopolitan event I am wearing skin from Birth, bracelet from PetroFF and sexy shoes from G&D. The shoes are made for Slink, Belleza, TMP and Maitreya.

The scene has been set up in the villa from Diamandis @ U L T R A. The sofa and coffee table are from Fiasco. The sofa has solo and couples poses. The target art and black tape recorder are from 7 Emporium. The balloons, food and drinks are all from the Paris Party Set from Aphrodite Shop. The full set includes a Paris backdrop, two tables, a variety of balloons, plus food and drinks. The cottage entry table is from unKindness and can be picked up on the marketplace. Lastly the cigarette machine is from %Percent Furniture & Lighting @ Swank.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Sabrina Hair – Blondes @ WCF L$275
Skin: *Birth* 3rd Gen ‘Alura’ Catwa @ Cosmopolitan L$400
Bodysuit: ISTORIA – ” BodyAria” COFFEE BEAN L$99
Bracelet: *PetroFF* Luton Set @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Shoes: G&D Sandals Kim @ Cosmopolitan L$210

Pictured with…
Villa: Diamandis – Villa Hemingway @ U L T R A L$499
Target 1: 7 –  Paper Target – Framed L$75
Target 2: 7 –  Color Archery Target – Framed L$75
Sofa: Fiasco – Smoosh Lounger Vanilla L$75
Table: Fiasco – No Rise Table L$100
Entry table: uK – Cottage Entry Table Stand
Cigarette machine: %Percent – Deco Cigarette Machine *MESH* @ Swank L$80
Tape player: 7 – Tape Recorder TR9-303 – black L$150

Aphrodite Shop – Paris themed French shabby chic party L$1,250
Champagne: Aphrodite French Rose Champagne bottle
Cookies: Aphrodite Bonjour cookies
Lollipops: Aphrodite french lollies
Cupcake tower: Aphrodite main cake
Croissant: Aphrodite chocolate croissant cookies

Song: Belinda Carlisle – Mad About You

Mad About You

Caravan Girl

Hullo, my knowing readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ We ❤ Roleplay, 7 Emporium and Serenity Style @ Crossroads, Half-Deer, Commoner and Can’t Even @ Summerfest, BellePoses and Little Branch Store @ Cosmopolitan, Fiasco @ TLC, unKindness @ Project Se7en, Persnickity, Istoria and House of Ruby.

I am wearing stunning new hair for Runaway @ We ❤ Roleplay. All the normal colors packs are available or grab the fatpack. The hair comes in three sizes, with and without materials enabled. The dress is currently 50% off @ Istoria. The dress is made for Slink and Maitreya. The stockings are from House of Ruby. These unisex tights are for Slink and Omega.

There is so much amazing furniture pictured, I don’t even know where to start. xD I think today I’ll break it down into events and then stores. Put your feet up, get comfy and let’s get into it.

From the Crossroads event; the telephone sign, phone box without phone and the very cool tape recorder by 7 Emporium. Also a number of items, listed below, from the Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha. The rare is the extra cute caravan with four textures.

From the Summerfest event; the ice cream garland lights from Half-Deer. There are three color sets available and you get horizontal and vertical hanging lights. The resizable pineapple corkboard is new from Commoner. The Sea Heart wall art is from Can’t Even and it’s available in three colors.

From the Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday events; pose with prop pack from BellePoses and the free group gift flower by Little Branch Store. Plus season changing sugar maple tree from Little Branch Store @ Hello Tuesday.

From the TLC event; new for Fiasco the cactus lamp in three colors and southwest table.

From the Project Se7en event; wrought iron fence sets from unKindness. The fence is available in a number of classic and bright colors. There are five different parts to create your fence. Plus, a scripted part to set access and auto close time. Each color can be purchased separately or as a full pack for only L$777.

Lastly I am pictured with mail box and umbrella wall lamp from Persnickity.

I hope you enjoy today’s look!


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Anja Hair – Blondes @ We ❤ RP L$200
Dress: ISTORIA – DixiDress – black L$99
Stockings: [House of Ruby] Playful Unisex Tights 4 in 1 – Lace L$146

Emma is posed by:
Pose + Prop: BellePoses – Morissette @ Cosmopolitan L$149

Emma is pictured with:
Telephone sign: 7 – Payphone Sign @ Crossroads L$150
Phone box: 7 – Missing Payphone @ Crossroads L$200
Tree: LB_SugarMaple.v2{Seasons} @ Hello Tuesday $186
Flowers: LB_BirdFlower_v1{With Flowers Menu} @ Cosmopolitan L$0/Free
Ice-cream lights: +Half-Deer+ Ice Cream Garland Lights – Rainbow – Horz @ Summerfest L$175
Heart art: Can’t Even – Sea Hearts (Sunset) @ Summerfest L$125
Umbrella wall light: Persnickity – Pastel Umbrella Wall Lamp L$75
Mailbox: Persnickity – Shabby Mailbox L$50
Pineapple cork board: [Commoner] Pineapple Corkboard  @ Summerfest L$100
Table: Fiasco – Southwest Table @ TLC L$150
Cactus Lamp: Fiasco – Cactus Lamp Pink @ TLC L$150 in set of 3
Tape recorder: 7 – Tape Recorder TR9-305 – stickered @ Crossroads L$150
Iron fence: uk – Wrought Iron Fence Sets @ the Se7en L$250

Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha @ Crossroads L$70 per play
Caravan: Serenity Style- Caravan RARE
Mug: Serenity Style- Camping Mug
Chair: Serenity Style- Camping Chair
Balloon lanterns: Serenity Style- Camping Balloons Light Line
Crate: Serenity Style- Camping Crates
Cooler: Serenity Style- Camping Fridge

Song: Goldfrapp – Caravan Girl

Caravan Girl

The Power of Love

Hullo, my loving readers.

Today I am featuring Creatica, Biyo, Nocciola, Facade, Circa, Faith, BDKX and Mouni Poses @ Geektopia. Runaway @ Hairology, Istoria @ Addicted To Black, R.icielli and phedora @ Cosmopolitan, Irrie’s Dollhouse @ Sanarae, Industry 7 and unKindness. Plus freebies @ Hairology and The Mens Department.

There are lots of goodies to be found at Geektopia. I’m wearing horns from Creatica. The glasses are from Biyo. The gaming necklace is from Nocciola. There are lots of fun colors available. The tattoo is from Facade. It comes with appliers in fresh and faded. We are pictured with bowl chair, seats, table, lamp and pot plant from Circa. The balloon is from the Faith gacha. It’s supposed to be worn but can be rez’d. The rubix cube shelf is from BDKX and is resizable. We are using a pose from Mouni Poses. They have also made the pads for their gacha.

I’m wearing hair from Runaway @ Hairology. Save on three fun styles or pick up the freebie. The dress is new for Istoria @ Addicted to Black. The dress is made for Slink, Maitreya and Kemono. A number of black patterns are available. From Cosmopolitan, I’m wearing earrings from phedora. The heels are from R.icielli and come with a 16 color HUD.

Jake is wearing a whole bunch of freebies. The hair is from Bade @ Hairology. You get the full color pack. Hair base for mesh head is not included.  From The Mens Department you’ll find the glasses from Amerie. The rings, for men and women, are from [ kunst ]. The shirt  is from GB. Also, the small table, book and coffee cup are from No Concept, the champagne bucket is from not so bad and the crate seat is from Revival and they are all free too.

Other items of interest include lunch box from the Irrie’s Dollhouse gacha @ Sanarae. The side table and candle are from Industry 7 and will soon be available in store. (I maaaaay have missed the event they were at. So sorry!). The rug can be picked up @ unKindness.

I hope you enjoy today’s retro look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Daline Hair – Blondes @ Hairology L$200
Horns: [CREATiCA] Geek Horns @ Geektopia
Earrings: phedora. Angel Earrings Set.1 @ Cosmopolitan L$199
Glasses: ((Biyo)) Snap Cube Shades – Black @ Geektopia L$150
Necklace: <Nocciola>Pretty*Gamer- Black @ Geektopia
Tattoo: .Facade. :: Revenge of the Nerds @ Geektopia L$399
Dress: ISTORIA – SoniaDress – black checkerboard @ ATB L$75
Shoes: R.icielli – KYRA High Heels HUD 16 colors @ Cosmopolitan L$249

Jake is wearing…
Hair: [bade] Kevin @ Hairology L$0/Free
Glasses: AMERIE M –  Boston frame glass @ TMD L$0/Free
Shirt: ::GB::Short-sleeved shirt (Slink)stripe @ TMD L$0/Free
Rings: [ kunst ] – Copper wire ring (M) @ TMD L$0/Free

Posed by…
Couples: + Mouni Poses + Geektopia Girls @ Geektopia L$150

Pictured with…
Bowl Chair: [CIRCA] – “Game NerdZ” Retro Pod Chair -Rainbow Org/Ocean 22pos @ Geektopia L$188
Table: [CIRCA] – “Game NerdZ” Controller Table – Classic @ Geektopia L$138 in set
Orange Seat: [CIRCA] – “Game NerdZ” Floor Cushion w/ Blkt – Hot Org (9 pos) @ Geektopia L$138
Rubix Cube: [BDKX] -//- Infinity 01.@ Geektopia L$33
Lunchbox: i { DH } Gacha! Lunch Pail Purse *School Bus* RARE @ Sanarae L$60
Pot plant: [CIRCA] – “Game NerdZ” Retro Leafy Planter – Aqua @ Geektopia L$138 in set
Candle: _i7_manly candle_twilight rain In Store Soon
Night stand: _i7_the log sidetable_casanova In Store Soon
Lamp: [CIRCA] – “Game NerdZ” Merkaba Light Strand – Neon Yellow Long @ Geektopia L$75
Rug: uK – Cocktail Hour Rug L$100
Yellow seat: [CIRCA] – “Game NerdZ” Floor Cushion – Lemon (12 pos ) @ Geektopia L$113
Balloon: Faith Balloon sexy geek (Wear) @ Geektopia L$49 per play
Pad 1: + Mouni Poses + InstaMouni -2- Space Theme (common) @ Geektopia L$50 per play
Pad 2: + Mouni Poses + Mouni Pad 5 Geek Theme (common) @ Geektopia L$50 per play

SL’s 13th Anniversary Gifts @ TMD L$0/Free
Champagne: not so bad . champagne . TMD birthday
Table: [NO CONCEPT] Rubin’s side table
Coffee: [NO CONCEPT] coffee to go
Book: [NO CONCEPT] vintage book
Crate Seat: .:revival:. wood crate II

Song: I Fight Dragons – The Power of Love (Cover)

The Power of Love

Up & Up

Hullo, my up readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, Istoria @ Instruments Event, Balaclava, Jammin’, Can’t Even @ Summerfest, Serenity Style, Little Branch Store @ Cosmopolitan, Kaerri @ RFL UAC Medieval Fair and Persnickity.

I am wearing a lovely hair style from Runaway @ Hairology. Save up to L$100 on each style. The swimsuit is new for Istoria @ Instruments Event. It’s made for Slink, Maitreya and Kemono. A number of sassy colors are available.

From the Summerfest event I am featuring paddle board from Balaclava. Rez the board, set the height, then have fun paddling at the beach! Lots of fun colors available. The rowboat is from Jammin’. The houses, pictured in the background, are resizable and you get all four colors from Can’t Even.

At Cosmopolitan you’ll find the beach set from Serenity Style. You get the beach hut in two colors, sign, towel pile and float ring pile. The palm trees are from a wonderful landscaping creator, Little Branch Store.

Stop by RFL UAC Medieval Fair to donate some money to a good cause or pick up some of the amazing landscaping items from Kaerri. I have used the potted orange tree, strawberry planter, hanging light and sundial but there are sooooo many items available, you just have to check it out.

Last but not least the new umbrella planter from Persnickity.

I hope you enjoy today’s sunny look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jolina Hair – Blondes @ Hairology L$200
Swimsuit: ISTORIA – AnimalBikini zebre black @ Instruments Event L$99

Emma is pictured with…
Paddle Board: BALACLAVA!! SUP Board – Watermelon [S] @ Summerfest L$180
Boat: Jammin’ – Old Wooden Rowboat (Painted) @ Summerfest L$499
Orange Tree: Kaerri – Cloister Orange Tree @ RFL UAC Medieval Fair L$120
Palm Trees: LB_BeachPalm.v2 @ Cosmopolitan L$286
Hanging Light: Kaerri – Moroccan Hanging Lantern Pink Long @ RFL UAC Medieval Fair L$150
Umbrella Planter: Persnickity – Umbrella Planter L$50
Towel: Serenity Style- Summer Beach Towels @ Cosmopolitan L$220 in set
Blue Hut: Serenity Style- Summer Beach Locker Blue @ Cosmopolitan L$220 in set
Beach Sign: Serenity Style-Summer Beach Sign @ Cosmopolitan L$220 in set
Ring pile: Serenity Style- Summer Beach Floats @ Cosmopolitan L$220 in set
Sundial: Kaerri – Cloister Sundial @ RFL UAC Medieval Fair L$120
Strawberry Planter: Kaerri – Cloister Strawberry Planter @ RFL UAC Medieval Fair L$100
House 1: Can’t Even – Rustic Beach House (Teal) @ Summerfest L$150 in set
House 2: Can’t Even – Rustic Beach House (Orange) @ Summerfest L$150 in set
House 3: Can’t Even – Rustic Beach House (Pink) @ Summerfest L$150 in set
House 4: Can’t Even – Rustic Beach House (Blue) @ Summerfest L$150 in set

Song: Coldplay – Up & Up

Up & Up


Hullo, my doing readers.

Today I am featuring Dela, [DH], Lewd, Purple Poses, Circa @ Tropical Summer Fair. Bee Designs @ Cosmopolitan, Circa @ Twisted – Summer of Love, Istoria and Persnickity. Plus freebies from Runaway @ Hairology and Lumae.

We are saying farewell to Tropical Summer Fair with a number of creative designers. The hair is from Dela. The bikini and swim ring are from [DH]. The swimsuit comes in standard sizes. The super cute flippers are from Lewd. They come with a snorkel and color HUD. The pose is one of many fun couples and groups poses available from Purple Poses. Last but not least, the stools are from Circa. Each chair has 12 poses and a number of textures. Thank you to the organizers and creators for a wonderful Summer Fair. Stay tuned for more luscious events from We Do SL Events.

Erykah is wearing free hair from Runaway @ Hairology. You get the full color pack, with multiple sizes and with or without materials enabled. The skin is the current gift @ Lumae. The group is L$1 to join and there are a handful of gifts, with appliers, available. The swimsuit is a sassy new style for Istoria. There are a number of colors available and it’s made for Slink, Maitreya and Kemono.

Items we are pictured with include the gazebo from Bee Designs @ Cosmopolitan . The seats have solo and couples animations. Circa have lots of wonderful summery items available @ Twisted – Summer of Love. The event runs until June 30. 100% of sales raised from the rainbow hammock will be donated to Relay For Life. The beach towel comes with the accessories pictured. Also a large privacy shrub from Persnickity.

I hope you enjoy today’s summer look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Elise – Blondes @ TSF L$250
Bikini: [DH] Diasy swimsute (Bech) @ TSF L$200
Flippers: : Lewd : Pink Flippers @ TSF L$195

Erykah is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Waterfall Hair – Essential @ Hairology L$0/Free
Skin: Lumae :: Eirtae – T5 – Dolce // Summer Sky L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Swimsuit: ISTORIA – AcidBikini cherry L$99

Posed by…
Couples: PURPLE POSES – Friends 156 @ TSF L$90

Pictured with…
Gazebo: .:Bee Designs:.Boho pergola @ Cosmopolitan L$299
Swim Ring: [DH] Floting Ring (Bech) @ TSF L$200
Towel Accessories: [CIRCA] – “Luna Bay” Beach Towel Accessories @ Twisted L$225 in set
Towel: [CIRCA] – “Luna Bay” Beach Towel – Summer Mix FEM (18 pos) @ Twisted L$225 in set
Stool 1: [CIRCA] – “Beach Life” Folding Stool A – Feathers II (12pos) @ TSF L$138
Stool 2: [CIRCA] – “Beach Life” Folding Stool B – Blues (12pos) @ TSF L$138
Hammock: [CIRCA] – “Luna Bay” Hammock – Rainbow / Redwood (16 pos) @ Twisted L$225
Bush: Persnickity – Large Privacy Shrub L$50

Song: The Reindeer Section – Cartwheels


Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors

Hullo, my purposeful readers.

Today I am featuring enVOGUE, Kenvie and Fashiowl Poses @ Tropical Summer Fair, Insol @ Cosmopolitan and Istoria. Plus freebies from Kenvie @ Women Only Hunt, Easterling @ Surf Into Summer Hunt, Inhale and Pure Poison.

Stop by the Tropical Summer Fair for all your summery needs. I’m featuring hair from enVOGUE, sunglasses available in four colors from Kenvie, plus a super fun pose prop from Fashiowl Poses. You get the prop with 3 easily adjustable poses.

I’m wearing a fun lil dress new @ Istoria. This wonderful new brand makes exclusive designs for Maitreya,Sink and Kemono bodies. There are 7 sassy colors available for a special promo price on the marketplace. A demo is available.

logo ISTORIA 200 x 200

Erykah has created a wonderful free look. The hat is from Kenvie on the Women Only Hunt. The hair is a group gift from Moon. There is a L$100 group fee. The Surf Into Summer Hunt runs until June 21 and Easterling have created a super cute dress, with color HUD with sheer, transparent and solid colors. The tattoos are a free group gift @ Inhale. Lastly cute lil shoes from Pure Poison. These are a group gift, collected from a gacha machine. The group is free to join.

I hope you enjoy today’s boating look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: enVOGUE – HAIR Estelle – Diversity @ TSF L$365
Skin: Insol. #1 – Face ‘Ilona’, ST03 ‘Peach’, RARE @ Cosmopolitan L$75 per play
Glasses: Kenvie – Invader Sunglasses – White @ TSF L$120
Dress: ISTORIA – ” hide and seek” Dress – Lemon – Lara L$94

Erykah is wearing…
Hat: Kenvie – Vintage Hat @ WOH $0/Free
Hair: Moon. Group Gift! – Atlas Hands  $0/Free [Group Gift]
Dress: [EASTERLING] Daisy Dress @ Surf Into Summer Hunt  L$0/Free
Arm Tattoo: .Inhale. Inspire $0/Free [Group Gift]
Leg Tattoo: .Inhale. Pharisees Leg Tattoo $0/Free [Group Gift]
Shoes: Pure Poison – Kiki Sneakers – Pink $0/Free [Group Gift]

Posed by…
Prop: = Fashiowl Poses = Boat Friends @ TSF L$150

Song: Neck Deep – Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors

Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors