Hullo, my trying readers.

Today I am featuring items from Milk Tea @ Sanarae, unKindness @ FaMESHed, Luanes World @ Tres Chic, Indecent Exposure in the Love Pink Hunt. Plus freebies from [:ARDEN:] and Blueberry.

Milk Tea have created a beautiful pantie, garter and stockings combo available at Sanarae until March 18. You get Slink, Maitreya and Omega appliers.

The crew at unKindness have made a stunning new bed and light set for the current round of FaMESHed. This round runs until March 26. The bed comes in an Adult or PG version. The PG version is only L$350

The pose vanity table prop made by Luanes World is currently available at Tres Chic until March 11. The prop comes with 5 poses.

The shoes made for Slink high feet only, are available at Indecent Exposure for the Love Pink Hunt. The hunt kicks off on March 6 and the clue is: “riddle me this, riddle me that, why on earth is there a dancing plant?”. Happy hunting. ^^

The gift items featured include henna arm tattoo from [:ARDEN:], which you can grab on the marketplace. Plus the adorable lil singlet from Blueberry. Grab yours in world after joining their free group.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Singlet: Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top (Wear Me) L$0/Free
Henna Tattoo: [:ARDEN:] Henna Hands Tattoo + OMEGA/Maitreya Appliers L$1
Panties/Stockings: Milk Tea: Ella of the wings (Pink Dots) @ Sanarae L$100
 Shoes: Indecent Exposure Dolly – Love Pink Hunt L$2

Emma is posed by…
Pose Prop: :LW: Poses – Vanity table- multiple pose prop. @ Tres Chic L$249

Emma is posed with…
Sticks: uK – StiKs Lights_Black Wood @ FaMESHed L$199
Bed: uK – DreamScape Bed ADULT @ FaMESHed L$500

Song: Bully – Trying


Strong Enough

Hullo, my strong readers.

Today I am featuring unKindness @ TMD, Indecent Exposure @ Thrift Shop and Luanes World.

The unKindness crew have created an amazing set for the current round of TMD. There are three different sets available in the Raven Creek range. The Moonshine Jar Set for L$150, Still & Mash Set for L$299 and the Shed & Accessories set for L$299.

Indecent Exposure have created a cute lil singlet, currently available at the Thrift Shop. There are two limited edition version of the singlet that will only be available at the event.

The couples pose prop from Luanes World is perfect for Valentines Day pictures. There are three beautiful poses, which are easily adjustable.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Head: [GA.EG] Adriana Mesh Head L$2,500
Singlet: Indecent Exposure – Tank Top – Pink L L$125

Emma is posed by…
Pose prop: :LW: Poses – Be My Valentine – multiple pose prop L$249

Emma is pictured with…
Green Chair: uK – Raven Creek Chair @ TMD
Barrel: uK- Raven Creek Mash Barrel @ TMD
Empty Crate: uK- Raven Creek Moonshine Crate @ TMD
Half Full Crate: uK- Raven Creek Crate Half Full @ TMD
Rum Still: uK- Raven Creek Moonshine Still @ TMD
Sugar: uK – Raven Creek Sugar Bags @ TMD
Shine On Sign: uK – Raven Creek Shine On Sign @ TMD
Jug: uK – Raven Creek Hillbilly Jug @ TMD
Building: uK – Raven Creek Moonshine Shed @ TMD

Song: Sheryl Crow – Strong Enough

Strong Enough


Hullo, my irresistible readers.

Today I’m featuring items from Indecent Exposure in store and on the Depraved Nation hunt. Plus furniture from unKindness @ The Liaison Collaborative, Lost & Found and Wayward Winter. Also pose and prop from Luanes World.

From Indecent Exposure I’m wearing their new outfit Milkee, available in store now. There are six colors available and it comes with system layers and Omega applier. While you’re in store why not try hunting down this fun uni-sex tattoo in the Depraved Nation Hunt starting February 1.

I am pictured with lots of amazing items made by unKindness. First the vintage set is available @ Lost & Found. Each piece can be purchased seperately or grab the full set for only L$500. The Moroccan themed items are featured @ TLC. The bench seat comes in PG or Adult versions. The pretty sparkly tree is available @ Wayward Winter. All these events will be wrapping up in a few days so put your shopping shoes on and get to it. ^^

The pose I’m using is from Luanes World @ Pose Lover Event. Make sure you get to this event before it wraps up at the end of the month. There are a handful of freebies available for Pose Lovers Event group members.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Lingerie: Indecent Exposure – Milkee L$100 per color
Tattoo: Indecent Exposure Crown The Empire Tattoo in the Depraved Nation Hunt COMING FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Emma is posed by…
Pose: :LW: Poses – Being positive – Unisex @ Pose Lover Event L$69
Emma is posed with…
Pillow Drawer: uK – La Vintage Pillow Drawer @ Lost & Found L$125
Pillow + Lace: uK – La Vintage Pillow Stack w/Lace @ Lost & Found L$100
Tree: uk – Lovelace Indoor Trees @ Wayward Winter  L$199
Lamp: uK – La Vintage Lamp @ Lost & Found L$125
Hamsa: uK- Cast iron Hamsa @ TLC L$125 for the set
Lotus: uK- Cast Iron Lotus @ TLC L$125 for the set
Elephant: uK- Cast Iron Elephant @ TLC L$125 for the set
Bench Seat: uk – Old World Patio Bench ADULT @ TLC L$225
Cabinet Seat: uK – La Vintage Pillow Seat @ Lost & Found L$150
Pillow Pile: uK – La Vintage Pillow Stack @ Lost & Found L$100

Song – Fall Out Boy – Irresistible



Hullo, my always readers.

Today I’m featuring items from 22769 @ ROMP, Salt & Pepper, Clustered and Luanes World @ Très Chic, plus Indecent Exposure and unKindness.

The panties I’m wearing can be found at Indecent Exposure on the ‘Hunt for your inner slut’ Hunt! You get a system layer and Omega applier. The hunt kicked off on January 15 and your clue for this adorable pair of panties is; You’re unsure if you want to buy me or not so why not try me first! Good luck with the hunt.

From my stunning new sponsor Salt & Pepper, I’m wearing gorgeous shoes currently available at Très Chic. There are five colors available. Each single colour comes with a HUD to change the sole, heel and metals. You can get the fatpack for L$999.

The Army inspired set from 22769 is available at ROMP until 22 January, 2016. The bed and chairs are available in a PG and Adult version. The trunk is only available in an Adult version. The Army desk comes with paperwork and lamp.

Clustered have created a rustic set for this round of Très Chic. You can purchase each piece separately or grab the whole set and save yourself some money. The full set is only L$350.

In memory of Alan Rickman, unKindness have created a lovely Always Deer Hanging Art and it’s free! Head on down to their store in world to pick up yours.

We are posed by Luanes World. This charming couples pose can be picked up at Très Chic. You can now find Luanes World in world too. Check out their new store today!

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Panties: Indecent Exposure – Star Undies – HYIS 13 L$0/Free
Shoes: S&P pumps Fofina @ Très Chic L$399

Jake is wearing…
Pants: Zipper Army outfit L$15

Emma & Jake are posed by…
Couples Pose: :LW: Poses – Happiness @ Très Chic L$99

Emma & Jake are posed with…
Bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Army Bunk Bed (adult) @ ROMP L$795
Trunk: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Army Trunk (adult) @ ROMP L$375
Painting: Clustered. Rustic Corner. Wall art. Très Chic L$100
Cabinet: Clustered. Rustic Corner. Wood Cabinet Très Chic L$100
Small drawers: Clustered. Rustic Corner. Cabinet Très Chic L$100
Bottles: Clustered. Rustic Corner. Weathered Bottles Très Chic L$100
Chair: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Navy Chair Silver (adult) @ ROMP L$375
Plate & Cups: Clustered. Rustic Corner. Plates. Très Chic L$100
Desk: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Army Desk @ ROMP L$135
Army Paperwork: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Top Secret Army Files
Lamp: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Army Desk Lamp
Always Art: uK– Always Deer Hanging Art L$0/Free
Locker: Clustered. Rustic Corner. Old Locker. Très Chic L$130

Song: Bon Jovi – Always


Winter Wonderland

Hullo, my wonderful readers.

Today I’m featuring lingerie from Indecent Exposure and furniture from unKindness.

From Indecent Exposure I’m wearing pink lingerie from their Angelbaby range, available in store soon. There are six colors available in this stunning, sensual design. While you’re down at Indecent Exposure, make sure to join the group and claim the wonderful group gift: L$250 store credit.

From unKindness I am posed with this gorgeous new structure perfect for helping to creating an outdoor winter wonderland. The two garden arch sets are available at the Wayward Market from now until January 10, 2016. The arch set contains garden arch path, path with floor and winter gate. The gazebo set contains for different versions of the gazebo. All have copy and modify permissions.

I hope you enjoy today’s wintery look.


Emma is wearing…
Lingerie: Indecent Exposure – Angelbaby bodysuit Omega – Pink COMING SOON

Emma is posed with…
Gate: uk – Garden Arch Path – Winter Gate
Walk way: uk – Garden Arch Path – Winter w/Floor L$350 @ Wayward Market
Gazebo: uK – Garden Arch Gazebo v1 – Winter L$350 @ Wayward Market

Song: The Eurythmics – Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland


Hullo, my defiant readers.

Today I’m featuring items from Indecent Exposure @ The Thrift Shop and unKindness @ The Gacha Garden and FaMESHed.

Indecent Exposure have whipped up this snuggly sweater for The Thrift Shop – Winter Edition. The event will be running from November 8 – 29. For more information about the event head on over to the Depraved Nation website.

There are so many goodies from unKindness I don’t even know where to start. ^^ I am featuring a number of items from the In the Bayou Gacha Set @ The Gacha Garden. If you play the gacha machine 20 times you will recieve the Seed of Inspiration gift, an adorable blue boat. More details on the items I used below.

Also from unKindness @ FaMESHed the perfect addition to any garden, the StiKs Lights. There are four different types available and they are 7 land impact each with copy/mod permissions. You can purchase them separately or as a set.

I hope you enjoy today’s goodies.


Emma is wearing…
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head L$2,500
Sweater: IE – Commando Sweater @ The Thrift Shop Available November 8

Emma is posed with…
Stick Lights: uk – StiKs Lights _ Mossy Wood @ FaMESHed L199 each or L$599 full set

uk – In the Bayou Gacha @ The Gacha Garden L$50 per play
Dock: uK- In the Bayou Crumbling Dock RARE
Crab Trap: uK- In the Bayou Crab Trap & Crabs Green
Junk Pile: uK- In the Bayou Junk Pile 3
Junk Pile: uK- In the Bayou Junk Pile 2
Tree: uK- In the Bayou Cypress 1
Large Shack: uK- In the Bayou Swamp Shack RARE
Shack: uK- In the Bayou Common Shack
Wood Pillars: uK- In the Bayou Swamp Stumps 1
Boat: uK- In the Bayou Fishing Boat SoI

Song: Lou Doillon – Defiant


Sunny Afternoon

Hullo, my sun soaked readers.

Today I’m featuring Striped Mocha @ ROMP,  unKindness @ The Seasons Story + LTD: The Event and Indecent Exposure.

From Indecent Exposure I’m wearing their adorable new knotted mesh top which will be in store this week. The three shirts that will be available are pictured above in the white shot, all of the sayings are just a lil bit cuuuuute. ^^

ROMP is only a few days away from ending, so hurry down there before you miss out on this fun adult reclaimed wood bench seat from Striped Mocha. There are solo sits, couples cuddles and adult animations. The bench is also available in a PG version. Plus, they have a fire basket and lantern also available. (Not pictured)

From unKindess I am featuring a whole stack of amazing decorative items. The fence and tub are available at The Seasons Story – Autumn until October 31st. The fence is available in two version light or dark. The tub is filled with pillows and is free. Aren’t the crew at unKindness so kind to us. ^^

The unKindness decorative boats are available at LTD: The Event, which runs until October 26. I only have a small pond on a parcel with very limited prims but I was able to resize the boats down to only 3 prims. So these are perfect for anyone who wants a lil decoration to their water.

I captured the image at the all new Deelights Resort. Grab some friends and come and explore the adult wonders that await. I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Top: Indecent Exposure – Knotted Tops – Blk Eyeliner Blk Coffee Coming Soon

Emma is pictured with…
Bench: striped mocha – reclaimed wood bench ADULT L$260 @ ROMP
Tub: uk – Comfort Tubby – Autumn *TSS GIFT* L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn
Fence: uK – Country Fence Light L$199 @ The Seasons Story – Autumn
Decorative boats: uk – Forgotten Summer Boats  L$225 @ LTD: The Event

Song: The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

Sunny Afternoon

C’mon Let Me Ride

Hullo, my trailer park lovin’ readers.

Today I’m featuring items from Indecent Exposure and Cremosas.

From Indecent Exposure I’m wearing their super cute new halter top. It comes in 5 different colors and you get get the mesh top in 5 sizes.

The sassy mesh skirt I’m wearing from  Cremosas comes with a color HUD with 20 textures.

I captured today’s image at the Trashy Whore Trailer Park. If you want to visit the wrong side of the tracks, this is the place for you. They’ve been making some amazing changes over the last few months and they are celebrating it Sunday, 27 September, 6 pm – 10 pm SLT. For full event details head on over to Deelight’d.

I hope you enjoy today’s look. ^^ Signing off from the trailer park.


Emma is wearing…
Top:  Indecent Exposure – Bali Halters $L100
Skirt: .:: Cremosas Store ::.  Skirt Avril –  HUD 20 Models :: $L99

Song: Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride

C’mon Let Me Ride

Hell on High Heels

Hullo, my high heel wearing readers.

Today I’m featuring fantastic items from FineRain Creations @ Crazy Back to School and Indecent Exposure.

This will probably be our last look at the Crazy Back to School event as it wraps on the 29th of September and my blogging pile is not getting any smaller. ^^ If you haven’t had a chance to visit this event yet, make sure you get down there and find all the stylish discounted items available. The shirt I’m wearing is one of the items available from FineRain Creations and it has to be one of my fave mesh shirts ever. It looks super cute with or without pants. It also comes in 6 colors.

From Indecent Exposure I’m showcasing their sassy new shoes. These heels, made for slink high feet, come in three different colors. You’ll find them at the new Indecent Exposure location. While you’re there you can also grab the group gift, a gift card!

I captured the image at Elysion. I hope you enjoy today’s cheeky look. =)


Emma is wearing…
Shirt: :: FineRain creations.::Ari Shirt Black L$149 @ Crazy Back to School
Shoes: Indecent Exposure – SkullDuggery – Tangled Edition L$125

Song: Motley Crue – Hell on High Heels

Hell on High Heels


Hullo, my helpful readers.

Today I’m featuring an amazing dress from Indecent Exposure made for the Saving Sight Fundraiser. Plus, stunning hair from MK Hair Studio.

Running from September 12 – 27, 2015 the Saving Sight Fundraiser will be donating all proceeds to the creator of Deadpool, xJetx/shane, for his battle with Graves Disease. A landmark for the event will be released September 12. Stay tuned! The mesh dress made by Indecent Exposure, for this event, will be L$100.

The hair I’m wearing today is from MK Hair Studio and is currently available on the marketplace. You receive a color HUD for 47 colors, plus cute horns. (All pictured above.)

I hope you enjoy today’s look. =)


Emma is wearing…
Hair: ::MK ::Hair Lipsy Sheep ( Mesh) HUD 47 Colors+Horns of Ivory:: L$199
Dress: Indecent Exposure – Luna Dress L$100 @ ‘Saving Sight’ Coming September 12, 2015

Inspired by the song: The Cat Empire – Hello