There’s A Reason

Hullo, my open readers.

Today I am featuring DeLa, Aphorism, Enchante’ @ Winter Trend, Bamboo @ Cosmopolitan, Serenity Style @ TLC, unKindness @ The Imaginarium. Plus freebies from Salt & Pepper @ Monthly Midnight Madness.

The Winter Trend Fair opens on December 8. You’ll find spectacular items like the hair from DeLa. There are three sizes included; bento, fitted and boobs. The scarf is from Aphorism. This lovely unisex style is made for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Jake, Signature, Slink Male. There are 7 colors and each come with one striped and two solid options. There are 3 bonus colors in the fatpack. The boots are from Enchante’. They’re made for Belleza and Maitreya.

From Salt & Pepper I am wearing the top and skirt that will be available, FOR FREE, on December 9. This is for the Monthly Midnight Madness giveaway. These items are limited to 1,500 copies each. Once the boards cap, they’ll be available for L$50 for 24 hours. For more information, click here. If you miss out, they will be for sale, at full price, after the event.

I’m also wearing a skin from Bamboo @ Cosmopolitan. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads and comes in three tones.

The scene has been set up in the Taleah Winter Cabin from Serenity Style @ TLC. This cute lil build includes the rug with singles, cuddles and adult animations. You’ll also find the Nani Winter Friends Gacha, where you can win adorable stuffed toys.

Also pictured are items from the Holiday Feast Gacha by unKindness @ The Imaginarium. It’s a truly delicious set. For a list of all the items used, please see below.

I hope you enjoy today’s wintery cabin look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: =DeLa*= Bento Mesh Hair “Ambrosia” All colors @ Winter Trend
Skin: .:BAMBOO:. – GABBY skin – Beige tone (Catwa)  @ Cosmopolitan
Scarf: !APHORISM! – Winter Scarf – Maitreya (loose fit) @ Winter Trend
Top: S&P Gloria blouse Lara @ Monthly Midnight Madness [FREE December 9 ONLY]
Skirt: S&P Gloria skirt Lara @ Monthly Midnight Madness [FREE December 9 ONLY]
Boots: [Enchante’] – Savira Boots – Maitreya @ Winter Trend

Emma is pictured with…
Cabin: Serenity Style-Taleah Winter Cabin @ TLC
Dog: Serenity Style- Nani Puppie Sit @ TLC

unKindness – Holiday Feast @ The Imaginarium
Pear platter: uK – Holiday Feast Poached Pears Dish
Wine glass: uK – Holiday Feast Wine Ornament Emptied
Bread: uK – Holiday Feast Bread Ring
Water feature: uK – Holiday Feast Fountain Exclusive

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Land of Trees – There’s A Reason

There’s A Reason

At Home

Hullo, my around readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Candy Fair 2017, Salt & Pepper @ District 20, Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby, Serenity Style @ Whimsical, unKindness @ The Gacha Garden and Ionic. Plus free reindeer @ Smith Boys & Co Events.

I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Candy Fair 2017. There is a rigged and unrigged version included. For more information on the event, check out the Website.

The dress is from Salt & Pepper @ District 20. It’s made for Maitreya, Hourglass, and Freya. There are 7 single colors, or purchase the fatpack and you will be able to mix and match the corset leather and dress colors via a HUD. For more information on the District 20 event, check out the Website, Flickr, Facebook or Plurk.

I am pictured with the new sleigh bed from Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby. The Sled Bed comes with 72 animations in PG version and 132 animations in Adult version. There is a texture HUD included. Attach the HUD and you can choose the color of the wood, blanket, and cushion. For more information, check out the Chez Moi Website.

I’ve also used items from the Loly Xmas Gacha by Serenity Style @ Whimsical. For a full list of the items used, please see below.

The artwork is from the Simply Said Gacha by unKindness @ The Gacha Garden. For more information on the event, check out the Website.

The scene has been set up in the rare house from the Casa Del Pueblo Gacha by Ionic. There are also a handful of common items pictured.

The free reindeer can be picked up @ Smith Boys & Co Events. How do you get them? Simple! Join a Smith Boys Event and get one for FREE! A different one will be sent out at each event so… come often to collect them all! Join the in world group for more details and follow on Facebook for event locations.

I hope you enjoy today’s Christmas bedroom look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Mei Hair @ Candy Fair 2017
Dress: S&P Olivia Lara @ District 20

Emma is posed by…
Bed: Sled Bed (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ Shiny Shabby

Emma is pictured with…
Serenity Style – Loly Xmas Gacha @ Whimsical.
Lace present: Serenity Style- Loly Laced Gift
Blue present: Serenity Style- Loly Star Gifl
Present: Serenity Style- Loly Christmas Greetings Box
Christmas tree: Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Wall Tree
Present bag: Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Sack
Stool with gifts: Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Stool

unKindness – Simply Said Gacha @ The Gacha Garden
Chocolate: uK – Simply Said Chocolate
Bee: uK – Simply Said Bee’s Knees RARE

Ionic – La Casa Del Pueblo Gacha
House: ionic : la casa del pueblo  RARE
Sideboard: ionic : provisiones para el invierno
Flan: ionic : flan de huevo
Milk: ionic : leche en botellas

Free Reindeers – @ Smith Boys & Co Events
Rudolph: SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 9 – Rudolph RARE
Vixen: SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 4 – Vixen
Blitzen: SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 8 – Blitzen
Dancer: SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 2 – Dancer
Reindeer Food: Reindeer Food – Mesh Decor

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Crystal Fighters – At Home

At Home

Old Friends

Hullo, my moving readers.

Today I am featuring Chez Moi, Aphrodite Shop @ Tres chic, Ionic @ The Chapter four, Runaway and ZK Store. Plus group gifts from Runaway, Caboodle and Pure Poison.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. This cute includes a styling HUD, with four options. A new round of Cosmopolitan is about to start but I wanted to show you one last outfit from the old round. You will probably need to head to the ZK Store main store to grab it now. The sweater top and jeans are made for Maitreya and include a color HUD. There are two version of the jeans, slim and boot cut.

Erykah has been on a freebie shopping spree. Please note that some of these groups may have a join fee but the collection of goodies will be worth it. You’ll find the hair @ Runaway. The top is one of many group gifts @ Caboodle. She is wearing the Maitreya fit. The shorts and shoes are current group gifts @ Pure Poison. You can also purchase color HUDs for both.

From the Tres Chic event, I am pictured with the new Pizza Party set from Chez Moi. This set includes the pizza oven with singles and couples animations. Plus the chairs, table and place setting. For more information about the set, click here. Also pictured is the food board from Aphrodite Shop.

The scene was set up in front of the rare Espirita Mansion from  Ionic @ The Chapter Four.

I hope you enjoy today’s outdoor tasty look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jennifer Hair – Blondes
Sweater: -:zk:- Sweet Mili
Jeans: -:zk:- Jeans Slim Bleached

Erykah is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Kylie Hair [Group Gift]
Tank: Caboodle – Kyoko Shirt – Maitreya [Group Gift]
Shorts: Pure Poison – Haley Shorts – Lara [Group Gift]

Pure Poison – Mi Pumps [Group Gift]
Shoes: Pure Poison – Mi Pumps  – Maitreya
Socks: Pure Poison – Mi Socks  – Maitreya

Pictured with…
House: ionic : Espirita Mansion RARE @ The Chapter Four
Food platter: Aphrodite Harvest Dining cheeses & fruits wooden board @ Tres Chic

Chez Moi – Pizza Party Set @ Tres Chic
Pizza Oven: Firewood Oven Pizza Party (PG) CHEZ MOI
Table: Table Colors Pizza Party CHEZ MOI
Chair: Chair Colors Pizza Party CHEZ MOI
Place setting: Placemat Pizza Party CHEZ MOI
Flowers: Potted Daisies CHEZ MOI

Song: Ylvis – Old Friends

Old Friends

Miracle Mile

Hullo, my wanted readers.

Today I am featuring RAMA, Bamboo, TLC, no13, Sources and an lar poses @ U L T R A and fame femme @ Cosmopolitan. Plus group gifts from U L T R A, Sinha and Pure Poison.

From the U L T R A event I am wearing hair from RAMA. The lipstick is from Bamboo. I am posed by an lar poses. This is a pose pack made for males but it can still be used by the ladies.

We are pictured with the cormorants on tree trunks from TLC. In the background you’ll see the items from the Instant Arcade set by no13. For all the items used, please see below. Also pictured is the flamingo daybed from Sources.

As this is the anniversary round of U L T R A, lots of the designers set out spiffy gifts. Including the hair Erykah is wearing, from Mina. There are three blonde colors included. The hair can be tinted. Erykah is posed by an lar poses. There are three poses included with mirrored versions. Another freebie is the lovely hydrangea bushes.

I am also wearing an outfit from fame femme @ Cosmopolitan. The top and skirt are made for Maitreya and Slink and come in eight colors. For more information about the current round, check out the website.

Erykah is also wearing freebies from Sinha and Pure Poison. The Sinha group gift dress comes in two versions, for mesh bodies. The shoes are from a gacha group gift @ Pure Poison. Both groups are free to join.

I hope you enjoy today’s outdoor look @ Deelights.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: MINA Hair – Shelley @ U L T R A
Lipstick: **[BAMBOO] – BIBI LIPS – HUD CATWA @ U L T R A
Top: fame femme : Striped blouse – White – Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan
Skirt: fame femme : Leather skirt – Beige – Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Erykah is wearing…
Hair: MINA Hair – Froukje 01 (new blond) @ U L T R A L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Eye shadow: Zibska Maddi Eyemakeup Omega Applier @ U L T R A L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Dress: Seniha. Tropical Dress // Maitreya
Shoes: Pure Poison – Fancy Pumps Grey – Maitreya

Posed by…
Erykah: an lar [poses] The Rachel Mini Series – Three @ U L T R A L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Emma: an lar [poses] The Stefan Series – Five @ U L T R A

We are pictured with…
Flowers: DaD DESIGN “Bush double Hydrangea ” mesh – C/M L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Cormorants: TLC Cormorants linked to tree stumps @ U L T R A
Day bed: ARCH  lounge FLAMiNGO by “sources” @ U L T R A

no13 – Instant Arcade@ U L T R A
Lamp Post: ::no13:: old street light (1LI)
Gate: ::no13:: old street light (1LI)
Flags: ::no13:: flag mall (1LI)

Song: Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile

Once Upon Another Time


Hullo, my sun-kissed readers.

Today I am featuring Canimal and Ama @ Cosmopolitan, SPELL @ The Chapter Four, unKindness @ Gacha Garden and Runaway. Plus freebies from unKindness, Dead Dollz, NACH, tiptoes and Luas @ Gacha Garden and Claw, MudHoney and Jian @ FaMESHed.

I am wearing the Cinderella hair from Runaway. There are sparkle lights on the hair that can be turned on and off via the HUD. Eyrkah is also wearing hair from Runaway.

From the current round of Cosmopolitan I am wearing lingerie from Canimal. It’s made for Maitreya. The leg straps are from Ama. They include a color HUD.

The scene has been set up on the rare stage from the Dreamer’s Sky gacha by unKindness @ Gacha Garden. I have also pictured the female unicycle, dream fog and the seed of inspiration moon. For a full sized gacha key, click here.

We are pictured with a number of items from the new Mad Hatter Party Gacha by SPELL @ The Chapter Four, including the rare table with chairs and chandelier. For a full list of magical items used, please see below. To see the full sized gacha key, click here.

The Gacha Garden and FaMESHed both have lots of wonderful gifts available for group members. Both groups are free to join. There are gifts from unKindness, .tiptoes, Luas, Claw, Dead Dollz, NACH, MudHoney and Jian. Please see below for all the information.

I hope you enjoy today’s tea party look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Cinderella Hair – Blondes L$275
Bra: [Canimal] Sugar Top Lara @ Cosmopolitan L$250 in set
Panties: [Canimal] Sugar Bottom Lara @ Cosmopolitan L$250 in set
Leg straps: Ama. : Loved Leg Strap {Maitreya Experimental} @ Cosmopolitan L$99

Erykah is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Waterfall Hair – Essentials L$400

Pictured with…
unKindness – Dreamer’s Sky @ Gacha Garden
Stage: uK – Dreamer’s Sky Reverie Theater RARE
Moon: uK – Dreamer’s Sky Goodnight Moon SOI
Unicycle: uK – Dreamer’s Sky Cycle Lady’s
Clouds: uK – Dreamer’s Sky Dreamy Fog

SPELL – Mad Hatter Party Gacha @ The Chapter Four
Table + Chairs: SPELL : Mad hatter party TABLE & CHAIRS – RARE
Hat: SPELL : Mad Hatter’s  Hat
Tea pot + Books: SPELL : A Teapot & Books
Cake: SPELL : Chocolate & Cherry Cake
Tea cups: SPELL : Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
Tarts: SPELL : Fruitcups
Potion: SPELL : Drink me bottle
Cupcakes: SPELL : Painted Cupcakes Roses
Angel Food Cake: SPELL : Blueberry Angel Food Cake
Cream cake: SPELL : Four layer cream cake
Tea pot: SPELL : Tea & Milk Set
Floating tea pot: SPELL : Magic Floating Teapot!
Lights: SPELL : Alice Chandelier – RARE

Freebies @ Gacha Garden L$0/Free
Emma is wearing…
Fishing Pole: uK – Dreamer’s Sky Fishing Pole Blue

Erykah is wearing:
Bow: Dead Dollz – Eria Bow – Hair Accessory
Wings: . tiptoes – Shimmer Princess Wings GIFT
Panties: Luas Sweet Ballerina Thong

Ice cream art: NACH Ice Cream Art GIFT

Freebies @ FaMESHed L$0/Free
Eyrkah is wearing…
Flower: C L A Vv. Flowers Shower – Ground (GIFT)
Egg basket: JIAN Egg Basket (Wear me!)

Lattice art: MudHoney Layla Lattice Art

Song: Sara Bareilles – Once Upon Another Time

Once Upon Another Time

Someone to Stay

Hullo, my lonely readers.

Today I am featuring Mulloy, CONVAIR and Revival @ Draftsman,  Elegance Boutique @ Cosmopolitan, Runaway, SPELL and Ionic. Also Serenity Style @ The Crossroads from May 3. Plus a freebie from Elegance Boutique.

From Elegance Boutique, I’m wearing a pretty bow top. You can find it @ Cosmopolitan. Erykah is wearing a group gift from Elegance Boutique, that you can find in the main store. The group is free to join.

I am also wearing hair from Runaway. This cute style can be found on the marketplace. The necklace is from a gacha @ SPELL.

From the Draftsman event I have pictured the Suzanne House by CONVAIR. It’s multi story, open plan living, with a tree in the main living area. There are a number of items pictured from the Bekke Set by Mulloy. For all the items included, please click here.  The bed is from Revival. There is a PG and Adult version available. I am posed on the bed.

I am so excited to picture some of the beautiful antique dolls from Serenity Style @ The Crossroads . It’s like having my very own Barbie dolls, named just for me. They will be available from May 3. To see the full set, click here.

I have also pictured a number of items from the Bruja gacha @ Ionic. For all the items used, please see below. To see the full gacha set, click here.

I hope you enjoy today’s friendly bedroom look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jade Hair L$250
Necklace: SPELL : Artemisa (Silver)
Top: *EB* Top  – Floral7 – ” Mila” – Maitreya Lara @ Cosmopolitan L$
Panties: *EB* Panties  w/HUD  – ” Mila” – Maitreya Lara FREE [Group Gift]

Erykah is wearing…
Dress: *EB* Oversized Top “Shi” – GIFT – Navy Maitreya FREE [Group Gift]

Pictured with…
House: CONVAIR Suzanne House @ Draftsman
Bed: .:revival:. ‘the doors’ bed @ Draftsman

Mulloy – Bekke Set @ Draftsman
Art: //Mulloy – Bekke Frame
Table: //Mulloy – Bekke Table
Candle: //Mulloy – Bekke Candle
Plant: //Mulloy – Bekke Plant
Magazines: //Mulloy – Bekke Magazines
Cigar Box: //Mulloy – Bekke Brown Cigar Box

Ionic – Brujas Gacha
Cup: IONIC : Tea with herbs
Candle Holder: IONIC : Antique Candle holder
Flowers: IONIC : Magic flowers
Potion: IONIC : Forest Potion
Mortar & Herbs: IONIC : Mortar & Herbs
Book: IONIC : Botanical & Alchemy Arts {Book & Prints}

Serenity Style – Emma Antique Dolls @ The Crossroads From May 3
Paisley Doll: Serenity Style- Emma Antique Doll- Paisley
Doll in box: Serenity Style- Emma Antique Doll- Open Box  Pink RARE
Standing Doll: Serenity Style- Emma Antique Doll- Grey

Song: Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Someone to Stay

Someone to Stay


Hullo, my thinking readers.

Today I am featuring DeLa, Codex, Altamura, Isuka, Anoircre and Essenz @ Black Fair, Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative and Mignonne @ U L T R A. Plus Chez Moi and Serenity Style on The Mad Egg Easter Hunt.

The Black Fair is set to open tomorrow. I am wearing hair from DeLa. There are three sizes included, with and without materials enabled. The collar is from Codex. It comes with a HUD to change the strap and metal colors, plus resize the collar. The eye shadow is from Altamura. There are eight colors included.

The arm tattoo is from Isuka. It’s made for TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature, Vista and in System layers. The dress is from Anoircre. The shoes are from Essenz and are made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

I am also wearing skin from Mignonne @ U L T R A.

The Mad Egg Easter hunt is under way and there are looooots of fantastic items up for grabs. I have pictured the pink chair and mint chair from Chez Moi. Please note; I resized both chairs. The Easter egg box and bunny are from Serenity Style. For more information about the hunt, see the MadPea Games website.

I finished the scene with a wonderful new furniture set from Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative. It includes the wall, chair, book pile and letters. To create the room look, I used two walls.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Leria” – Blondes @ BF
Skin: [Mignonne] Cara ice skin HUD Catwa @ U L T R A
Eye shadow:  Altamura ” Ester” Eyeshadow Make up @ BF
Tattoo: ISUKA Edward  @ BF
Dress: ANOIRCRE Nuit Dress Black MAITREYA Lara @ BF
Shoes: Essenz – Italy (All colors) Maitreya @ BF

Emma is pictured with…
Pink bunny seat: Bunny Wood Chair CHEZ MOI L$0/Free [Hunt item]
Mint bunny seat: Easter Playful Seat CHEZ MOI L$0/Free [Hunt item]
Easter egg box: Serenity Style- Cute Eggs Box L$0/Free [Hunt item]
Searching bunny: Serenity Style- Where is my carrot? L$0/Free [Hunt item]

Serenity Style – Rainy Day Set @ TLC
Chair: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Armchair
Wall: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Wall
Book pile: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Books
Letters: Serenity Style- Rainy Day Letters

Song: Broken Back – Excuses