Hullo, my lost readers.

Today I’m featuring items from MK Hair Studio + FLG Store and Cremosas.

The hair and blouse combo is from MK Hair Studio + FLG Store. The hair comes with a 40 color HUD and the blouse comes with a 19 color HUD. There are four different sets available.

The cute lil skirt is from Cremosas. It comes in 5 sizes and with a 12 color HUD. The skirt is available in 5 different designs.

I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair + Blouse: ::MK & FLG Blouse + Hair Mesh Glamour:: L$99
Skirt: .::Cremosas Mini Skirt Mesh Pin Up Mya + HUD 12 Models ::L$149

Song: Cold Chisel – Lost


What I Got

Hullo, my morning readers.

Today I’m featuring items from Clustered. @ Gen-Neutral and FLG Store. Plus, freebies from 7mad;Ravens and C’est la vie @ The Seasons Story.

The Clustered. set can be found at Gen-Neutral until the 26th of October. Each item is available separately.

The retro inspired dress from FLG Store comes in 5 standard sizes, 1 fitmesh size and comes with a 25 model HUD.

The Seasons Story celebrations have inspired many creators to offer amazing gifts and today I’m featuring super adorable boots from 7mad;Ravens and a tasty wearable mug from C’est la vie. The event wraps up at the end of the month.

I hope you enjoy the goodies featured in today’s post. ^^


Emma is wearing…
Dress: ::FLG Dress Mesh Peace And Love + 25 Models:: L$99
Boots: 7mad;Ravens TSS Gift Edgar Boot L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn
Mug: ::C’est la vie !:: Autumn Mug for TSS gift L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn

Emma is pictured with…
Clustered. Letchworth Set. @ Gen Neutral

Table: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Desk L$90
Bull: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Artsy Bull L$90
Chair: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Chair L$100
Frames: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Frames L$85
Letters: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Letters L$80
Coin Purse: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Coin Purse L$65
Laptop: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Laptop L$100
Lamp: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Lamp L$95
Paper Roll Bag: Clustered. Letchworth Set. Paper Roll Bag L$95

Song: Sublime – What I Got

What I Got

I’m In Here

Hullo, my helpful readers.

Today I’m featuring items from unKindness @ Gen-Neutral, MK Hair Studio, FLG Store and a freebie from Amerie @ The Seasons Story.

The Grease Monkey Seat and Chipped Boss Seat featured in the image are from unKindness @ Gen-Neutral. The event runs from October 12 – 26. The set comes with both chairs, 1 land impact each, with 21 sits.

From MK Hair Studio I’m featuring their Maria mesh hair with laurel wreath. The hair comes in two sizes and with a 47 color HUD. The mesh wreath, which can be resized, comes with a 10 color HUD.

The cute mesh panties are from FLG Store. They come in 5 standard sizes and with a 30 model HUD.

The floor lamps are a freebie from Amerie @ The Seasons Story – Autumn.

Before I sign off for today I just wanted to give a quick RL update. I try not to bring too much of my RL into SL but the next few months are going to be difficult and will probably limit the time I can spend in SL. I will continue to blog the best I can and be around as much as possible. Make sure to follow me on Facebook for regular updates.

A few months ago I found out that my dad has an aggressive terminal cancer. He was given 9 – 12 months with chemotherapy. So far his fight has been quite good but we have decided that the time has come for me to return home to care for him. Over the next few weeks I’ll be packing up my current house and moving my things into storage, then making the big move interstate.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers during this time. If anyone is interested in donating some money to help during this time, please contact me in world or make a payment via Paypal to emmadeelight@gmail.com. 10% of any donations I receive will be donated to cancer research. I’d just like to thank everyone for your continued support and well wishes and…. I hope you enjoy today’s look. ^^


Emma is wearing…
Hair: MK Hair Maria (Rigged Mesh) HUD 47  Laurel Wreath HUD 10 Colors L$199
Panties: ::FLG  Animated Mesh Panties  Helena +  HUD 30 Models  :: L$149

Emma is posed with…
Chairs: uk – GN- Chipped Boss & Grease Monkey Seats L$225 @ Gen-Neutral
Floor Lamp: AMERIE – Bottle Lamp Floor L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn

Song: Sia – I’m In Here

I’m In Here


Hullo, my hot readers.

Today I’m featuring items from my new sponsor Clustered. @ Cosmopolitan. Plus, FLG Store and Cremosas.

The adorable laundry set from Clustered. can be purchased as separate pieces or as a full set @ Cosmopolitan . In the full set you receive; Outdoor Toilet Shed, Pillow Basket, Stone Clothes Rack, Branch Clothes Hanger (2 Versions), Thrown pants and shirt, Bench and Mini Water Fountain.

From FLG Store I’m wearing their new Athena Knotted Top. It comes in 5 standard sizes and a color HUD with 23 Models, all plain colors. The mesh bracelet comes with a 33 color HUD.

The cute mesh denim skirt I’m wearing is a new release at Cremosas. You get 5 standard sizes and a 12 model HUD.

I captured the image outside the Laundromat at  Deelights Resort. Stop by and check out my lil slice of heaven. There’s lots of gorgeous spots for photographers, hanging out with friends or getting up to some adult activities.


Emma is wearing…
Top: :: FLG Athena Knotted Top Colors + HUD 23 Models :: L$129
Bracelet: :: FLG Amanda Bracelet Mesh + HUD 33 Colors :: L$99
Skirt: .:: Cremosas Mini Skirt Mesh Jeans Mya + HUD 12 Models  :: L$149

Emma is pictured with…
Clustered. Oakland Set – Full Set L$430 @ Cosmopolitan
Fountain: Clustered. Oakland Set. Mini Water Fountain L$45
Bench: Clustered. Oakland Set. Bench L$75
Pillow Basket: Clustered. Oakland Set.Pillow Basket L$75
Pants on floor: Clustered. Oakland Set. Thrown Pants L$30
Clothes Rack: Clustered. Oakland Set.Stone Clothes Rack L$90
Hanging Clothes Rack: Clustered. Oakland Set. Branch Clothes hanger ‘Funky’ L$50

Song: Santana feat. Rob Thomas – Smooth


Bird Balloons

Hullo, my singing readers.

Today I’m featuring shoes from FLG Store and a freebie from Cremosas. Also a handful of freebies from The Seasons Story event.

The adorable shoes I’m wearing are new at FLG. They are made for slink flat feet. (Feet not included.) They come with a 9 model color HUD and each part of the shoe can be color adjusted.

From Cremosas Store I am featuring their fab new freebie. Get on down to their in world store, join the group and grab yourself this fun lil mesh dress. It comes with a 3 model color HUD.

Earlier in the week I stopped by The Seasons Story event and was amazed by all the freebies that were available. They’re celebrating their 2 year anniversary and many of the stores featured at the event have set out lovely gifts for us. Today I’m featuring hair from Damselfly, hair bow from Fawny and pose + balloon from Kirin Poses.

I captured the image at Saint Pete City. I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head L$2,500
Hair: ~*Damselfly*~ Free Gift Anjelica Mixed-Pack L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn
Hair Bow: Fawny – Velvet bow + HUD L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn
Dress: .:: Cremosas Store :: Dress Lenora + HUD 3 Models :: L$0/Free
Shoes: :::FLG:: Sandal Mesh Peace and Love – Slink Flat + 9 Models:: L$99

Pose + Balloon: Kirin Poses – Balloon Gift L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story – Autumn

Song: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Bird Balloons

Bird Balloons

Life Like This

Hullo, my living readers.

Today I’m featuring items from [LJ] @ ROMP, GA.EG, FLG Store and Cremosas.

Today is our last look at ROMP because it ends tomorrow! Noooooooooooooooooooo. *pouts* Before you go into ROMP shock, I have a great idea to get you through until the next round in January 2016. Get down to this round and buy one of everything. By the time you finish enjoying all your products ROMP will be back to fill our lives with adult goodies again. Today I’m wearing earrings and necklace from [LJ]. This beautiful set has lots of color change options.

I’m wearing the new mesh head from GA.EG and showcasing a couple of the addons, the eyeliner and solar lipstick. You can pick up the head and eyeliner in their main store. Join the group for a discount on products sold in store. The solar lipstick is currently available at The Chapter Four.

From FLG Store I’m wearing their awesome aviator mesh glasses. This is a unisex item so the boys don’t need to miss out. There are lots of different color options and texture options for the glass.

Finally, I’m wearing a sassy top from Cremosas. This mesh shirt comes with a HUD with 14 models.

Before I leave you today, I am also adding my Top 10 New Rock Tunes. These songs are on albums that have been released in late September and early October. I’ll be caught up soon, I promise. It’s been too long since I’ve shared music with you, so ennnnnnjoy! ^^


Emma is wearing…
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head L$2,500
Eyeliner add on: [GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon – EL01 iLiner Eyeliners L$380
Lipstick add on:[GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon – LP01 Solar Lipsticks L$140 @ The Chapter Four
Sunglasses: ::FLG Aviator Glasses Mesh Unisex – HUD 18 colors:: L$149
Earrings & Necklace: [LJ] Caught by the Spider Collar & Earrings L$200 @ ROMP
Top: .:: Cremosas Store ::.  Shirt  Mesh Alexia + HUD 14 Models :: L$99

Top 10 New Rock Tunes
10. Shinedown – State Of My Head
9. Bryan Adams – Don’t Even Try
8. Clutch – X-Ray Visions
7. Cold Chisel – Lost
6. Collective Soul – This
5. SEVENDUST – Not Today
4. Trivium – Silence In The Snow
3. City and Colour – Lover Come Back
2. EODM (Eagles of Death Metal) – Complexity
1. Kurt Vile – Life Like This

Life Like This


Hullo, my gangsta readers.

Today I’m featuring an lar [poses] @ ROMP, FLG Store and the new mesh head from GA.EG.

The Kirsten mesh head from [GA.EG] has arrived. ^^ Get on down to the store to pick up a demo now!! The other items available for the new mesh head include; matching skin in system layers or Maitreya appliers, glamour lashes, classic eye shadow, eyeliner and hypergloss lipstick. If you join the group you receive a discount on all items. They also have solar lipstick available at The Chapter Four for 50% off.

From FLG Store I’m wearing cute baggy shorts. They come in standard sizes, Belleza and Slink. You also receive a HUD with 13 models.

At ROMP you will find another amazing pose set from an lar [poses]. You get five different poses and a mirrored version of each.

I captured today’s image at the all new Deelights Resort. This is an adults only playground. You’ll find; Rock Club, Motel, Laundromat, Art Gallery, Pool Hall, Frozen Yogurt Shop, Outdoor Cinema, Camp, Picnic, Public Toilet and Glory Hole. There are lots of gardens and even a pond. It’s a pretty spot for photographers. We have given rez rights to the Deelight’d group members. There is a L$500 group fee and all money goes back into running and upgrades of the resort. Keep an eye out for more info about events and specials.

I hope you enjoy today’s post. =)


Emma is wearing…
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head BETA V0.8.7 L$2,500
Pants: ::FLG Malu Baggy Shorts Mesh Color + HUD 13 Models :: L$129

Pose: an lar [poses] The Polished Series – One L$150 (full pack) @ ROMP

Song: tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta