Champagne Eyes

Hullo, my sane readers.

Today I am featuring Bamboo and 220ML @ U L T R A, United Colors, Kunglers, Your Dreams @ Cosmopolitan, Wimey @ The Home Show, KraftWork @ Sanarae and Runaway. Plus 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. From the U L T R A event I am wearing skin from Bamboo. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads. The drink is from 220ML. There are different holdable and rezable versions. From the Cosmopolitan event I am wearing the top and skirt from United Colors. It’s made for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. The bracelet is from Kunglers.

I am pictured with the Cabana from Wimey @ The Home Show. Pictured inside the building is the Tropicalia Bar set from KraftWork @ Sanarae. The fire alarm and Peter’s sign are from 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday. Pay only L$50 for these items on Friday 28th. Also pictured is the pool and flamingo from Your Dreams @ Cosmopolitan.

I hope you enjoy today’s vacation look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Ellie Hair – Blondes
Skin: .:BAMBOO:. – ALISA – Light tone @ U L T R A
Bracelet: (Kunglers) Sedora bracelets – R – Crystal  @ Cosmopolitan
Top: UC_Pack_top_all in 1_Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan
Skirt: UC_Pack_skirt_all in 1_Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan
Drink: 220ML – Margarita Cocktail [Cup w/ Limon][HAND] @ U L T R A

Emma is pictured with…
House: Wimey: Cay Cabana Minty Fresh @ The Home Show

7 Emporium @ Fifty Linden Friday
Panel: 7 – Fire Alarm Panel
Alarm light: 7 – Fire Alarm Light
Sign: 7 – Peter’s Charcuterie

KraftWork – Tropicalia Bar @ Sanarae
Bar back: KraftWork Tropicalia Bar Back Wall
Bar: KraftWork Tropicalia Bar
Chair:KraftWork Tropicalia Bar

Your Dreams @ Cosmopolitan
Pool: {YD} Happy Swimming Pool – Pool
Flamingo: {YD} Happy Swimming Pool – Flamingo Pink

Song: Weekend Wars – Champagne Eyes

Champagne Eyes

Slow Hands

Hullo, my thinking readers.

Today I am featuring DeLa, Avie and Krescendo @ Tropical Summer Fair. Plus 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday.

The Tropical Summer Fair is officially open. It’s time to get your summer shopping shoes on and go, go, go! I am wearing stunning hair from DeLa. There are three sizes included, with and without materials enabled and 12 color packs available. The super tiny bikini is from Avie. There is also a long sleeve crop top to go with it. It’s made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

I am pictured with a number of items from the Paradise Beach gacha by Krescendo, including the rare shack, shark and party truck. For a full list of items, please see below.

If you enjoy a bargain then you can get your hands on the Fresh Donut sign from 7 Emporium, for Fifty Linden Friday. After June 2nd, the item will be full price.

I hope you enjoy today’s beach look. This scene is set up in world @ Deelights.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Cindi” All colors (Materials) @ TSF
Bikini top: {Avie} Camila Set Top Maitreya @ TSF
Bikini bottom: {Avie} Camila Set Bottom Maitreya @ TSF

Emma is pictured with…
Donut sign: 7 – Fresh Donuts

Krescendo – Paradise Beach Gacha @ TSF
Towel: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Towel (19)
Shack: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Hut (2) RARE
Bar: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Beach Bar (15)
Radio: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Radio (4)
5pm neon: [Kres] Paradise Beach – 5PM Neon (12)
Coconut cocktail: [Kres] Paradise Beach – 5PM Neon (12)
Skewers: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Skewer (7)
Surfboard menu: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Surf Board Menu (9)
Shark: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Harry The Hammerhead (1) RARE
Truck: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Party Truck (3) RARE
Drink bucket: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Tiki Bucket (10)
Palm tree neon: [Kres] Paradise Beach – Palm Tree Neon (11)

Song: Niall Horan – Slow Hands

Slow Hands

Truth is a Beautiful Thing

Hullo, my greatest readers.

Today I am featuring Milk Tea @ Secret Hideout, Serenity Style @ Builders Box, Bee Designs @ Draftsman, Runaway, Ionic and unKindness. Plus 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. The lingerie is from Milk Tea @ Secret Hideout Event. It’s available in three colors and is made for Omega appliers and system layers.

From Serenity Style, I am pictured with their new house and tree available in the Builders Box. This a quarterly event focused on builds and big constructions. The box was delivered on May 5 but is still available. Visit the website for more details.

I have pictured the target art from 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday. On May 5, you will pay only $L50. The item will be available after then, for full price.

From the Draftsman event I have pictured the bed from Bee Designs. There are sleep, single sleep, relax, breakfast, cuddles x3 and friends animations. The bed cover moves with poses.

Also pictured are a number of items from the Plainsong gacha by Ionic. Plus the entry table and Rose Hill County Set from unKindness.

I hope you enjoy today’s lazy look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Karima Hair – Blondes L$275
Lingerie: Milk Tea: ~Bethany~ Mint – (Omega Applier) @ Secret Hideout

Emma is pictured on…
Bed: .:Bee Designs:. Rose Bed PG @ Draftsman

Emma is pictured with…
House: Serenity Style-Alboran Summer House @ Builders Box
Tree:  Serenity Style- Summer Tree @ Builders Box
Target art: 7 –  Inverse Target – Framed L$50 (5 May Only)
Entry table: uK – Cottage Entry Table Stand L$350

unKindness – Rose Hill County Set White L$350
Cabinet: uK – Rose Hill Cabinet White
Craft box: uK – Rose Hill Craft Box White

Ionic – Plainsong Gacha
Tray: *ionic* A winter coffee
Spiral art: *ionic* Sprial leaf
Blanket Box: *ionic* Snuggle up!
Hanging blankets: *ionic* Hanging blankets

Song: London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing

Truth is a Beautiful Thing

Tired of Talking

Hullo, my now readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, Milk Tea @ AnyBody, Noir @ Fetish Fair, Ionic @ The Chapter Four, Chez Moi and Serenity Style @ Deco(c)rate. Plus 7 Emporium @ Fifty Linden Friday.

I am wearing new hair from Runaway @ Hairology. There are eight colors packs available and each include this gorgeous style in four sizes. The lingerie is from Milk Tea @ AnyBody. It’s made for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Omega and system layers and is available in five colors. The choker is from Noir @ Fetish Fair.

I am featuring two wonderful items from this month’s Deco(c)rate. The floating balloon bed is from Chez Moi. There is a PG and Adult version included. The pictured PG version has solo single and male, plus cuddles animations. The suitcase is from Serenity Style. For full details on how to participate in the Deco(c)rate event, check their website.

Also pictured are two new signs from 7 Emporium @ Fifty Linden Friday. Head on down to the store on February 10 to pick up these items for only L$50 each. They’ll be available after the event but at full price.

The scene was set up in the rare Anima house from the Anima gacha set by Ionic @ The Chapter Four.

I hope you enjoy today’s lazy look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Joanne Hair – Boobs Unfitted  @ Hairology L$275
Choker: :::NOIR::: SATINE CHOKER – Size 01 @ Fetish Fair *
Lingerie: Milk Tea: Anah – White @ AnyBody L$200

Emma is posed by…
Bed: CHEZ MOI – Balloon Bed (PG) @ Deco(c)rate

Emma is pictured with…
House: ionic : Anima RARE @ The Chapter Four L$85 per play
Sign 1: 7 Emporium – Ind Trains Sign L$50 (Friday 10 February Only)
Sign 2: 7 Emporium – Atomic Commission Sign L$50 (Friday 10 February Only)
Suitcase: Serenity Style- All for love suitcase @ Deco(c)rate

*Price unavailable at time of printing

Song: LÉON – Tired of Talking

Tired of Talking

Hakuna Matata

Hullo, my problem free readers.

Today I am featuring Snowpaws, Zibska and Elegance Boutique @ U L T R A from January 15, Runaway @ Hairology, Fiasco @ Color Me Cute, Serenity Style, Mistique and Ionic. Plus 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday.

I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Hairology. From the U L T R A event, which opens on the 15th of January, is the jacket from Snowpaws. It’s made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza and comes in lots of amazing colors. The eye shadow is from Zibska. The skirt is from Elegance Boutique. It’s made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

The scene has been set up in the rare El Albergue house from the El Albergue Gacha @ Ionic. Also from the gacha is the table.  The crib is new from Fiasco @ Color Me Cute. The rug is from Mistique. It has cuddles and adult animations.

You can get the clock for only L$50 for Fifty Linden Friday on January 13 @ 7 Emporium. There are two colors to choose from. I finished the scene with items from Serenity style including the love chalk board group gift for the All About Home group and the Let’s To Baking Gacha @ TLC.

I hope you enjoy today’s afternoon treat.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Tyr Hair – Blondes @ Hairology L$275
Eye shadow: Zibska ~ Noir Pack Vol 07 [@ U L T R A Coming Soon
Jacket: Sol Cropped Faux Zebra Jacket – Maitreya Fitted @ U L T R A Coming Soon
Skirt: *EB* Skirt “Maya” – Black – Maitreya Lara @ U L T R A Coming Soon

Pictured with…
Rug: Mistique – Cuddle blanket plaid L$249
Crib: Fiasco – Loft Crib White @ Color Me Cute L$350
Love art: Serenity Style– Love you country frame L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Clock:  7 Emporium – Darkroom Timer – White L$50 (Friday 13 January Only)

Ionic – El Albergue Gacha L$90
House: *ionic* El Albergue
Table: *ionic* Rural table

Serenity Style – Let’s To Baking Gacha @ TLC L$70 per play
Cupcakes: Serenity Style- Muffins Plate
Milk bottle: Serenity Style- Milk bottle

Song: The Lion King – Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

That Time of Year

Hullo, my shining readers.

Today I am featuring Sintiklia, Speakeasy, Anoircre, Emporium and 22769 @ Winter Trend Fair, Modish and Mesh India @ Cosmopolitan, Irrie’s Dollhouse @ The Chapter Four, 7 Emporium @ Fifty Linden Friday, Serenity Style @ Deco(c)rate, Ionic, Heart Homes and SPELL. Plus freebies from Kaerri @ KittyCats Advent, unKindness for Spotlight Magazine and a handful of goodies @ The Arcade.

From the Winter Trend Fair I am featuring hair from Sintiklia. This hair comes in multiple parts to create a look to suit your style. The tattoo is from Speakeasy and comes in fresh and faded options. The cute lil knit dress is from Anoircre. It’s made for Slink, Maitreya and in standard sizes. The stocking and heel combo is from Emporium. They’re made for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Tonic. I am pictured with fireplace, wood basket and rug from 22769 ~ [bauwerk].

The ottomans and food tray are from Serenity Style. They are included in the December round of Deco(c)rate. This monthly mystery box is released on the 8th of the month. Although that time has come and gone you can still purchase the crate and get this cute set plus a whole heap of other goodies. For more information, see their website.

I have also pictured a number of free items that can be found at the current round of The Arcade. Please see below for a full list of designers and items. Other wonderful furnishing gifts include the clock from Kaerri @ KittyCats Advent Calendar. The star stick lights, pictured outside, from unKindness are the group gift for Spotlight Magazine. The gift was released on the 14th and will be available for 14 days.

Also pictured is the space heater from 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday. It will be L$50 on Friday 16 December only. It will still be available to purchase after that but at full price.

The current round of Cosmopolitan will end in a day, so don’t miss out on the gorgeous skin from Modish. Also the skate board and presents, plus the basket of gifts are from the Christmas gacha by Mesh India.

Other items of interest include the adorable one room cottage from Ionic. There is a handful of items from the Christmas Crafting Gacha by Irrie’s Dollhouse @ The Chapter Four. Also the Christmas Tree from Heart Homes. Plus the necklace from the Gaya gacha @  SPELL.

I hope you enjoy today’s Christmas lounge room look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Sparks – Blondes @ WTF L$270
Skin: ::Modish::[Catwa] Kayo (F02)Face Applier HUD @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Grime Tattoo (unpacked) @ WTF L$275
Necklace:  SPELL : Gaya Necklace RARE L$80 per play
Dress: ANOIRCRE Barre Dress – Grey @ WTF L$250
Socks + Shoes: EMPORIUM – Xmas Heels/Socks @ WTF L$160

Emma is pictured with…
Serenity Style-Winter Warm Set for DECO(C)RATE
Ottoman 1: Serenity Style- Warm Winter Puf
Ottoman 2: Serenity Style- Warm Winter Puf Drape
Food tray: Serenity Style- Warm Winter Tray

Mesh India – Christmas Gacha @ Cosmopolitan L$60 per play
Skate board: 4 MI Gift of Kids (1 LI)
Gift basket: 8 MI Gift for Girls (2 LI)

Irrie’s Dollhouse – Christmas Crafting Gacha @ The Chapter Four L$65 per play
Card shelf: i { DH } Gacha! Holiday Cards Shelf
Noel: i { DH } Gacha! Christmas Crafting Noel
Gift wrap: i { DH } Gacha! Christmas Crafting Paper Rolls
Boxes: i { DH } Gacha! Christmas Stacked Boxes
Garland: i { DH } Gacha! Christmas Paper Chain Garland

Fireplace: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Victorian Marble Fireplace @ WTF L$255
Wood pile: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Fireplace Tools @ WTF L$115
Rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Winter Hemp Rug @ WTF L$175 (in set)

House: Ionic : Downtown Cottage N39 {Vintage interior} L$850
Space Heater: 7 Emporium – Space Heater PH-2298A-02 L$50 (16 December Only)
Christmas tree: Heart Homes “Luxury Regency” Christmas tree – Deco L$399

Emma is pictured with freebies from…
Star sticks: uK – Starlite Boxes – Spotlight Magazine L$0/Free [Group Gift]
Clock: Kaerri – Advent Clock @ KittyCats Advent Calendar L$0/Free

@ The Arcade L$0/Free
Wreath: Ariskea[Season of Giving] Wreath
Drink bottle: Tentacio – kawaii bottle
Teddy bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Poor Abandoned Bear
Wavy light: The Horror!~ Wave Ceiling Light (Arcade Gift)

Song: Charles William – That Time of Year

That Time of Year


Hullo, my responsible readers.

Today I am featuring Bliensen + MaiTai Hair, Naberius, The White Crow, Ama and The Annex @ ROMP. Plus 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday.

The ROMP fair is well under way and it is the ultimate collection of elegant kink.

I am wearing bondage hair from Bliensen + MaiTai Hair. There are four color packs available and the HUD includes 8 tones and 2 metals.

The neck and back brace is from Naberius. It’s available in seven colors and there is a male and female version included. The White Crow have designed markings to accompany the brace. It’s made for Maitreya, Slink and TMP.

The cuffs are from Ama. They’re re-sizeable and come with a color HUD.

The elegant dress is from The Annex. It’s available in four striking colors and it is made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.

I am pictured with the walk button box and lab safety sign from 7 Emporium for Fifty Linden Friday. That’s right, you only pay L$50 for each item. This price is only available on Friday 21 October, 2016.

I hope you enjoy today’s zombie look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai Hair – Bound – Blonds @ ROMP L$239
Brace: \\Naberius\\ Spinal Tap *silver* F Maitreya @ ROMP L$299
Tattoo: -[TWC]- Spinal Tattoo. @ ROMP L$120
Cuffs: Ama. : Cute Cuffs @ ROMP L$99
Dress: The Annex – Eden Gown – Black – Maitreya @ ROMP L$295

Emma is pictured with…
Button: 7 – Walk Button Box L$50 (21 October Only)
Sign: 7 – Lab Safety Sign L$50 (21 October Only)

Song: Muse – Psycho