The Good Life


Hullo, my living readers.

Today I am featuring EMO-tions, Nerido, theSkinnery, Come Soon Poses, Mesh India and Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan.

I am wearing hair from EMO-tions. It includes a hat. The dress is from Nerido. It’s made for Maitreya and comes in 12 colors. While they might be a tad hard to see, I am also wearing freckles from theSkinnery. The face freckles are made for Omega, the body freckles are made for Omega, Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.

We are posed by Come Soon Poses. The bike prop is made for two. A scene is also included but not pictured.

We are pictured with a number of items from the Summer Dock Decor gacha by Mesh India, including the uncommon deck and the rare gazebo. For all the items used from this gacha, please see below. I have also pictured the Polka Dot Patio set by Chez Moi.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MALINA * @ Cosmopolitan
Freckles: [theSkinnery] Sunkissed Freckles (Tattoo Hud) @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: ~Nerido~ Corina Dress (Maitreya)-Rose @ Cosmopolitan

We are posed by…
Prop: *CS* Summer Day – 03 @ Cosmopolitan

Pictured with…
Mesh India – Summer Dock Decor Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Dock: 11 MI Summer Dock [24 LI] Uncommon
Gazebo: 10 MI Summer Gazebo [22 LI] Rare
Shell lights: 06 MI Summer Shell Light Set [3 LI]
Sign: 02 MI Summer ALOHA Sign [1 LI]
Boat decor: 04 MI Summer Driftwood Boat Decor [1 LI]
Rope: 03 MI Summer Rope on Ground [2 LI]

Chez Moi – Polka Dot Patio Set @ Cosmopolitan
Seat: Patio Chair (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Table: Table White Polka Dots CHEZ MOI
Cup: Tea Cup Polka Dots CHEZ MOI
Teapot: Teapot Polka Dots CHEZ MOI

Song: Thirsty Merc – The Good Life

The Good Life

Cold Ain’t For Me

Hullo, my perfect readers.

Today I am featuring Fabia, Ilaya, Codex, Blow-Up, Come Soon Poses and Poisoned Diamond @ Tropical Summer Fair. Plus Ionic @ The Chapter Four.

If you haven’t made your way to the Tropical Summer Fair yet, the time has come. I am wearing hair and hat from Fabia. There is a color HUD for the hair and hat. The hair can be worn without the hat. The swimwear is from Ilaya. It’s made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya and comes in 10 colors and 3 prints.

The rings are from CODEX. They’re made for Maitreya bento hands and come with a color HUD. I am holding a popsicle, made for Bento hands, from Blow-Up. There is a hand and mouth version included and you can change the texture.

I am posed by Come Soon Poses. The float prop comes with a scene. The scene is not pictured. Instead, I am pictured with the island from Poisoned Diamond. It has solo sun bathing poses.

I’ve also pictured a couple of items from the Fiesta gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four.

I hope you enjoy today’s ocean look.


Emma is wearing…
Hat /w hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Summer time> Natural Tones HAT @ TSF
Swimwear: [ILAYA] Palm Frond Swimsuit Maitreya @ TSF
Ice lolly: Blow-Up – Bento Popsicle – Hand @ TSF

Emma is posed by…
Float: *CS* Summer Sunshine – Pose+Floaty @ TSF

Emma is pictured with…
Island: (Poisoned Diamond) lil’ Tropical Island @ TSF

Ionic – Fiesta @ The Chapter Four
Fridge: ionic : Eco Juice Fridge
Food: ionic : Aperitivo

Song: Oceans – Cold Ain’t For Me

Cold Ain’t For Me

Good Vibrations

Hullo, my there readers.

Today I am featuring Sese, United Colors and Krescendo @ Tropical Summer Fair, Serenity Style @ TLC, Ionic @ The Chapter Four, Come Soon Poses @ U L T R A, Chez Moi and unKindness.

From the Tropical Summer Fair I am featuring hair from Sese. It includes the hair, hair with hat, plus a color HUD for both the hat and hair. The hair is resizable and comes in five color packs. The bikini is from United Colors. It’s made for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. The fatpack includes a color HUD to change each panel of the swimwear, with lots of fun Summer shades. The mermaid sign is from a sign gacha by Krescendo.

I am pictured with the Alex Vintage Summer set from Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative. It includes the house stage, chair and bag. I finished the scene with the BBQ and crate with accessories from Chez Moi. Plus the beer tub from a gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four Lastly the natural picket fence from unKindness.

I am posed by Come Soon Poses @ U L T R A. Please note this is a couples pose but you can use either as a solo pose, if you choose. The pose comes with surfboard props and a beach scene. (Not pictured)

I hope you enjoy today’s surfer look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair /w hat: Sese. Fuzzy. Hair + Cap @ TSF
Bikini: UC_Megie_bikini_all in 1_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza @ TSF

Emma is posed by…
Couples /w prop: *CS* Beach Time 02 – Pose @ U L T R A

Emma is pictured with…
BBQ: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. GrillBarbecue SummerFun
Crate /w accesories: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. MixedBox PoolFun
Beer tub: ionic : Birras! @ The Chapter Four
Mermaid sign: [Kres] Super Signs – Mermaid – RARE @ TSF
Fence: uK – Natural Picket Fence Segment 1

Serenity Style – Alex Vintage Summer Set @  TLC
Stage: Serenity Style- Alex Summer Vintage Stage
Chair: Serenity Style- Alex Summer Vintage Chair
Bag: Serenity Style- Alex Summer Vintage Bag

Song: The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Big Sur

Hullo, my around readers.

Today I am featuring Mignonne and Come Soon Poses @ U L T R A, Kaithleen’s, Rust Republic and CCDesign @ Cosmopolitan, Runaway @ Whore Couture Fair, 7 Emporium and Ionic.

From the U L T R A event I am wearing skin from Mignonne. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads. There are six tones available and it includes a shape inspired by Cara Delevingne. The shape is for use with the CatWa Catya bento head. Also at the event you’ll find the amazing pose prop from Come Soon Poses. It includes three static couples poses.

From Cosmopolitan I’m wearing a bustier top from Kaithleen’s. It’s made for Maitreya and comes in lots of luscious colors. The shorts are from Rust Republic and are made for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya. Also pictured is the stool from CCDesign. It comes in five colors.

Other items of interest include the stunning hair from Runaway @ Whore Couture Fair, the boombox from 7 Emporium and the pizza tray from a gacha @ Ionic.

I hope you enjoy today’s outdoor look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Mila Hair – Blondes @ Whore Couture Fair
Skin: [Mignonne] Cara ice skin HUD Catwa @ U L T R A
Top: Kaithleen’s Leather Bustier Top – Lipstick Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$99
Shorts: RUST REPUBLIC [PURRR] SHORTS Maitreya Beta @ Cosmopolitan L$200

Posed by…
Prop: *CS* Sunset – Set 1 @ U L T R A

Pictured with…
Boombox: 7 Emporium – Turntable Boombox  TT-X9-1000  L$200
Pizza Tray: *Ionic* Pizza!
Stool: CCD Cosmo MESH Stool 5 @ Cosmopolitan L$150

Song: The Thrills – Big Sur

Big Sur

Tear In My Heart


Hullo, my alive readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, House of Ruby @ Swank, Modish @ Cosmopolitan, Come Soon Poses @ Winter Trend, BIGBULLY @ Draftsman, Serenity Style @ The Crossroads, Apt B, Ionic and 7 Emporium. Plus Salt & Pepper for Midnight Madness.

I am wearing gorgeous new hair from Runaway @ Hairology. There are seven color packs available and each include one unfitted and three boob versions. The skin is from Modish @ Cosmopolitan. The glitter dress will be the noon gift @ Salt & Pepper for the next round of Midnight Madness. For all information on the event, see their website. The midnight gift is a limited edition knit print. You can purchase an additional limited edition HUD for only L$75. The stockings are from House of Ruby @ Swank. There are six colors included for Maitreya, Slink and Omega.

We are posed by Come Soon Poses @ Winter Trend. The event is now open and will run until the 23rd of December.

We’re pictured with a handful of items from the Creative Outdoors gacha @ Apt B. The rare pine boy is from a gacha by Serenity Style @ The Crossroads. Collect the whole cozy cute troop. The sleepy bear is from Ionic. The drink machine and drink sign are from 7 Emporium. The gazebo is from BIGBULLY @ Draftsman.

I hope you enjoy today’s sleigh ride.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Nymph Hair – Blondes @ Hairology COMING SOON
Skin: ::Modish::[Catwa] Kayo (F02)Face Applier HUD @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Dress: S&P dress Gwen Lara glitter L$0/Free (10 December 2016 ONLY)
Stockings: [HoR] Snow Fall Stockings for Her – Maitreya Multi HUD @ Swank L$146

Posed by…
Scene + Pose: *CS* This is Xmas – FullScene @ WTF L$89

Pictured with…
Apt B  – Creative Outdoors Gacha L$59 per play in set
Table: Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Table Green
Bench: Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Bench Green
Roses: Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Books

Toy: Serenity Style – Cozy Cute Troop PINE BOY – RARE @ The Crossroads L$70 per play
Bear: *Ionic* – Lazy Bear – L$75 per play

In the background…
Gazebo: BIGBULLY Grid Pavilion @ Draftsman L$300
Cold Drink sign: 7 Emporium – Cold Drinks Neon L$150
Soda machine: 7 – Pop Machine L$250

Chez Moi – Iron Patio Holiday Edition @ Sanarae L$490
Sofa: Iron Patio Sofa Holiday (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Arm chair: Iron Patio Armchair (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Ottoman: Iron Patio Ottoman Holiday  CHEZ MOI

Song: Twenty One Pilot – Tear In My Heart

Tear In My Heart

Gucci Gucci

Hullo, my magical readers.

Today I am featuring no.match, 7 Deadly Skin, Aidhona, PurpleMoon Creations, Since 1975, Supernatural, SECRETS and Come Soon Poses @ Haus of Swag.

The Haus of Swag event is only a few days away from closing, so now is the time to get your shopping shoes on to explore 100+ stores.

I am wearing hair from no.match. The beanie is attached and all the usual color packs are available. The skin is from 7 Deadly Skins. The lipstick is from Aidhona. There are five pastel colors. The hot lil dress is from PurpleMoon Creations. It’s made for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza and there are a number of prints available. Each come with a color HUD.

The accessories are a lil hard to see in the main picture but I am featuring earrings from Since 1975. The resizeable choker is from Supernatural. The knuckle rings are from SECRETS.

I am posed by Come Soon Poses. You get the full scene, boom box and couples pose. I have only used one of the poses in this shot.

I hope you enjoy today’s Haus of Swag look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_CUT ~ Blondes @ HoS L$200
Skin: [7DS] – Omega face -VISION Cotton Candy @ HoS L$600
Earrings: [Since1975]- Hallo Earrings Black @ HoS L$175
Lipstick: Aidhona – Luxury Lipstick for Catwa @ HoS L$120
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Kim Hearts Choker Silver @ HoS L$190
Dress: :: PM :: Saffron Dress MAITREYA – 69 @ HoS L$135
Ring: -SECRETS- Thug Life – Hand Palm Bracelet – Silver @ HoS L$70

Emma is posed by…
Pose + Scene: *CS* Street – 04 @ HoS L$89

Song: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

Gucci Gucci

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hullo, my innocent readers.

Today I am featuring no.match and The Little Branch @ Hello Tuesday. Plus Lakshmi, Asteria and Come Soon Poses @ Cosmopolitan.

There are lots of goodies waiting for you this Hello Tuesday. Pay 50% or L$50 on select items. I am wearing hair from no.match. A male and female version is included, plus CaTwa hair base HUD and system layers. Pictured in the background you’ll see the Maple Tree from The Little Branch. It has a four seasons texture change.

From the Cosmopolitan event I am wearing skin and lipstick from Lakshmi. The necklace, blouse and belted shorts are from Asteria. The blouse and shorts are made for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and come in a number of colors. There is also a matching hat. (Not pictured.)

We are posed by Come Soon Poses. It comes with the animations and an outdoor scene prop, with hill, gazebo, grass and trees.

Also pictured the pumpkin ladder from Panavia.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_DUSK ~ Pack of BLONDS @ Hello Tuesday L$100 (50% off)
Face skin: [LAKSHMI]Dita-CATWA Applier @ Cosmopolitan L$800
Skin: [LAKSHMI]Body Skin Applier – MAITREYA @ Cosmopolitan L$300
Lipstick: [LAKSHMI]Dita Lipstick-CATWA Applier/Basics @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Choker: Asteria “Celine” Necklace – Black @ Cosmopolitan L$100
Blouse: Asteria “Celine” Blouse [Maitreya/Belleza/Slink] – Ivory @ Cosmopolitan L$150
Shorts: Asteria “Celine” Belted Short [Maitreya/Belleza/Slink] – Black @ Cosmopolitan L$199

Posed by…
Prop: *CS* September End Full Scene @ Cosmopolitan L$89

Pictured with…
Ladder + Pumpkins: Panavia – Pumpkin Ladder WHITE @ Cosmopolitan L$199
Green tree: LB_WildMaple.v1{4Seasons} Hello Tuesday L$186 (50% off)

Song: Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends


Wake Me Up When September Ends