Where Do You Wanna Go?

Hullo, my light readers.

Today I am featuring Birth, Clockhaus, Raindale, Puke Rainbows and Sources @ Cosmopolitan. Plus Hilly Haalan and Verocity @ Hello Tuesday.

From the new round of Cosmopolitan, I am wearing skin from Birth. There are lots of gorgeous options to be won in this gacha, for CatWa mesh heads. The choker is from Clockhaus. It can be resized and is available in four colors.

I am pictured with an adorable house from Raindale. There is a version with and without lights included. The shelves are from Puke Rainbows. I have used two of the shelves from the white pack. The hanging day bed is from Sources. It has single, cuddles and sex animations.

Hello Tuesday deals are back. Save 50% or pay only L$50 for select items featured at the stores surrounding the main Cosmopolitan event building. I am wearing a lovely summer dress from Hilly Haalan. It is made for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, TMP and Tonic and includes a color HUD. The pose is from Verocity. It includes six poses with mirrored versions.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan porch look.


Emma is wearing…
Skin: *Birth* Eden Skin (Cawta ‘Annie’ Applier) – Tone 03 – RARE @ Cosmopolitan
Choker: CLOCKHAUS – Anabelle Choker WHITE @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: [hh] Ellis Maxi Dress MAITREYA @ Hello Tuesday

Emma is posed by…
Solo: Verocity – Uma 2 @ Hello Tuesday

Emma is pictured with…
House: Raindale – Kenward summer house (+lights) @ Cosmopolitan
Shelf 1: [PR] Roses Shelf White – Pink – Silver @ Cosmopolitan
Shelf 2: [PR] Roses Shelf White – Pink – Black @ Cosmopolitan
Day bed: KIPSA white by “sources” @ Cosmopolitan

Song: New Carnival – Where Do You Want To Go?

Where Do You Wanna Go?

These Memories


Hullo, my same readers.

Today I am featuring EMO-tions, Supernatural, Glitzz, Arte, Clockhaus, theSkinnery, Duvet Day, Myrrine, NewChurch and Eternal Dream @ Cosmopolitan.

The current round of Cosmopolitan will wrap up in a few short days. Don’t miss out on gorgeous items like the hair from EMO-tions. It includes a version with a hat. The necklace set is from Supernatural. The wrap is from Glitzz. It’s made for Maitreya and Slink and includes a color HUD.

The eye shadow I’m wearing is from Arte. It’s made for CatWa mesh and bento heads. The lashes are from Clockhaus. The face and skin freckles are from theSkinnery. The face freckles are made for Omega, the body freckles are made for Omega, Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.

I set up the scene in the Sandy Cove Beach Cottage from Duvet Day. Also pictured are items from a gacha by Myrrine. The bed is from NewChurch and includes sleep and embrace animations.

I am posed by Eternal Dream. There are six solo poses in the pack.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MALINA * – Blondes @ Cosmopolitan
Eye shadow: A R T E – Shimmer Liner [Catwa, Bento] @ Cosmopolitan
Lashes: CLOCKHAUS – Isabel Lashes @ Cosmopolitan
Necklace set: .::Supernatural::. Splash Set Silver @ Cosmopolitan
Freckles: [theSkinnery] Sunkissed Freckles (Tattoo Hud) @ Cosmopolitan
Wrap skirt: [Glitzz] Lavinia Sarong – Fatpack – Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is posed by…
Solo: *Eternal Dream* Connie 09 @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is pictured with…
Bed: :: N :: Ellis Bed, Oak (PG) @ Cosmopolitan

Duvet Day – Sandy Cove Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
House: [DD] Sandy Cove Beach Cottage RARERug: [DD Sandy Cove rug

Myrrine – Angelique Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Art: ANGELIQUE wheel n photos
Wardrobe: ANGELIQUE wardrobe RARE
Mannequin: ANGELIQUE mannequi
Frames: ANGELIQUE cluster of art
Vase: ANGELIQUE paper hearts
Chair 1: ANGELIQUE chair 1 RARE
Table: ANGELIQUE nightstand
Books: ANGELIQUE books/roses
Chair 2: ANGELIQUE chair 2 RARE
Book pile: ANGELIQUE pile of books RARE
Lamp: ANGELIQUE lamp

Song: Hollow Coves – These Memories

These Memories

All My Life

Hullo, my safe readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hair Fair from July 1, Salt & Pepper @ Japonica, Clockhaus @ Cosmopolitan, Heart Homes @ Sanarae, Galland Homes and Serenity Style.

From the upcoming Hair Fair, I am wearing a stunning new style from Runaway. This hair comes in one size and includes a color HUD and an omega hairbase HUD. There are eight color packs available. They eye lashes are from Clockhaus @ Cosmopolitan.

The dress is from Salt & Pepper @ Japonica. It’s made for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya.There are six colors available and each come with a HUD to change the belt and flowers. The fatpack includes a HUD to mix and match all colors.

I have set up the scene in the Victorian Outbuilding from Galland Homes. The gazebo and massage table are from Heart Homes @ Sanarae. The massage table has cuddles, massage and beauty animations. I finished the scene with a handful of items from the Ibiza Summer Gacha by Serenity Style.

I hope you enjoy today’s massage look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Ellie Hair @ Hair Fair
Lashes: CLOCKHAUS – Isabel Lashes @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: S&P dress Niche – Maitreya @ Japonica

Emma is pictured with…
Outbuilding: Galland Homes – Victorian Outbuilding

Heart Homes – Spa Massage Table -PG- @ Sanarae
Gazebo: <HEART HOMES> Outdoors gazebo
Massage table: <HEART HOMES> Spa Massage Table PG 1.0a
Pile of towels: <HEART HOMES> towel roll triple
Rolled towel: <HEART HOMES simple deco towel Roll

Serenity Style – Ibiza Summer Gacha
Towel: Serenity Style- Ibiza Towel
Pool: Serenity Style- Ibiza Pool
Pouffe: Serenity Style- Ibiza Puf
Bag: Serenity Style- Ibiza Bag

Song: WILD – All My Life

All My Life

Uptown Folks


Hullo, my well readers.

Today I am featuring Tabou and Thor @ Hello Tuesday, Clockhaus @ Cosmopolitan, Ionic @ The Hidden Chapter, Galland Homes and Runaway. Plus Regimade, Consignment and Garrett Interiors @ Second Pride from June 23.

Hello Tuesday deals are happening now! Save 50% or pay only L$50 on select items. I am wearing a dress, made for Maitreya bodies, from Tabou. In the background you’ll see the industrial table and stools from Thor.

I am also wearing lashes from Clockhaus @ Cosmopolitan. They’re made for CatWa mesh heads. The hair is from Runaway.

The scene is set up in the Stonehurst Redux house from Galland Homes. This house is two story, open plan living, with balcony.

The Second Pride festival runs from  June 23 – July 2, 2017. For the 12th edition of Pride we are going to be better, stronger and faster! One entire sim filled with Parties – Shopping – Amusement Rides – Lounging in cafés and parks and much more! Amazing Content Creators – The Best DJ’s and Hosts – Superb Live Vocalists and more, this years Pride cannot be missed! [Information from the official press release]

I am pictured with the adult chair from Regimade. Please note the pose used, is not in the chair. It has solo sits and adult animations. On the table are a couple of decorative items from Consignment. The rug is from Garrett Interiors and includes 9 textures.

Lastly I have used a handful of items from the Small Things gacha by Ionic @ The Hidden Chapter.

I hope you enjoy today’s uptown look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Marina Hair – Blondes
Lashes: CLOCKHAUS – Isabel Lashes @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: TABOU. Claudia Dress- Maitreya-Black @ Hello Tuesday

Emma is pictured with…
House: Galland Homes – Stonehurst Redux
Sofa: Fuckin’ Chair – Regimade @ Second Pride
Rug: Garrett Interiors – Mesh MT Leather Rugs – Texture Change @ Second Pride
Plant: [Con.] Skull Plant Pot – Fight it @ Second Pride
On air sign: [Con.] On Air Signage – Silver @ Second Pride

Ionic – Small Things @ The Hidden Chapter
Desert: ionic : Helado de fresa
Mandarin: ionic : Mandarinas
Clock: ionic : El reloj y las llaves
Vase: ionic : Plantita de cristal

Thor – Industrial Set @ Hello Tuesday
Table: ..::TH::.. Industrial Table (with giver)*
Chair: ..::TH::.. Cycle Stool
Lights: ..::TH::.. Hanging Glass Lamp
Pillar: ..::TH::.. Industrial Column with block

Song: Dope Lemon – Uptown Folks

Uptown Folks


Hullo, my tame readers.

Today I am featuring Tukinowaguma, A R T E, Milk Tea, Italiano, CLOCKHAUS, Duvet Day, Irrie’s Dollhouse and NewChurch @ Cosmopolitan.

From the current round of Cosmopolitan I am wearing hair from Tukinowaguma. There is a rigged and unrigged version included. The eyeliner is from A R T E. It’s made for Catwa and includes 14 colors. There are two versions available. The necklace is from CLOCKHAUS. A number of stunning colors are available.

The lingerie, for Omega, is from Milk Tea. There are four pretty colors available. The shoes are from Italiano. They are made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya and include a 12 color HUD.

I am pictured with a number of items from the Duvet Day gacha. For a full list of items, please see below. I finished the scene with the pretty lamp from a gacha by Irrie’s Dollhouse. The art, mirror, bench and accessories are from NewChurch.

I hope you enjoy today’s bedroom look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: *TKW* Hoya @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Eye liner: A R T E – Lush Liner [Catwa, Bento] @ Cosmopolitan L$199
Necklace: CLOCKHAUS – Necklace Lariss // SILVER // @ Cosmopolitan L$199
Lingerie: Milk Tea: ~PollyAnna~ Blue – (Omega Applier) @ Cosmopolitan L$200
Shoes: Italiano Starry Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$390

Emma is pictured with…
Lamp: i { DH } Lady Blossom Lamp *Blush* RARE @ Cosmopolitan L$50 per play

Duvet Days – Lace and Letters @ Cosmopolitan L$69 per play
Bed: [DD] Lace bed (PG)
Letters: [DD] Letters tied with string
Table: [DD] Table
Candle: [DD] Lace candle
Chair: [DD] Chair

NewChurch – Flatiron Console Set @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Art 1: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Art 2: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Mirror: :: N :: Flatiron Console Mirror, Zinc
Art 3: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Art 4: :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print
Bench: :: N :: Flatiron Console, Antique Pine (full set)
Building deco: Flatiron Building Model
Plant: Aloe Plant
Skull: Goat Skull

Song: Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader


Australia Street

Hullo, my perfect readers.

Before I jump into today’s post I’d like to apologize for my absence. I’ve had a world of graphics issues, internet trouble and a lil heartache. Instead of dwelling on those things, I’m going to catch up with all the blogging goodness and share lots of amazing products. There will be one small change to my posts, I’ll no longer be posting the price of items, unless I have been given the information from the designer. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Today I am featuring Serenity Style, Fiasco and Chez Moi @ MadPea International Food Fair, Lucas Lameth, Clockhaus, Italiano, Mesh India and Di’s Opera @ Cosmopolitan, Runaway @ Hairology, Salt & Pepper @ Rewind and Nomad @ Draftsman.

From the MadPea International Food Fair event I am featuring three amazing designers. The event is to raise money for the Feed A Smile charity. From Serenity Style I have pictured the rare Tapas y Mas building, plus a handful of common items. All items are listed below. The table and dining chairs are from Fiasco. Chez Moi have created a fun food cart with poses. There are three colors available.

The current round of Cosmopolitan is almost over (we’ve missed tooooo much, I know!!). Before it changes its treats, head on down to check out the pretty necklace from Lucas Lameth. The stockings are from Clockhaus. They’re made for Belleza, L.Inc, Sking, Banned, Maitreya and Omega. I finished my look with boots from Italiano. They’re made for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and TMP. Also at the event you’ll find the car from Mesh India and the pose from Di’s Opera.

Other items of interest include gorgeous hair from Runaway @ Hairology. The dress is from Salt & Pepper @ REWIND. This metallic leather dress comes in eight single colors and is made for Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. In the background you’ll see the factory available from Nomad @ Draftsman.

I hope you enjoy today’s street look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Joanne Hair – Boobs Unfitted  @ Hairology L$275
Necklace: (luc) Marguerite Statement Necklace, Black/Silver @ Cosmopolitan L$229
Dress: S&P dress Heather Lara @ REWIND L$249
Stockings: CLOCKHAUS – Sonia Stockings WHITE @ Cosmopolitan L$169
Shoes: Italiano Boots Rise Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan L$490

Emma is posed by…
Solo: Di’s Opera – Luxious 1 – 1 @ Cosmopolitan L$50

Emma is pictured with…
Table: Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Island @ MadPea International Food Fair
Chair: Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Chair @ MadPea International Food Fair

Market cart: CHEZ MOI – Farmers Market Cart White @ MadPea International Food Fair

Serenity Style – Tapas y Mas Gacha @ MadPea International Food Fair
Shop: Serenity Style- Chiringuito RARE
Menu board: Serenity Style- Menu Board
Glass: Serenity Style- Empty glasses
Plate: Serenity Style- Pile of dishes
Food 1: Serenity Style- Pulpo a la gallega
Food 2: Serenity Style- Pincho de tortilla

Car: MI Classic Retro Car Dining PG  [15 LI] @ Cosmopolitan L$300
Factory: Nomad // Old Factory B @ Draftsman

Song: Sticky Fingers – Australia Street

Australia Street

Elevator Operator

Hullo, my youthful readers.

Today I am featuring Panavia, ClockHaus, Aurica Store, Mimikri, Hilly Haalan, Aubrey Cosmetics, BellePoses and Soujorn @ Cosmopolitan.

The glasses are from Panavia. I am wearing a couple of different necklaces. Firstly, the silver choker and silver chain are from ClockHaus. The long black unisex necklace is from JAS. The upper body tattoo is from Aurica Store. It’s made for Maitreya, Omega, Slink, TMP and tattoo layer. The super hot lil outfit, for Slink, Maitreya and in standard sizes, comes in four colors for Mimikri. I finished the look with shoes from Hilly Haalan. They’re made for Slink and Maitreya.

I am pictured with the rare elevator set from the city inspired gacha by Aubrey Cosmetics. There are lots of great backdrops to be won. Also pictured are the sofa and ottoman from Soujorn. You can purchase each item separately or save money by buying the set. I am posed by BellePoses.

I hope you enjoy today’s rock star Cosmopolitan look.


Emma is wearing…
Glasses: PANAVIA COLIAS Be-MP @ Cosmopolitan L$239
Tattoo: Aurica Store – Yaloro @ Cosmopolitan L$250
Silver necklace: ClockHaus – Silvane Choker @ Cosmopolitan L$165
Black necklace: {JAS} Mercutio – female – black @ Cosmopolitan L$179
Top + Skirt: Mimikri – Klio black @ Cosmopolitan L$150

Heels: [hh] Fergie Fringe Boots MAITREYA @ Cosmopolitan L$125

Emma is posed by…
Solo: BellePoses – Adriana (Set of 6) @ Cosmopolitan L$100

Emma is pictured with…
Set: RARE Aubrey Cosmetics // Classy Elevator Background @ Cosmopolitan L$70 per play
Sofa: Sojourn – Compound Couch @ Cosmopolitan L$150
Ottoman:  Sojourn – Compound Ottoman @ Cosmopolitan L$100

Song: Courtney Barnett – Elevator operator

Elevator Operator