Bon Appétit

Hullo, my hungry readers.

Today I am featuring Tukinowaguma, ARTE, Avenge, InsurreKtion, Carol G, Safira, ChicChica, Cinphul, NACH and Mesh India @ Cosmopolitan.

The current round of Cosmopolitan is into its second week. Don’t miss out on spectacular items like the hair from Tukinowaguma. It includes a style HUD with up and down styles, plus bangs. The eye shadow is from ARTE. It’s made for CatWa and LeLutka. There are 6 tones.

The earrings are from the Moon Necklaces and Earring Gacha by Avenge. There are earrings, short and long necklaces to be won, in a variety of colors. The bracelet and ring are from InsurreKtion. They’re made for Bento and classic hands. The set also includes earrings. (Not pictured).

The tattoo is from Carol G. It’s available in red, black and white. There are four color levels. Appliers are for Slink, TMP, Belleza, Bento Vista, Maitreya and Omega.

The top and shorts are from Safira. They’re made for Maitreya. I am holding the bowl of jelly bears and the single jelly bear from ChicChica.

I am pictured with items from the Tiandi Set by Cinphul. The treat table is from NACH. The witch, pumpkin candle and trick or treat sign can be won in the Witches Decor Gacha by  Mesh India.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan trick or treat look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: *TKW* Hale – Blondes @ Cosmopolitan
Eye shadow:  A R T E – Fairy Eyeshadow [Catwa] @ Cosmopolitan
Earrings: [Avenge] Pure Moon earrings – silver  @ Cosmopolitan
Tattoo: Diva – Black Tattoo [CAROL G] @ Cosmopolitan

InsurreKtion – Elizabeth Set @ Cosmopolitan
Ring: [IK] Elizabeth Ring – Bento Version L
Bracelet: [IK] Elizabeth Brazelet L

Safira – Loreen @ Cosmopolitan
Top: – Safira – Loreen Top (Maitreya Lara)
Shorts: – Safira – Loreen Bottom (Maitreya Lara)

Emma is holding…
ChicChica – Jelly Bear Set @ Cosmopolitan
Bowl: :::ChicChica::: Jelly bears
Jelly: :::ChicChica::: Jelly bear

Emma is pictured with…
Treat table: NACH Halloween Table Complete Blogger (Copy) @ Cosmopolitan

Cinphul – Tiandi Set @ Cosmopolitan
Table: cinphul // tiandi [table]
Plant decoration: cinphul // tiandi [shang]
Square decoration: cinphul // tiandi [cong]

Mesh India -The Witches Decor Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Witch: 09 MI The Witch Fly [1 LI]
Pumpkin candle: 01 MI Witch Pumpkin Candle [1 LI]
Sign: 05 MI Trick or Treat [1 LI]

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link until 21 October.]

Bon Appétit

Live With Me

Hullo, my sincere readers.

Today I am featuring Entwined, Avenge and RedFish @ Black Fair, Serenity Style @ TLC, Heart Homes @ On9 and Ionic.

From the Black Fair I am wearing hair from Entwined. The dress is from Avenge. It’s made for Maitreya and Slink. There are three colors in plain lace and blood lace. The leg tattoo is from RedFish. The tattoo also includes a back piece. There are two shades. I am wearing the faded version.

The scene has been set up in the Rick Forest Cabin by Serenity Style @ TLC. It is two story, open plan living with a deck. The kitchen is from Heart Homes @ On9. It’s available in Adult, PG and Family. There are many realistic cooking scenes. Also pictured are items from the Dreamers Gacha by  Ionic. For all items pictured, please see below.

I hope you enjoy today’s pancake look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: .Entwined. Jana – Blondes @ Black Fair
Dress: [Avenge] Lace dress for Maitreya – white @ Black Fair
Leg tattoo: RedFish – Naory Tattoo @ Black Fair

Emma is pictured with…
House:  Serenity Style- Rick Forest Cabin @ TLC
Kitchen: <Heart Homes> Kitchenette – PG -1.0 @ On9

Ionic –  Dreamers Gacha
Table: ionic . Rounded Table
Stool: ionic . Stool (Cyan)
Milk shakes: ionic . Milkshakes
Tortilla: ionic . Spanish Tortilla

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

Song: Massive Attack – Live With Me

Live With Me

Oh My Love

Hullo, my blessed readers.

Today I am featuring Fabia, Q Poses @ Cosmopolitan, Avenge @ U L T R A, Aphrodite @ The Trunk Show, Salt & Pepper and Ionic.

From Cosmopolitan I am wearing hair from Fabia. It includes 1 size and the color HUD. We are posed by Q Poses. It includes a mirrored version.

I am wearing a gorgeous dress from Salt & Pepper. It’s made for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya.  There are 9 colors available and they include a HUD to change the string color.

Jake is wearing skin from Avenge @ U L T R A. It’s made for CatWa mesh heads. There are 6 tones available. There is a shape included for Stanley bento heads.

The scene has been set up in the St Mary Magdalen Church from Ionic.

The wedding items are from Aphrodite @ The Trunk Show. For a full list of items, please see below. This set also includes palm frond arches and palm trees. It’s intended for a beach wedding but the items work beautifully indoors as well. For more information, click here.

I hope you enjoy today’s wedding look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Sonya> Natural Tones @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: S&P dress Anouk Lara

Jake is wearing…
Skin: [Avenge] Marcus skin applier for Catwa – pale @ U L T R A

Posed by…
Couples pose: {QP} – Wrapped In Your Arms @ Cosmopolitan

Pictured with…
Building: Ionic : St Mary Magdalen Church

Aphrodite – Tropical Wedding @ The Trunk Show
Flowers: Aphrodite Tropical – Coconut Planter
Altar: Aphrodite Tropical –  Animated Altar
Book: Aphrodite Tropical – Bookstand
Table torch: Aphrodite Tropical – Small Torch 1
Standing torch: Aphrodite Tropical – Dream Large Torch
Flower aisle: Aphrodite Tropical – Petals
Chairs: Aphrodite Tropical Dream –  Wedding Chair 8
Hanging lights: Aphrodite Tropical –  Lights Arch

Song: The Score – Oh My Love

Oh My Love

I Don’t Wanna Dance

Hullo, my watching readers.

Today I am featuring Salt & Pepper, an lar poses, Vagabond @ ROMP, Runaway @ Hairology, Avenge @ Fetish Fair, unKindness @ Whimsical, Aphrodite @ Enchantment, Serenity Style @ Tres Chic and Shiny Shabby, 7 Emporium and Ionic. Plus a group gift from KraftWork.

From the ROMP event I am wearing an outfit from the Strapped gacha by Salt & Pepper. It’s made for Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya. There are lots of pieces to be won including bra, panties, garter and skirts in a number of colors, including the rare black set. The pose is from an lar poses. There are five poses, with mirrored versions included. The fantasy sign is from Vagabond.

I am also wearing hair from Runaway @ Hairology. Plus jewel footwear from Avenge @ Fetish Fair. They’re made for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza, come in five colors and include a color HUD.

From Ionic I am pictured with items from the inside/outside collection, plus the table from the Where is? gacha. The tea set items are from the Tea Time Delight gacha by unKindness @ Whimsical. For all items used, please see below.

I finished the scene with items from Aphrodite @ Enchantment, Serenity Style @ Tres Chic and Shiny Shabby and 7 Emporium. Plus the Rolling Puns art work, which is a group gift @ KraftWork.

I hope you enjoy today’s indoor look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jessica Hair – Blondes @ Hairology
Shoes: [Avenge] Jewel feet for Maitreya – ruby @ Fetish Fair

Salt & Pepper – Strapped. @ ROMP
Bra: S&P Strapped. bra bubblegum Lara
Corset: S&P Strapped. corset bubblegum Lara
Panties: S&P Strapped. panties bubblegum Lara
Garter: S&P Strapped. garter bubblegum Lara
Skirt: S&P Strapped. wide skirt bubblegum Lara

Emma is posed by…
Solo: an lar [poses] The Oriana Series – One (m) @ ROMP

Emma is pictured with…
Table: Ionic – where is my kitchen table?
Jukebox: 7 – Mini Music II Jukebox
Arabian tea set: Aphrodite “Arabian” Tea Set @ Enchantment
Coffee table: Serenity Style- Andretti Recycled  Shabby Table @ Tres Chic
Fantasy sign: Vagabond – Fantasy Signage @ ROMP

KraftWork – Rolling Puns [Group Gift]
Art 1: KraftWork Rolling Puns – Oh Crop
Art 2: KraftWork Rolling Puns – Shot Serif
Art 3: KraftWork Rolling Puns – Kern Less

unKindness  – Tea Time Delight Gacha @ Whimsical
uK – Tea Time Delight Cherry Red Velvet Cake & Cup
uK – Tea Time Delight Choco Orange Stacked
uK – Tea Time Delights Tea Pot Cream Floral
uK – Tea Time Delight Choco Butterscotch Cupcake
uK – Tea Time Delight Cup Stack Roses
uK – Tea Time Delight Stacked Blackberry Vintage Cups
uK – Tea Time Delight Candle Lemon Strawberry RARE
uK – Tea Time Delight Candle White Chocolate RARE

Ionic –  interior / exterior
House: *ionic* Village house
Lamp: *ionic*  Interior Lamp
Dark art: *ionic* Landscape {paper roll}
Bench: *ionic* Interior bench

Pictured outside…
Serenity Style- Luanes Wall Lattice @ Shiny Shabby
Fence: Serenity Style- Luanes Lattice Wall Large  Shabby
Gate: Serenity Style- Luanes Lattice Gate2 Shabby

Song: COIN – I Don’t Wanna Dance

I Don’t Wanna Dance

Once a Day

Hullo, my every day readers.

Today I am featuring Pumec, Avenge, Swallow, Duvet Day and Mesh India @ Cosmopolitan. Plus no.match and LuLu @ Hello Tuesday.

Hello Tuesday deals are back. Save 50% off or pay only L$50 on select items at the stores surrounding the main event building. I am wearing hair from no.match. This is a blondes pack. It includes two sizes. The dress is from LuLu. It’s made for Maitreya and comes with a color HUD.

The current anniversary round of  Cosmopolitan will wrap up at the end of the week. The skin is from Pumec. There are four tones available and it’s made for CatWa mesh heads. I am wearing earrings and necklace from Avenge. They include a color HUD. The ring is from Swallow and is made for Slink, Vista and Maitreya.

The scene has been set up in the skybox from the Midnight in Marrakech gacha by Duvet Day. I have used a handful of items from that gacha, plus items from the Last Room gacha by Mesh India to complete the look.

I hope you enjoy today’s chilled  look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: no.match_ ~  NO_WHY ? – A  ~ Pack of BLONDS @ Hello Tuesday
Skin: .:[PUMEC] :. – .:RUMI:. –  /  March \  – SKIN (Catwa) @ Cosmopolitan
Dress: *LuLu* AliciaNuisette_Azur  @ Hello Tuesday
Ring: ^^Swallow^^ Deer Skull Left Hand (Maitreya) @ Cosmopolitan

Avenge – Floreal @ Cosmopolitan
Earrings: [Avenge] Floreal earring
Necklace: [Avenge] Floreal necklace

Emma is pictured with…
Duvet Day – Midnight in Marrakech @ Cosmopolitan
Building: [DD] Midnight in Marrakech home MC
Plant: [DD] Midnight in Marrakech damask sofa MC
White Chair:  [DD] Midnighat in Marrakech chair MC
Table: [DD] Midnight in Marrakech mosaic table MC
Lantern: [DD] Midnight in Marrakech hanging lantern teal MC
Sofa: [DD] Midnight in Marrakech damask sofa MC

Mesh India – Last Room @ Cosmopolitan
Ladder with hanging lights: 14 MI LastRoom Ladder light [6 LI]
Beam /w lights: 13 MI LastRoom Roof Pipeline with Light [7 LI]
Art: 03 MI LastRoom Wall Poster
Cube art: 04 MI LastRoom Silverball Decor [1LI]
Chinese box 1: 06 MI LastRoom Noodles box 1 [1 LI]
Chinese box 2: 07 MI LastRoom Noodles box 2 [1 LI]
Rug: 05 MI LastRoom Old Rug [3 LI]

Song: Michael Franti & Spearhead – Once A Day

Once a Day

Sit Next to Me

Hullo, my tempted readers.

Today I am featuring Lakshmi, Milk Tea, Avenge, NACH, Bellarose and Fayded @ Cosmopolitan.

I am wearing hair from Lakshmi. It includes three sizes and the color HUD. There are five color packs available. The lingerie is new from Milk Tea. It’s made for  Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega appliers and comes in four colors. The bracelet is from a gacha by Avenge.

The scene was set up in the small house from NACH. It’s open plan living. The day bed and rug are from Bellarose. It has solo male and female sits, plus couples animations. Please note that I have used one of the couples poses and adjusted the pose for single use. I finished the scene with items from Fayded. Please see below for all items used.

I hope you enjoy today’s Cosmopolitan lingerie look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: FAT-HUD[LAKSHMI Hair]01Blondes – Blenda @ Cosmopolitan
Lingerie: Milk Tea: White Neisha Applier for Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan
Bracelet: [Avenge] Clou bracelet with gems – silver [RARE] @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is pictured with…
House: NACH Summer House @ Cosmopolitan

Fayded @ Cosmopolitan
Table 1: FAYDED – 80’s Record Table1
Table 2: FAYDED – 80’s Record Table2
Fire place: FAYDED – 80s Mounted Firepit
Neon tree: FAYDED – 80s Neon Palm Tree

Bellarose Furniture @ Cosmopolitan
Day bed: [BR] Draped DayBed PG
Rug: [BR] Woven Boho Rug Resizable

Song: Foster The People – Sit Next to Me

Sit Next to Me

Gold Digger

Hullo, my calling readers.

Today I am featuring 7 Deadly Skins, Krescendo @ U L T R A, Fiasco @ The Epiphany, Avale @ Cosmopolitan, Runaway and Avenge.

I am wearing hair from Runaway. The skin is from 7 Deadly Skins @ U L T R A. The dress, from Avale, will be available at the upcoming round of Cosmopolitan. It’s made for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and TMP. The heels are from Avenge. They’re made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

The scene is set up in the Studio 88 skybox by Krescendo @ U L T R A. It is open plan living, with a small upstairs loft.

I am pictured with items from the Spa gacha by Fiasco @ The Epiphany. For a list of all items used, please see below.

I hope you enjoy today’s spa look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Marina Hair – Blondes
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Olivia  HUD omega FACE&BODY cotton candy  @ U L T R A
Dress: . a v a l e – Trinity (Maitreya) @ Cosmopolitan
Shoes: [Avenge] Crossed mules for Maitreya – pink

Emma is posed by…
Solo: Le Poppycock-Essence of romance (High feet)

Emma is pictured with…
Skybox: [Kres] Studio 88 – Skybox @ U L T R A

Fiasco – Spa Gacha @ The Epiphany
Massage table: Fiasco – Spa Massage Table
Oil burner: Fiasco – Spa Oil Diffuser Exclusive
Sauna: Fiasco – Spa Sauna RARE
Screen: Fiasco – Spa Room Divider
Art: Fiasco – Spa Art
Chair: Fiasco – Spa Salon Chair
Cabinet: Fiasco – Spa End Table
Mirror: Fiasco – Spa Mirror
Foot spa chair: Fiasco – Spa Pedispa

Song: The Pigs – Gold Digger

Gold Digger