Take Five

Hullo, my five readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hairology, SPELL @ The Chapter Four, KraftWork and Serenity Style @ Pocket Gacha and Salt & Pepper.

I am wearing new hair from Runaway @ Hairology. It includes one size and is available in 7 color packs. The necklace is from a gacha by SPELL @ The Chapter Four. The dress can be found in the Salt & Pepper main store. It’s made for Maitreya, Hourglass and in standard sizes.

I am pictured with two amazing sets from the upcoming round of Pocket Gacha. Grab the HUD from participating stores or on the marketplace and you can enjoy the gacha madness from the comfort of your own home. The scene has been set up in the Jazz Club from KraftWork. For all the club accessories used, please see below. I have also used items from the Janire Vintage gacha set by Serenity Style.

I hope you enjoy today’s Jazz Club look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jennifer Hair @ Hairology
Hair accessory: S&P Audrey Headpiece
Necklace: SPELL : Evenstar @ The Chapter Four
Dress: S&P Dress Audrey maitreya

Emma is pictured with…
KraftWork – Shotgun Jazz Club Gacha @ Pocket Gacha
Building: 1 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Building
Jazz Sign: 13 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Sign
Tall table: 5 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Bar Table
Ashtray: 4 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Ashtray
Short table: 12 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Simple Table
Chair: 11 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Simple Chair
Piano: 2 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Piano
Drums: 3 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Drum Set
Back wall art: 9 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 1
Side wall art: 10 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 2
Fan: 7 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Fan (static)
Bass case: 8 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Bass Case
Hat tip jar: 6 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Tip Jar (scripted)

Serenity Style – Janire Vintage Gacha @ Pocket Gacha
Phone: Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Wall Telephone RARE
Radio: Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Radio
Sideboard: Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Sideboard
Coat rack: Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Coat Rack
Small hanging art: Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Picture
Boxes: Serenity Style- Janire Vintage  Boxes

Song: Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Take Five

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