Throw Your Arms Around Me

Hullo, my touched readers.

Today I am featuring D-Style @ Winter Trend Fair, Serenity Style @ Madpea Christmas Calendar, Heart Homes, Clustered, Ionic and Runaway.

The Winter Trend Fair will open its doors on December 9. This amazing event is run by WeDo SL Events. It’s probably a lil early for a preview but I couldn’t wait. From D-Style I am wearing two new releases. The super cute sweater and shirt combo, made for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP and the socks and doc boots made for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.

I am pictured with the Merry Christmas living room set from Heart Homes. This set includes sofas, rug, fireplace and other decorative items.

Other items of interest include the rare house from a gacha @ Ionic. The adorable lil reindeer is from Serenity Style @ Madpea Christmas Calendar. Head on over to the website for all the information. I’ve also used a couple of items from the Christmas Deco Collection @ Clustered. Plus hair from Runaway.

I hope you enjoy today’s lounge room look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [RA] Jade Hair – Essentials L$250
Sweater/Shirt: :: D-Style – Big Sweater w.Shirt – HUD :: WTF COMING DECEMBER 9
Socks/Boots: :: D-Style – DOC BOOT & SOCK w. HUD :: WTF COMING DECEMBER 9

Pictured with…
House: Ionic  – White Dreams (house) RARE L$90 per play

Heart Homes – Merry Christmas – Living Room Set L$1,250
Sofa: “Merry Christmas” Bedsofa (PG)
Table: “Merry Christmas” Couch Table
Rug: “Merry Christmas” Cuddly Rug
Tray: “Merry Christmas” Hot Chocolate & chips cookies tray
Arm chair: “Merry Christmas” Bedchair -Single-
Tree: “Merry Christmas” Small Xmas Tree
Fire place: “Merry Christmas” – Fireplace
Bowl: “Merry Christmas” Decorative Bowl w. Candles

Deer: Serenity Style- My little reindeer- wear @ Madpea Christmas Calendar

Clustered – Christmas Deco Collection L$100
Hanging Xmas Decorations: Clustered.Christmas Deco Collection.hanged christmas stuff
Xmas Art: Clustered.Christmas Deco Collection. hanged picture

Song: Hunters & Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me

Throw Your Arms Around Me

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