Rock Me

Hullo, my rocked readers.

Today I’m featuring items from Dutchie and [ zerkalo ] @  ROMP.

From Dutchie I’m featuring the bondage horse. As there are no poseballs it can be used for solo fun for the ladies too. There are animations for display, use, share and a sequence. The bondage horse is one of five items available from Dutchie. Also available bondage bed, bondage cabinet, bondage post and suspension rack.

From [ zerkalo ] I am featuring the [ zerkalo ] Kinky Games – Bed – Adult. The bed has animations for solo, cuddles, solo adult, couples sex, FFM and MMF. Lots of fun to be had with friends. *winks*There is an Adult set or PG set available.

For a full set of naughty pics head on over to Deelight’d. I hope you enjoy today’s naughty post.


Emma is pictured with…
Bondage Horse: Dutchie bondage horse $L1,998 @ ROMP
Bed: [ zerkalo ] Kinky Games – Bed – Adult $L1,599 @ ROMP

Song: Great White – Rock Me

Rock Me

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