I Put A Spell On You

Hullo, my spell-bound readers.

Today I’m featuring my wonderful new sponsor, unKindness.

The Charmed Parlor Set is available at Collab88. All items can be purchased separately or grab the full set for only L$488. The throne has 24 unisex poses and 6 color change options. The fire place and mirror both have 6 color change options.

I hope you enjoy today’s goodies.


Emma is pictured with…
Fireplace: uK – Charmed Parlor Fireplace L$188 @ Collab88
Mirror: uK – Charmed Parlor Mirror L$88 @ Collab88
Table: uK – Charmed Parlor Table L$88 @ Collab88
Accessories: uK – Charmed Parlor Thin Candle (Brown, Green, Purple), Charmed Parlor Fat Candle (Brown, Green, Purple), Planchette Boxes, Planchette Burner L$88 @ Collab88
Rug: uK – Charmed Parlor Rug L$88 @ Collab88
Throne: uK – Charmed Parlor Throne L$188 @ Collab88

Image inspired by the song: Joe Cocker – I Put A Spell On You

I Put A Spell On You

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