Hullo, my awake readers.

The weekend is here and I have no kink or music for you…yet! But I do have freebies. ^^ Today I’m featuring a whole lot of furniture from Apple Fall. All items are copy. You don’t need to be a member of the group, the items are all for sale for L$0 just a few steps away from the landing zone. Plus, an adorable retro tied top from one of the best vintage stores in SL, ..::KnocKeRs::. There is a L$150 group fee.

I hope you enjoy today’s look. =)


Emma is wearing…
Top: ..::KnocKeRs::..Rockabilly Racer Top [Aug.2015] L$0/Free

Pictured with:
Chair: Apple Fall Slipcover Chair (Key) L$0/Free
Table: Apple Fall Key Table (Washed Light) L$0/Free
Bowl: Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears L$0/Free
Lamp: Apple Fall Key Lamp (Nickel) L$0/Free
Picture: Apple Fall Pediment Frame w/ Pillar Sketch L$0/Free

Image inspired by the song: The Neighbourhood – Afraid


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