Push th’ Little Daisies


Hullo, my sun soaked readers.

Today I am featuring a beautiful setup from Roawenwood @ ROMP.

The Treasured One Lavish Kennel & Stimulation Cage set from Roawenwood features bed, slave tether, cage, table, plate of plums, goblet, water bowl, flower vase with peacock feather and rug. You can set up the entire thing or use each piece separately.

I hope you enjoy this amazing set. ^^


Pictured with:
Roawenwood Treasured One Lavish Kennel & Stimulation Cage L$750 @ ROMP

Image inspired by the song: Ween – Push th’ Little Daisies

Push th’ Little Daisies

2 thoughts on “Push th’ Little Daisies

  1. Thank you for making me remember that Ween song, Emma! Haven’t heard it since I was a teenager – can’t believe it’s that old! 😀 You look stunning too, absolutely gorgeous pics! ♥


    1. You’re so welcome. ^^ It was the first song that sprang to mind after I’d captured that image. It had been forrrrrever since I had last heard it. Was a wonderful flashback and so glad someone else enjoyed it as much as I did. ^^ Thank you for your comment and support. I hope you’re having a wonderful week. <3333

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