The Way You Do

Hullo, my hot and heavy readers.

Today, I am showcasing aaaaaamazing items from Kuro @ ROMP: A Celebration of Elegant Kink. The event runs from July 3 – 17, 2015.

You can purchase an adult or PG version of the desk. There are two colors available. The animations are hidden and can only be used once the desk items are rezed. It’s very low prim and the animations are sexy. Price starts at L$105.

The chair is also available in an adult or PG version. There are three colors to choose from. As for animations, this would have to be one of my new favorite items. Not only does it have sweet cuddles and raunchy sex animations but you can also indulge in lap dancing and foot fetish poses. Price starts at L$263.

This set was too amazing to just test, so I moved my old desk out to the curb and quickly added these goodies to the Deelights cottage.

To see the adult furniture in use, featuring my gorgeous wife, Darian and I, head on over to Deelight’d.

I hope you enjoy a very close up look at items from Kuro @ ROMP.


Pictured with…
Lamp: Kuro – Boy Lamp L$63 @ ROMP
Desk: Kuro – Wavie desk (wood) Adult L$315 @ ROMP
Chair: Kuro – Wavie belted chair (worn) Adult L$462 @ ROMP

The Way You Do

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