Take My Side

Hullo, my friendly readers.

First, let’s take a look at the amazing new group gift from hair store, Taketomi. They have created a male and female hair style, which we are showcasing today. There are lots of colors included, so you’ll find something that pleases. The group is free to join, then you can grab the gift from the group notices.

On Emma, the leotard is from Abrasive and can be collected, along with a handful of other gifts, after joining the group. There is a $L50 group fee. The pants and shoes can both be found on the marketplace. Although the shoes are not made for slink feet, they can be resized and worn with slink flat feet.

On Jake, the rest of his outfit can be found on the marketplace.

The image was captured at Cafe Rosewater @ Crestwick Island. I hope you enjoy today’s look.


Emma is wearing…
Hair: [taketomi]_MeiLing_Bento [Sampler Pack] L$0/Free
Top: [ abrasive ] Cat-Ear Leotard L$0/Free
Pants: Believe Leopard High Waist Leggins L$30
Shoes: MDF Cat Flats Red L$1

Jake is wearing…
Hair: [taketomi]_Kano_Fatpack L$0/Free
Glasses: SOVI3T * :: Apparel Nerd Glasses Classics Unisex 2.0 Scripted L$25
Scarf: Adjunct Check Snood Scarf – FREEBIE! L$0/Free
Sweater: L E V E N C H Y Noir Sweater [Demo/Gift] L$1
Shorts: -monaLISA- James Shorts Promo L$1
Shoes: T.O.O.B. Unisex Slip-On PROMO L$1

Image inspired by the song: Will Butler – Take My Side

Take My Side

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