Fly in my Hand

Hullo, my sweet readers.

Easter is just around the corner so I have put together this cute lil look from a couple of amazing designers. I’m sure there will be a wave of Easter gifts soon but if you can’t wait head on over to Que Bella & Mag<3.B to create this adorable bunny outfit.

To receive the freebie from Que Bella, you will need to be a group member. The group costs L$50 to join but there is a back catalogue of gifts available, including the adorable bunny costume in baby blue. Not all of the outfit is pictured. The outfit includes a range of appliers for all your bits.

You don’t need to be a group member to receive the Mag

Once I had my bunny tail firmly in place, I hopped down to *Everwinter* Post Apocalyptic Theme Park to capture this amazing image. This is one of my new favorite places for pictures.

I hope you enjoy today’s sweet treat.


Emma is wearing…
Outfit: !Q.B! Playbunneh~Baby Blue (April Group Gift) L$0/Free
Shoes & Socks: Mag<3.B Baby blue socks L$2

Image inspired by the song: Alice Russel – Fly in my Hand

Fly in my Hand

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